CRINA CRETU BA, CNP (Hons), ROHP, Mindfulness Instructor

Crina Cretu is an October 2010 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Mississauga, ON. Crina is the founder of Health Flow Wellness, where she specializes in Hormonal and Digestive conditions with Stress Management being a major component of both. She is passionate about helping women “find their flow” in life by integrating holistic living principles with wholesome nutrition advice and stress-reducing protocols. The focus of Crina’s practice is three pronged; Healthy Hormones – she helps women who struggle with hormonal challenges discover simple and accessible ways to achieve balance and peace of mind, Healthy Gut – she helps people who suffer from digestive disorders to restore their gut health through the use of nutritious, whole foods and strategic nutritional supplementation when and if necessary, and Healthy Mind – she helps people who are affected by stress-associated conditions to achieve mental and emotional balance by introducing them to mindfulness meditation and other coping strategies. Crina is also very passionate about culinary nutrition and loves teaching her individual and corporate clients how to cook for health using wholesome ingredients. Crina is in the process of writing her first recipe book! | Facebook | Instagram


Natalie Niedzialek is an April 2013 Toronto campus honours graduate practicing in Vancouver, BC. Natalie is the founder of Natalie CNP and is currently working on building her business from the ground up. Her mission is to simplify nutrition and to show busy people that good health can be obtained through incremental changes to eating habits and lifestyle. Natalie was drawn to holistic nutrition when she was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis while studying in university, being left unsatisfied with the conventional medical system, she chose to pursue other options to gain control over her health. By implementing changes to her diet and lifestyle, she was able to manage her condition and attain remission without needing medication. She has been living symptom free ever since and now holds a passion for teaching others to do the same. Natalie mainly focuses on serving women who are looking to better their digestion and adrenal health, however she is also very interested in brain and skin health, and believes that these things are affected by starting with digestion at the core. Natalie is also a yoga teacher and believes that good health is highly dependent on a number of different things including nutrition, physical exercise, and state of mind. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Katie Rosenberg is an October 2008 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. After graduation, Katie founded an artisanal granola company called Healthy Hedonist, realizing her passion for commercial product development. Since then she has consulted, creating hundreds of recipes with an emphasis on plant-based nutrition and managed production kitchens for holistic food companies. She is currently Vice President of Operations and Head of Product Development at elxr juice lab where she takes products from ideas to conception. She loves problem solving to create systems and efficiencies within production, training staff on the nutritional merits of their products and spearheading partnerships. elxr juice lab is now thrilled to be collaborating with Sarah Britton, a fellow IHN grad and founder of My New Roots, on a new line of Activated Power Bowls, available at all elxr juice lab locations. Totally customizable, these organic bowls are created with a gluten-free grain base that’s soaked overnight, making the grains more nutritious and digestible. Raw blueberry chia jam, golden spices, raw cacao and a spirulina mermaid drizzle are just a few toppers to choose from! With more co-branded products on the horizon, the elxr team is energized and excited for the future. |


Hannah Rauhanen is an April 2016 Ottawa campus graduate practicing in Ottawa, ON. Hannah has created the website, Hannah Rauhanen, where she can showcase her talents as a writer, food photographer and stylist. She shares wellness articles, offering a blend of nutrition science, ancient wisdom and personal experience to inspire readers on their own health journey. Hannah also develops nutritionally designed, plant-based recipes made with fresh whole, ingredients. She delivers nutrition workshops and cooking classes to various groups across North America, such as Ford Canada, Genuine Health and Bonne Maman. As a contributor to international publications like, Do The Daniel and Your Health & Fitness Matters, Hannah spreads the message of wellness to those who want to prioritize health in their busy lives. You can also find her on the Ottawa IHN Campus as the Program Advisor and Administrative Coordinator, where she supports students through their educational journey. | Instagram


Caitlin Iles is an April 2013 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Saskatoon, SK. Caitlin is the founder of Nourished by Caitlin Iles, where as a Holistic and Culinary Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher, she focuses on healing the body through gentleness, self-compassion, the latest nutrition research, and time-tested, evolution-based dietary concepts. In 2015 she won the Bright Almond Practitioner of the Year Award and has worked as a Program Coach at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition since September 2015. She believes that in order to get and stay well, we first must love and accept our bodies just as they are. Only once we treat ourselves with the compassion often reserved for our loved ones will true healing take place. From that place of loving-kindness she has developed a scientifically sound nutrition and lifestyle program that will evoke a feeling of vibrancy, energy, youth, health, and bliss in no time. Creating space for healing in one-on-one coaching sessions, online group challenges, at wellness retreats, yoga and cooking classes, and live talks is her passion. She recently returned to the East Coast where she is focusing on creating community through cooking classes and retreats. On November 30, 2018 Caitlin will offer her Nourish Yourself Yoga & Wellness Weekend Retreat at the beautiful Villa Madonna in Rothesay, New Brunswick. Look for her at Wellness Experience SK on May 4 and 5, 2018. | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest


