Jane Durst Pulkys is the founder of Creative Health, where she has specialized in working to transform the lives of her clients through Metabolic Balance weight management, holistic nutrition and education, live blood cell analysis, and psychosomatic energetics. Jane also runs training courses for Metabolic Balance, live blood cell analysis, and holistic entrepreneurship, and is a published author.

Briana Santoro is the co-founder of Little Warrior Nutrition, a resource and community to learn about holistic nutrition for babies, toddlers, and young children. Founded in holistic and evidence-based practice, Little Warrior products are the new generation of paediatric nutrition helping mom’s raise children with a powerful immune systems who are sharp, strong, and nourished to their full potential.

Kathryn Green is an advocate of the low fat raw vegan diet, and through her business, Kat Green, carries out her mission of inspiring others to include more raw fruits and vegetables in their diet. Kathryn has a catalogue of YouTube videos, and blog articles on her website, to teach her community about nutrition, self-help, meditation, communication, and travel. She also sells a number of raw vegan recipe ebooks.

Carley Nadine believes deeply in educating and empowering women to take their health and well-being into their own hands so that they can live a happy, balanced and abundant life. Through her company, Carley Nadine, she offers a 1-on-1 12 week consulting program to reduce anxiety, and improve concentration and quality of sleep. In addition, clients also lose weight, optimize digestion, and more.

Geazul Jove-Viniegra is the founder of Sweet Nutritionista, which she began to allow people to enjoy healthy vegan treats without worrying about any additives, artificial colours, or other ingredients that are not ideal for your health. Combining her passion for promoting healthy eating and her love of creating delicious treats, she also hosts a podcast “Medicine in the Kitchen” in addition to selling her products.

Caroline Young is the founder of, Care From Within, catering towards those who love healthy recipes, movement, non-toxic beauty, and holistic wellness. Caroline aims to inspire others to take control of their health and feel super rad while doing it. She posts recipes and blog articles on her website, and shares her favourite products and provides free downloads for her community.