Jazmine is a 2010 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. She is the founder of Little Tree Wellness & Apothecary, where she specializes in organic botanical skincare and wellness products for mothers, babies and families. Jazmine also founded Wild Hearts Botanicals – a range of botanical wellness drinks including teas, tonics, syrups and more. The ‘roots and soil’ of this company is a deep love for wild, plant-based medicines and foods, and the way they are incorporated in everyday life to support health and wellbeing. The current customer favourite drink in the line is organic elderberry syrup. After studying at IHN, Jazmine completed the Clinical Herbalist program at the Institute of Traditional Medicine, which inspired her to start her two herbal medicine companies. When Jazmine is not busy in her apothecary developing new products, she can be found hosting events and selling her products at local markets. Visit Jazmine on April 19 at the Healthy Moms show at Wychwood Barns in Toronto. Visit her website and follow her social media pages to remain up-to-date on her latest offerings!

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Hayley is a 2019 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. She opened Power Yoga Canada Toronto West (PYC) in January 2020. Hayley and her teaching staff lead over 30 hot, vinyasa yoga classes weekly, where students of all ages and levels are warmly welcomed into the community, while being empowered into action both on and off their mats. It was through the PYC family, which Hayley has been part of for almost a decade that inspired her to move out of complacency and into possibility, both personally and professionally. She came to IHN playing small in her life, and has left in her fullest expression of herself, ready to inspire others to live their healthiest life. Hayley uses the knowledge attained through her studies at IHN to meld her three passions – nutrition, yoga and running. She plans to host quarterly nutrition workshops focusing on anti-inflammatory diets and lifestyle choices, as well as regular ‘Yoga for Runners’ series, which will include nutrition guidance for athletes.

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Paulina is a 2009 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Barrie, Ont. She is a sacred circle and ceremonial healing facilitator and the founder of Wild Woman Medicine. A sacred sisterhood community and platform for empowering women. In 2015 Paulina started a monthly  – Wise Womben Circle – to support women in strengthening there connection to their feminine birthright of feeling good in their bodies, honoring their monthly moon cycles, cultivating healthy food relationships, womb health and hormonal balance and tools and practices that empower sisters to show up more authentically and awaken to our fullest potential. Paulina’s extensive 15 years of travelling the world also opened her up to becoming a passionate yogini and teacher of yoga. Her curiosity of the healing arts lead her to becoming an Ecstatic Breath and Movement Guide, a Womb Wellness and Moon Mysteries Facilitator and a Thai Massage and Sound Healing Medicine Woman. Paulina offers potent, raw and playful yoga classes in yoga studios and on her YouTube channel “Wild Woman Medicine Yoga“. She combines all her healing arts into transformative workshops and retreats here and around the world. Her latest retreat Wild Sacred Woman is happening on – International Women’s Day – to celebrate all Womben. Her soul calling is to reawaken the remembrance of the wild medicine women we all carry within us as women.

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Paula is a 2001 North York campus graduate, currently working in Sauble Beach, ON. She is an independent consultant with Arbonne, supporting clients on their wellness journey. Paula has experienced firsthand the value of connecting to a life that looks and feels right for her, versus what she grew up believing to be the right way. She believes the ultimate nourishment is experienced when we are nurtured physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This requires connecting with the voice within, our intuition. Paula’s personal journey clarified the value of living true to ourselves and understanding that to each of us, it’s as unique as our fingerprint. She published, “The Journey Between Places,” in 2018, and in the same year, purchased her retreat home in Sauble Beach which she calls her ‘Place of Pause.’ When you still the mind, you can hear the whispers of the heart. She believes to go out into the world in your fullest expression, you first need to go within. Paula partners with other wellness professionals to host small retreats on her property. She also rents her home to practitioners who are interested in hosting their own retreats.

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Filsan is a 2019 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, Ontario. She is the founder of AYORA, a wellness brand for Conscious Living, which focuses on Mindset and Nutrition through the use of European Constitutional Iridology. Following a 10 year career as a Human Resources Professional in the corporate world, Filsan took her first stab at entrepreneurship in 2016 and launched her own HR consulting firm helping local and international businesses with Talent Acquisition, Recruiting & Retention. After personally experiencing the negative health setbacks of ‘burnout” and fatigue, she established a niche branch off of her consulting business to fill the increasing need for wellness education and awareness not readily available to herself, her friends, colleagues and corporate clients. In a serendipitous encounter at a grocery store with a 2017 graduate of IHN North York, Filsan was universally guided to attend the Institute of Holistic Nutrition the following semester in 2018. Along with her Applied Holistic Nutrition training, it was here she found her passion for Iridology – the art and science of revealing the pathological, structural, functional and emotional disturbances in the human body. Specializing in elimination protocols guided by the individual constitution of each client, Filsan is practicing out of Flow Hydrotherapy clinic in Bloor West Village Etobicoke. As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Clinical Iridologist she is currently accepting new clients.

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Angela is a 2008 North York campus graduate, currently working from Markham, ON.  As Founder of Heart Scents Wellness and the Heart Scents Community, Angela is passionate about growing collaborative wellness communities where together everyone thrives. Her 20+ year quest to connect-the-dots aligning physical, mental, emotional and metaphysical wellness led Angela to embrace her current role as Core Vitality Coach and Quantum Illumination Light Crystals Guide. Sharing effective ways to raise vibrational frequencies with pure essential oils, high vibe foods and Litios light crystals, Angela mentors wellness practitioners and business owners to make a bigger difference tapping into their “oils + x factor” to bring more of their “service magic” to both local and global audiences. Interested in increasing your frequency and energy flow for more abundance in your life? Join Angela and her husband Ray at week 5 of the Mar 3-31 Life Frequency Health Lecture Series hosted by Brian Gangel Tuesday evenings 7-10pm. $59 BOGO all access ticket available. Want a ticket to attend the 2020 international health event of the year with Dr. Colin Campbell PhD, Dr. Gabriel Cousens MD and more? Email Angela for a significantly discounted all access speaker guest pass (limited supply) for the 4 day Legends of Health: National Conference of Traditional Healing Apr 30-May 3.

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Shannon is a 2016 Vancouver campus graduate, currently practicing in Courtenay, BC. She is the founder of Whole Health Family Wellness, where she provides programs and resources that focus on teaching children nutrition. Shannon is the creator of the “Mindful Meals” Placemat, which was created to encourage kids to slow down and pay attention to the food they eat. After volunteering at Huband Park Elementary with the Salad Bar program for a year, Shannon took it over and made it her mission to get kids more connected to their food. She grew the program to be the largest elementary school salad bar program across Canada. In the process of trying to find a way to get the kids to be more mindful of the amount of food that was being wasted, she created the “Mindful Meals” placemat. As a local mom with a passion for all kids to have nutritional education, she believes this placemat can be used as a tool and great conversation piece at the dinner table and school lunch hours.  Shannon strongly believes we need to teach our kids how to connect to their food by slowing down, practicing gratitude and using all their senses to fully enjoy their food. When we create a healthy relationship with food, we also create a healthy relationship with our families, our communities and Mother Earth.

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