Paul Chan is an October 2015 Toronto campus graduate travelling the world to break the world record in the 8 Desserts Challenge, with his brother Eric. As a former IT professional, Paul felt burned out by the tech start up lifestyle. In December 2013, Paul and Eric went on a life changing five month backpacking trip in Central and South America. When they got back home, they made a drastic change to pursue a career in holistic health. In July 2014, Paul began running to maintain his fitness. Inspired by his brother, on a whim he decided to enter a half marathon. To his surprise, he enjoyed it! This led him to train for a marathon with Eric as his coach, dreaming of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Within six months, at the age of 40, he made his dream come true and qualified! In February 2017, Paul and his brother broke the World Record for “Most Desert Races Ran In One Year” after embarking on an incredible journey travelling around the world over six continents. Through his endeavours, Paul wants to show that anyone is capable of achieving great things if they truly want something and believe in themselves. | Perfect Stride Instagram | Paul Instagram | Brothers Set Endurance World Record: Complete 8 Dessert Races in Single Year


Eric Chan is an October 2015 Toronto campus graduate travelling the world setting the world record in the 8 Desserts Challenge with his brother PaulGrowing up, Eric was always into sports. After university, he worked in the High-Tech industry for over ten years. During that time, he developed a deep love for the sport of distance endurance running. He completed an Ironman Triathlon, ran his way to Boston Marathon and started a streak of running Sub-3-Hour marathons under all type of running conditions. With all these accomplishments, Eric was still feeling incomplete and unsatisfied. His career path had him working long hours and leading an unhealthy lifestyle. This prompted him to make the life changing decision to enter IHN. In the spring of 2016, Eric and his brother embarked on an incredible journey travelling around the world over six continents pursuing his dream of breaking the World Record for “The Most Desert Races Ran In One Year”. He wants to know what it feels like to have done something that no one has done before and motivate others to go outside their comfort zone and achieve their own personal greatness.

Perfect Stride Instagram | Eric Instagram |Brothers Set Endurance World Record: Complete 8 Dessert Races in Single Year


Mary Lynn Futers is an October 2016 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Burlington, ON. Upon graduating from IHN, Mary Lynn launched Gather to Nourish – a movement created to gather women of all ages, to nourish them. It is that simple. Yet, that profound. To GATHER means to bring together. We gather to learn. To weep. To bloom. To laugh. To crumble. To move. To be fed. To shed. To fill up. To love. We gather, to be deeply nourished. Mary Lynn’s offerings include the Gather to Nourish Cookbook Club, The Practice of Nourishment and Nutritional Consulting (because, that is gathering to nourish too). More plans are in the works for 2017 gatherings including mindful movie nights and book clubs. She would love to collaborate with others on the same mission. So please feel free to reach out by email: | Facebook | Instagram


Jennifer Mansell is an October 2010 Toronto campus graduate currently practicing worldwide. Jennifer is the co-manager, along with partner Samantha Skelly, of Hungry for Happiness. Their vision is to help one million women end dieting by 2020. Hungry for Happiness works with women who struggle with their relationship to food and their bodies and women that are stuck in the binge and restrict cycle that is keeping them from eating simply for health and hunger. Most recently they have created the Hungry for Happiness Certification Program to teach their unique transformational coaching formula (The Phoenix Formula) to other women who want to coach and help support their fellow sisters with these issues. They are set to begin June 6, 2017 and would love to invite you to apply to become a Certified Hungry for Happiness Coach. If you have an interest in emotional and disordered eating and the deep internal reason why so many of our clients are struggling to lose weight, heal, and get better and to love their bodies, this program is for you. It’s never just about the food and supplements. There is a whole inner world to explore! | Facebook | Instagram | News Release


Sylva Sheridan in an April 2016 Ottawa campus graduate practicing in Ottawa, ON. Sylva is now employed by IHN Ottawa as the Administrative & Student Clinic Coordinator and Program Advisor. This gives him the privilege to speak to prospective students interested in building a career in the health and wellness field as well as supporting students journeying through IHN’s diploma program. As Sylva journeyed through the program, he became increasingly interested in the field of pediatric nutrition after seeing some tiny humans in his life go through health challenges. Combining his passion of pediatric nutrition and blood sugar balance, Sylva hopes to begin a practice in the area of Juvenile Diabetes. He has published articles in two magazines, Vitality (Fun with Fermentation) and Alive and Fit (Healing with Whole Foods and Depression and Gut Health). He has been an active speaker in the community, haven given lectures at; Whole Foods, the National Women’s Show, the Ottawa Health & Wellness Expo, Live the Smart Way, and will be co-leading a workshop on Coconut Oil in April as part of Natural Food Pantry’s New Educational Initiative


Smile Kamboj is an October 2009 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Brampton, ON. Smile works alongside her father, Sarjbit Singh, also an IHN graduate, who is the founder of the Holistic Healthcare Center, Bioway Clinic. Smile chose to leave her MBA program and enter IHN when she discovered she shared the same passion as her father for holistic health. Bioway is an alternative medicine clinic where they treat acute/chronic health problems with Ayurvedic, natural, herbal and homeopathy medicines. The family has two locations, one in Northern India – which is a Bioway Hospital, and one in Brampton as Bioway Clinic. Smile has enjoyed helping her clients with women’s health issues, respiratory concerns, allergies, stress management, skin diseases, cardiovascular disease and chronic pain. She acknowledges that each person is unique and provides an individualized approach to treating her patients. Smile removes obstacles to healing in order to allow clients to improve their health. She promotes holistic health as a way to help society learn how nature can heal and advance the health of the human body.


