Natasha Vaz specializes in blood-sugar management, intermittent fasting and keto diets, helping those with GI disorders such as IBS, SIBO, SIFO, and Colitis. Through her business, Vaz Wellness, she utilizes easy to use virtual tools, and in person at the TAOH Wellness on Vancouver Island, to conduct 1-on-1 nutritional consultations, create easy-to-follow meal plans, and small group seminars or large group talks.

Jessica Plenzick is an advocate for women’s health, particularly Endometriosis. This feature promotes the screening of Below The Belt on Friday March 31, 2023, followed by an endometriosis panel discussion. The film showcases four women on a search for answers, and highlights social taboos, gender bias, misinformed doctors, and profit driven healthcare. The film demonstrates how millions are silenced with some now fighting back to improve healthcare for everyone. Held at the FirstOntario Perfoming Arts Centre. Get your tickets HERE. Jessica on IG @healthywholesomeholistic

Maria Viall focuses on strengthening her clients’ digestion and balancing their hormone metabolism to break free from the destructive patterns holding them back from a healthy body and balanced life. In her business, Maria Viall, she offers nutritional consultations, an online 10-day body reset, and runs speaking engagements. She also debunks myths as the nutrition on Milwaukee’s The Morning Blend talk show.

Shiva Nassiri is the founder of Shiva Nassiri, an illustration and design firm that caters to holistic brands. She uses her unique ability to infuse nature, human connection, and design, to raise the bar of recognition for brands she works with. Shiva empowers her clients to elevate their professional profile by supporting them with graphic design, web design, infographic illustrations, and beautiful hand lettering.

Lourdes Calderon is the creator of Highland Of Skye, a stunning, small-scale regenerative acreage where she and her family rediscover ancestral holistic practices. They create small batch, hand crafted tallow skincare using 100% grass fed/finished tallow to counter persistent skin conditions and dry skin. They also grow organic garlic using regenerative farming practices to support the creation of healthy fertile soil.

Rebecca Rausch focuses on everything gut and brain health to deliver effective 1-on-1 consultations, presentations, and free resources such as her wellness guides, workbooks, and articles. In her business, Equilibria Nutrition, she specializes in working with those who have overstressed nervous systems, injury recovery, and digestive and mental optimization.