Pam Kudlowich is the founder of Root Healing And Nutrition, where after overcoming her own struggles with chronic pain and inflammation, she helps women over 40 optimize their health and thrive in the journey towards successful aging. Through nutrition, energy medicine, physiotherapy, and personal training, her clients overcome stubborn weight, cravings, unrestful sleep, aches, pains, and low energy.

Through his company, Sustainable Nutrition Consulting, Brent Lockridge offers Holistic Nutrition and Sports Nutrition services, specializing in promoting healthy eating to sustain a high-energy lifestyle while sustaining our planet. Brent also conducts group speaking engagements for on the power of a whole foods plant-based lifestyle, nutrition for the athlete, and the impact of your diet on the environment.

Lisa Codispoti is the founder of Innerforce Wellness, helping burnt out women and men, and those recovering from trauma or a recent loss, live a healthy life filled with healthy meals. As a cancer practitioner, she understands how one’s emotions affect their wellbeing, and teaches her clients how to deal with their feelings. Her mission is provide them with a better love for food and positive lifestyle.

Mandy King is the founder of HEAL, providers of corporate and personal wellness programs. Through lunch and learns, interactive webinars, and wellness challenges, they improve the mental health, engagement, and camaraderie of employees within corporations. They also work 1-on-1 with individuals overcoming issues found in the workplace, such as energy depletion, brain fog, hormone imbalances, etc.

Julian Cimadamore is the founder of Cima Health, part of his mission to help others achieve peak wellness. After putting his life on pause due to Lyme Disease, and being led to his calling through his healing journey, he created an online practice offering 1-on-1 functional nutrition programs specializing in gut dysfunction, detoxification, autoimmunity, environmental exposures, and tick-born infections.

Carin Ames helps her clients break free from diets and disordered eating through her company NKD Wellness. After a 15-year long battle with disordered eating, she has developed a passion for teaching others how to intuitively nourish their mind, body, and soul, empowering them to find peace with food and their body for life-long sustainable wellness and recovery through nutrition and movement therapy.

Gabby Borgerink is passionate about educating and empowering women with the knowledge to support their bodies through her company, Gabby Borgerink. Gabby leads her online community, the GB Collective, with a focus on hormonal imbalances, fertility, and intentional living. As a part of this group, members can access education information, product reviews, recipes, workshops, and more.

Jodi Cureatz is the founder of EcoEating Holistic Nutrition, a line of non-dairy, organic coconut kefir. She is passionate about inspiring others to discover real foods through inspirational recipes along with experiencing the ancient practice of fermentation. After using her own coconut kefir to heal her own gut, she has scaled her product into a business to be able to provide others with the same benefits.

Anna DeCicco is the founder of the Anna DeCicco, created after being inspired to improve the health of others after having healed herself and her family. Anna offers nutrition and life coaching packages that bolster her clients’ health and stoke their motivation. Each client is inspired to optimize their mental health (and decrease stress levels) by making strides in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.