Shauna Mann is an October 2016 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Shauna is the in-house nutritionist at, Naturally Yours, a busy health store in the financial district, where she uses her knowledge of supplements to help guide individuals to feel and look their best. Shauna always struggled with yo-yo dieting and living a healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t until she started exploring the benefits of focusing on quality rather than quantity that she made the switch from an Early Childhood Educator to Holistic Nutritionist. She believes that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t about being perfect, it is about simplicity. She also teaches in-home cooking lessons and workshops for clients wanting to take control of their health by simple kitchen and menu makeovers. Shauna is an eating disorder awareness advocate, volunteering for NIED and was featured on The Dialogue Projects blog. For more information email



Hema Ramsingh is an October 2013 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Hema leads workshops & seminars, provides hands-on personalized lessons in the kitchen and speaks at various events about nutrition & wellness. After more than ten years in consumer marketing and project management, Hema’s journey into nutrition began when she started experiencing her own health issues. Her path into her own healing led Hema to become a CNP, culinary nutritionist, 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach and a volunteer Food Revolution Toronto Ambassador. She focuses on educating others about the powerful healing abilities of nutrient-dense whole foods, figuring out what works best for their body and lifestyle, how to navigate the grocery store and what to do when all that food finally makes it into the home! As both a nutrition and marketing expert, she uses her skills and experience to effectively communicate about food, nutrition, wellness and more. She is the Wellness Ambassador for the month of March at Shecosystem, where every Tuesday she leads a group through an exercise on wellness. Look for Hema at the annual Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation (CANAAF) National Awareness Event this summer in Collingwood, ON the weekend of July 21 – 23, 2017. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Jessica Kuiken is an April 2014 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Kitchener, ON. Jessica is the owner and creator of spOIL the Soul. From a very young age she knew she wanted to help people. She always had big emotions and heart, overfilled with feeling. That heart, those feelings led her to study counselling. She had a deep desire to create a space for people where they could share their experiences, their fears and feelings and feel heard, connected and safe. She realized in her time as a counselor that it wouldn’t matter how much people opened up to her, how much talk therapy they did if someone was dealing with depression, anxiety or more if they were not feeding their cells and nourishing their bodies no amount of talk therapy would truly help. This realization lead her to nutrition and her love of nutrition and learning how the body works lead her to IHN.  Currently, Jessica is focused on essential oil education and helping people live their best lives possible mentally as an NLP Practitioner, physically using nutrition and the powerful benefits of essential oils and financially through the incredible opportunity provided with network marketing. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Jared Kaminsky is an October 2016 graduate Toronto campus graduate working in Toronto, ON. Jared is now working as the Interim Managing Director for Shoresh Jewish Environmental Programs. Shoresh is a local environmental organization that engages the community to be responsible stewards of nature through experiential education rooted in Jewish texts, values, and teachings. Jared is thrilled to share his deep love of the outdoors and importance of experiencing the awe and wonders of nature with the community at Shoresh’s program sites including Kavanah community garden in Vaughn and Bela Farm, in Hillsburgh, Ontario. In addition to outdoor immersion, Jared is incorporating his passion in holistic nutrition in his work with Shoresh by educating the University of Toronto Jewish student community on how to eat healthy on a budget during a recent workshop. Join Jared and Shoresh at events this summer, such as the Tree Planting Celebration (they’re planting 16,000 trees!), Honey Festival (yes, they have bee hives!), and community open hours (get your hands in the dirt!). All programs are open to the community regardless of religious identity or affiliation. | LinkedIn


Shelliann Sterling is an October 2013 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Sheliann is a hairstylist at Michael Kluthe Salon and Spa. She began her career as a licensed Cosmetologist and has spent over 17 years in the beauty industry. The wealth of knowledge and experience she gained has led her to her challenging and rewarding career. Shelliann has also worked with Capilia Truly You a hair solution center, which provides a wide range of preventative hair loss and scalp health products and services. As a Certified Nutritionist and Certified Hair Loss Practitioner, her goal is to make a difference in the overall health of her clients by educating them on the use of safe hair care products, the importance of nutrition, and conscious hair practices. Through her seminars and workshops she educates, motivates, and inspires women of different racial backgrounds. She enjoys working with clients to help them achieve and maintain their individual style to look and feel their best. She believes the state of a woman’s hair exposes her physical and emotion health. | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn


Jaime Brideau is an October 2012 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Jaime is the founder of Wild Mama’s Kitchen where she aims to make it fun and easy for her clients and their families to lead a healthy, holistic, inspired life. In her early 20’s, Jaime was diagnosed with two auto-immune diseases, Crohn’s and Ankylosing Spondylitis. When her questions were not answered by anything the doctors were telling her, she turned to a Naturopathic Doctor, and attributes this to saving her life. In this path to wellness, Jaime was inspired to learn more about the holistic way of life and this became her passion, leading her to IHN. Not long after graduating, Jaime was blessed with a baby boy, whom she has promised the healthiest beginning she can offer. Wild Mama’s Kitchen is about her thoughts, rants, journey, things she has created and everything else happening in her Wild Mama’s Kitchen! She hopes to inspire clients to create a healthy and vibrant family, offering recipes, insight on raising a child, fresh ideas, and holistic health. Check out her upcoming events! | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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