Emma Ford is the founder of Gut Rooted, where she empowers her clients to restore their gut, ultimately leading them to reclaim a state of wellbeing. She achieves this through utilizing 1-on-1 nutritional consultations, developing custom meal plans, and nutrigenomics to take into account one’s genetic uniqueness. Emma also offers wellness workshops for events and companies.

Chris Trejbal focuses on taking his clients beyond the sphere of simply counting calories, and creates a personalized plan, leading them to looking and feeling their best. Within his practice, Chris Trejbal, CNP, Chris employs in-person and online nutritional consultations, personal training, and fascia stretch therapy to work towards achieving optimal health and performance within sport and day-to-day life.

Kim Taschereau is passionate about improving one’s gut and mental health while utilizing eco-friendly and non-toxic lifestyle habits. Through her business, Kim Taschereau, she offers her Heal + Revive program to reach her clients’ issues root cause. Including individualized protocols, meal plans, goal setting, and other recommendations and forms of support, Kim uses a collaborative approach to develop effective health plans.