Alka is a 2014 Mississauga campus graduate, currently living in Oakville, ON. Alka is the co-founder of Community Restaurant, a plant based restaurant located in Kerr Village in Oakville with a focus on fresh and nourishing food and community. The food industry is no stranger to Alka. At 21 she had her first food business endeavor, making samosas from scratch in her mom’s kitchen! Right after graduating from IHN, Alka first started her own clinical practice, but within a few years was pulled to build and help the community in a different way – This is where Community Restaurant was born. As busy as she is contributing to the local community, she also devotes her time to her family, being a wife and mother of four lovely children.

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Franca is a 2017 North York campus graduate, currently in Toronto, ON. Franca is the General Manager at Community Restaurant, a plant based restaurant located in Kerr Village in Oakville with a focus on fresh and nourishing food and community. She comes from a long line of family restaurant experience and has worked in the plant-based industry for over 5 years, although she first fell in love with vegan foods during a trip to India many years ago. Through a recommendation, she was introduced to the owners of Community Restaurant to assist in the launch of the restaurant. She collaborated on the menu and brought in top-tier vegan chefs. Now she is Community Restaurant General Manager sharing her passion for plant-based food to the vegan community and beyond.

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Lara is a 2014 North York Campus graduate and currently living/working in Toronto, ON. She has been a whole foods enthusiast since she was very young. Born and raised in Toronto, coming from an artistic background, she continues the creative gene in the health and wellness profession as a Nutrition Specialist and founder of the blog “The Healthy Garage”, where clean eating is fun and approachable. Lara graduated with honours from IHN, is a Certified Raw Chef from The Healing Cuisine, received a certificate of completion in Pediatric Nutrition and is continuing her education through various cultural explorations and culinary programs such as George Brown’s Culinary Arts Program in Toronto and The Natural Gourmet Institute in New York. Along with her global culinary adventures, Lara continues to create positive change, whether it’s cooking for clients (individuals & families), educating relating to health and nutrition, developing recipes, helping clients change their habits for better health, or inspiring people to get back into their kitchen and really taste how good real food is. Her approach fuses the mechanics of nutritional health with whole foods to keep our engines nourished. Lara also nourishes the tyke engines with Organic Yum Yums; fresh, made to order baby food delivery service.

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Brent is a 2017 North York campus graduate, currently located in Toronto, ON. He is the founder of Sustainable Nutrition Consulting, where he promotes healthy eating to sustain a high-energy lifestyle while sustaining our planet. He consults to individuals from every walk of life that are looking to put some energy back into their lives. He also helps athletes maximize their potential with sound and simple nutritional advise through individual consultations and in group settings. Brent firmly believes that in order for an athlete to train and compete at the highest level an understanding of proper food selection must be a fundamental component of their training program. Brent is a certified National Coaching Certification Program level 3 middle distance track coach, and co-founder of the Central Toronto Athletic Club, one of Canada’s premier middle-distance track clubs. He is a competitive runner and triathlete and has competed in 13 Ironman Triathlons including two times at the World Ironman Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Brent is an upcoming Guest Speaker at IHN and will be speaking on the topic of “The Environmental Impact of Our Diets” on March 26th at the North York campus, and March 27th at the Mississauga campus.

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Krista is a 2017 Mississauga campus honours graduate practicing in the GTA. Prior to attending IHN, Krista had a 20-year career in the technology industry, which ended mid-2015 due to stress, relentless flares of rheumatoid arthritis and rapidly declining health.  Looking beyond traditional medical care that was also failing, Krista began employing a broad range of holistic approaches to look at root cause drivers to illness. As she began to improve through shifts in mindset, nutrition and lifestyle, she was inspired that others could improve too!  Drawing from her own experiences, today Krista’s passion is to help people improve energy and lower inflammation by decreasing the stress we “eat, feel and absorb.” In addition to seeing clients at Balance Point in Oakville, Krista delivers both public and private workshops to help people recognize how health declines and manifests through various types of stress. Through her business Alive to Living, Krista firmly believes in order to shift belief around illness and common approaches to health; people need to understand their body signals and realize they are empowered to take action. Krista is the co-author of an International best selling book “Rebel Rising”, and recently competed in Speaker Slam; Canada’s premier inspirational speaking competition.