Nicole Di Nardo is an October 2016 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Nicole is a Therapeutic Chef with her own practice, Nicole Di Nardo Nutrition, where she focuses on a balanced approach to nutrition. With her culinary background she talks about healthy food from an exciting point of view. It starts in the kitchen. She offers in-home cooking classes and creates unique customized recipes and meal plans to treat the individual. She believes Food is transformational. Nicole is working at a cardiology clinic with Nicoletta Bonafede MD, specializing in heart health nutrition focusing on increasing healthy fats in the diet. She can also be found at Kin Studio working in the PNK Program (Psychotherapy, Nutritional Consultation and Kinesiology), dealing with brain based weight loss. Nicole offers corporate wellness lectures for restaurants and law firms on; Eating For Happiness, De-Stress With Food, and Adrenal Fatigue in the Restaurant. Most recently, she has partnered with Shi Wellness, providing monthly retreats. They host retreats in Meaford on Georgian Bay where she cooks nutritionally sound food for the soul the whole weekend. The retreats range from yoga and meditation to guided nature walks and painting instruction. | Facebook | Instagram


Cameron Rice is an April 2017 Mississauga campus graduate working on developing his practice in Barrie and the GTA, ON. As an adult living with Asperger’s Syndrome, he wants to educate the public on the challenges many people who are on the autism spectrum have to overcome. Cameron is not only an honours graduate of IHN, but also graduated with honours as a Culinary Chef and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist. Even with impressive education, he has had difficulty finding employment. Out of all of the resumes he’s sent, he has been called to interview less than 5 times. People on the spectrum have an 80% unemployment rate. Cameron is looking to build his practice by working directly with parents of high functioning autistic or Asperger’s Syndrome individuals so that he can be positioned to provide guidance for the entire family. His unique personal breakthroughs and knowledge are used to empower parents and professionals, demonstrating the possibility of fostering a meaningful and healthy future. He has recently been featured in the series, Autism Speaks to Young Professional – AS2YP Toronto. Cameron is currently taking on clients and would love to help families or individuals. He also invites IHN alumni to contact him should they be looking to expand their practice in the ASD area of nutrition. | 705-323-8780 | Skype @food_Guy | Facebook


Monique Beaudoin is a November 2017 Ottawa campus graduate practicing in Embrun, ON. Monique has founded Monique Nutrition, where she helps busy families better their lives through diet and lifestyle. In addition to her CNP designation, she has also attained her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training. Monique has had the opportunity to work with teenage mothers; guiding and inspiring them to become independent adults and affectionate parents. She has also help run a community kitchen, making healthy meals accessible to all. Monique is a caring and dedicated nutritional professional who works to inspire her clients to nourish body and soul. Monique believes wellness is achieved through simplicity, eating clean whole foods, enjoying the wilderness and slowing down. Her mission is to empower teens to take charge of their own well-being. Alongside her private practice, she has partnered with FIIT Consulting and Training, facilitating wellness workshops and food demos designed for teens and teachers across Ontario High Schools. | Instagram | Facebook


Jen Forndron is a November 2017 Mississauga campus graduate practising in the Greater Toronto Area, ON. Jen is a Holistic Nutritionist and Culinary Nutrition Expert, and is the owner of Feel Good Goddess Nutrition. She works with those who wish to harness the healing power of food to improve their health and longevity, boost their energy and to simply feel good. She conducts one-on-one consultations, cooking classes and hosts corporate seminars on holistic health. Jen is also passionate about spreading the word about the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program and how it has changed her life AND bolstered her career in the holistic health field. She knows first-hand how tough it is to stand out from the crowd in this industry and is looking to speak with IHN students, recent graduates and alumni who are passionate about food, cooking and nutrition. She has a special offer for the first 5 people who enrol in the CNE program using her affiliate link: free textbooks (over a $50 value), a printed and bound copy of your course notes, access to all her personal written and recipe assignments, as well as, proof-reading/editing assistance. If you would like to learn more about the Culinary Nutrition Expert program, Program Director Meghan Telpner is hosting a live info session on April 3rdsave your seat now. To be one of the first 5 people to take advantage of Jen’s offer, please connect with her directly at | | Instagram | Facebook


Molly Sanders is an April 2014 Toronto campus graduate and Erica Garber is an April 2016 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Together, Molly and Erica are the founders of Molly and Erica, a wellness company and community focusing on crushing cravings and creating a safe space for raw and real conversations about what people are actually dealing with around their health and nutrition. After spending a lot of time trying to be the “perfect” nutritionists, they started sharing about their experiences around binge eating and drinking, and want to create a safe space for everyone in the holistic wellness world. Their flagship 12-Week Get Real to Heal Program helps people understand their body, overcome food guilt, make empowered decisions around food, and transform their health and nutrition forever. Molly and Erica host a weekly YouTube show – Happy Hour with Molly and Erica, where they get raw and real, talking about everything from new and interesting products, sustainable eating, cooking, flavor combinations, specialized topics like digestion, and much more – over drinks. | Facebook | Instagram


Stephanie Bonetta is an October 2013 Mississauga campus valedictorian graduate practicing in Bali, Indonesia. She is the founder of Girlnola Inc., an organic, vegan and gluten-free granola, trail mix and raw truffle snack company. Stephanie has just finished another yoga teacher training of 300 hours in yoga therapy and has been living on the magical and spiritual Hindu island of Bali since last year. She has taken her thirty-five plus years of culinary skills, passion for healthy food and balanced eating, ten years of practicing yoga and twenty years of educational training and is guiding people from all over the world on their own personal health and wellness journey. Stephanie sees clients individually or small groups in person and remotely. She is currently organizing yoga and wellness retreats for October, November 2018 and February 2019 in Bali. Her soon to be launched website,, will host all the details on upcoming retreats. Her travels, spiritual healing journey and her yoga story can all be followed on social media sites. | 647-393-3372 | Facebook | Instagram


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