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Jennifer is an October 2017 Ottawa campus graduate practicing in Ottawa, ON. Her experience at IHN inspired her to dig further into reproductive health and holistic alternatives to balance out fertility naturally. Jennifer founded  Jennifer Cameron Wellness where she sees clients for one-on-one consultations, with a special interest in fertility awareness and antenatal nutrition. Having two children herself, she knows the joys and struggles of pregnancy. Jennifer offers gender inclusive services so that every couple can provide the best start for their children and empowers birthing persons to have the birth experience that they desire. Together with her training as a birth Doula, Jennifer provides her clients with holistic pregnancy and birth wellness options. Already a corporate speaker, Jennifer enjoys speaking about fertility cleansing and preparing the healthiest space in your body for a baby. It is Jennifer’s mission to support and encourage new and experienced families alike and to help make the next generation as healthy as possible starting before they are even born!

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Tina is a 2013 North York campus graduate, currently living/working in the Ottawa area. Acknowledging the power of choice, she left her cooperate sales job of 10 year to embark on the journey within. Tina began her journey to wholeness after the birth of her second son. This journey began with her physical body as this body is our connection to our tangible surroundings, to the people we love and the perceptions we hold. In support of her physical body she acquired certification as a Strength Training Specialist and joined IHN. It was not long after that she was enlightened by the power of her mental and spiritual body and was guided to return to her Anishinaabe roots where she was given the name CicaWa Wolf Woman and continued her journey to become the Medicine Woman she is today. Tina is also trained as a Psychosomatic Energetic Therapist. Her passion to teach, share and learn allows the teachings of the Ancestors to be re-membered in the hearts of ALL. Tina is combining traditional Native Indian teachings with the now, to support the prophecies (Rainbow, 8 Fire, Hopi), which speak of one nation. Tina is a Warrior of Light, here as a vessel for Spirit, to serve as a Lighthouse for others. She facilitates ceremonies, gatherings, drumming circles, and traditional Inipis that prove self-altering as she facilitates the journey within thy self to unveil one’s truth. “To honour thyself is to practice RESPECT, HONESTY, HUMILITY, BRAVERY, LOVE, and WISDOM. And to KNOW these is to then KNOW TRUTH“ – 7 Grandfather Teachings.

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Jasmine is a 2015 North York campus graduate, currently living in Oakville, ON. She is the current Student Clinic Manager, Holistic Food Preparation Coordinator and Academic Advisor at the Mississauga campus of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Prior to her studies at IHN, Jasmine earned her BA at McGill University with a major in Psychology and a minor in Sexual Diversity Studies. Wanting to understand humanity from a more physical level, Jasmine then completed IHN’s program soon after. Immediately after graduating, Jasmine worked at the Village Juicery while beginning to take on clients privately, before starting her current position with IHN. Jasmine is dedicated to ensuring that the IHN Student Clinic is a beneficial and enriching experience for both student practitioner and client. She is also responsible for coordinating all Holistic Food Preparation classes for the North York and Mississauga campuses. Jasmine also recently took on the exciting roles in Co-op Placement and Career Opportunities, Guest Speaker Bookings, and IHN Alumni Community Development and is happy to connect with you in any of those areas! | 905 615 9090


Alexandra is a 2018 North York campus graduate, currently living in Windsor, ON. She is the founder of Nutrition Moderation, an online platform where she shares her passion about eating healthy and living a holistic lifestyle. Prior to studying at IHN, Alexandra graduated from Ryerson University, where she earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Food and Nutrition in 2017. Alexandra wanted to focus more on the holistic side of nutrition and when she researched the available programs decided that IHN was the right fit and would help to take her education to the next level. She enrolled at IHN that summer and graduated a year later with first class honours. In 2018, she began working at Valero Wellness, currently the largest clinic of its kind in the province located in Windsor. On staff, there are currently four Naturopathic Doctors, an IV team, a massage therapist, two managers, and two administrators as well as Alexandra as the Certified Nutritionist. The clinic specializes in Oncology patients, but sees a wide array of people from Digestive Disorders, Women’s Health Issues and Sports Medicine.

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