Karry Sawatsky is an April 2015 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Elora, ON. Karry is the founder of Karry Alexis Nutrition where she offers clinical nutritional consultations in her private practice as well as works as a private vegan chef. She is also the founder of The Charm of Elora – a budding company where she’s married her holistic nutrition knowledge with her background as a Red Seal Chef. She can be found at the Elora Farmer’s Market on Saturdays between 9 and 1. She is selling her anti-inflammatory Turmeric Lime Elixir, fresh organic sprouts, spring rolls and heirloom vegetables. She is also currently selling her heirloom vegetable plants that she has grown from seed. Her next market date is May 27. For a list of her upcoming market dates, go to The Charm of Elora Facebook page. Karry is also providing Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares from her market garden this year. For more information about the services and products Karry offers or if you would like to help at the Farmer’s Market or in the garden please contact her via email KarryAlexisNutrition@gmail.com or TheCharmofElora@gmail.com

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Jill Hillhouse is an October 2003 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Jill has been in private nutrition practice for 15 years and is the Nutritionist at P3 Health, an integrated and functional medicine clinic in downtown Toronto. Raised in a home that emphasized fresh whole foods eating, it was after the birth of her first child that Jill really understood that food is the most pervasive influence on human health. She believes that health starts on your dinner plate and she uses diet and lifestyle shifts to mitigate and reverse health conditions. A strong voice for self-advocacy, Jill encourages and empowers her clients to be active participants in their own health care. Jill is the co-author of The Paleo Diabetes Diet Solution: Manage Your Blood Sugar with 125 Recipes and a 30-Day Meal Plan as well as the best-selling book The Best Baby Food: 125 Healthy & Delicious Recipes for Babies & Toddlers. She has been a faculty member of IHN since 2005 and currently teaches the Continuing Ed course: Blood Sugar Management in Clinical Practice

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Marisa Meleca is an October 2016 Ottawa campus graduate practicing in Ottawa, ON. Marisa is the founder of The Healthy Bean, an online blog and recipe development hub where she continues to grow her audience. Her goal with The Healthy Bean is to develop an online consulting company where she can educate and empower people to take charge of their health around the world. She is also currently working with Staterra Inc, where she is learning how to develop all natural, high-quality supplements, unique to the individual. In her spare time, Marisa does nutrition talks for The Running Room, and is always looking for public speaking opportunities in Ottawa. Her journey with nutrition began early due to her many food intolerances and digestive troubles growing up. At 15, Marisa had already completed an elimination diet on her own because she realized the impact food had on her mental and physical well-being. Since then, she has been passionate about nutrition; and sharing this passion so everyone can feel what it’s really like to be at your best! Check out her blog and social media. She would love to stay connected with IHN students and alumni!

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Marianna Martinez is an April 2014 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Guelph, ONMarianna is the creator and founder of a wellness consultation company, Marianna Martinez Wellness, and an independent distributor of Young Living Essential Oils. After overcoming her own health issues she understands the importance of balancing the combination of healthy nutrition, exercise and spirit to achieve a happy life. Her experience in the hospitality business has provided Marianna with the unique ability to listen closely and to understand people’s needs, proving very helpful in her practice. Her goal is to determine the root cause of clients’ health concerns and correct the issue. She strives to help the client understand the reasons behind their symptoms, guiding them to healthier food, lifestyle and mindset choices to prevent imbalances. Marianna is focusing on her Holistically Healthy Effective ‘Lose Weight’ Workshop on May 25 in Guelph, as well as launching her Weight Loss Program. She was motivated to educate how to lose weight in a healthy way after seeing so many women disappointed with various weight loss programs when they did not get the results they desired. Marianna is very passionate about guiding people towards the holistic lifestyle that brings them healthier and slimmer body and happiness.

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Colette Columbe-Haddad is an April 2004 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Colette is the founder and president of Ederra Beauty Concepts, taking health and well-being to next level, combining nutrition, health, exercise, technology and weight loss to construct a unique recipe for success. Colette’s interest in well-being management was established during her studies at the University of Toronto while receiving her Bachelor of Science degree (Honours), specializing in Nutritional Science and Psychology. Colette started her own business in 2002 focusing on Lymphatic Drainage and weight loss. She developed a lymphatic drainage device, the Dermashape®, that when combined with her program, the Ederra Complete Program, has been shown to reshape the body, enhance lymphatic drainage, eliminate toxins, reduce water retention and reduce congestion and fat. She is now offering the program to IHN students for a discounted price. This would be a great addition to any existing practice or opportunity for any new graduates to generate revenue from the very beginning. Ederra offers a 2 day on-site training program to ensure all aspects of the program are covered, including an in depth overview of the Ederra Complete program, literature and training manual, education on the lymphatic system and a hands-on application workshop.

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Erin Michel is an October 2014 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Erin is the founder of Pure Feast, an online market for pure food and eco-friendly goods. Pure Feast’s mission is to make healthy living simple, attainable and delicious by offering a selection of high quality products that have been curated by a Holistic Nutritionist. The products you find on the site have been carefully selected by Erin to be free from such things as GMOs, artificial sweeteners or other potentially harmful additives such as endocrine disruptors, antibiotics, trans fats or other questionable ingredients. Through Pure Feast, Erin is committed to sharing with customers only the highest quality products that will support their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Erin has a background in Graphic Design and has always loved food and using the kitchen as a creative outlet. After experiencing a few unwanted health issues, she transitioned the way she eats from a typical western diet of too many sugars and carbs to a healthier diet that allows her body to thrive. She took on these changes slowly while educating herself about holistic nutrition, and in her pursuit for more knowledge she enrolled in studies at IHN to expand her education.

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Kristine Sunn is an October 2011 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto’s affluent neighbourhood Yorkville, ON. After four years of practicing holistic nutrition and energy medicine independently, she decided it was her time to pursue her ultimate dream and in 2016, pōm Health and Wellness was born. She always wanted to have her own wellness clinic that focused on healing people physically, mentally and spiritually using non-traditional forms. pōm Health and Wellness houses naturopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, holistic nutrition, energy medicine, colour therapy, yoga, meditation, massage therapy, acupuncture and esoteric acupuncture and hosts regular weekly events to inspire healing, happiness and positivity to all who participate. Kristine wants her clinic to be the go to happy place for anyone seeking it! She has created an environment that is elemental, warm and friendly, yet contemporary. Her aim is to have her clinic look as if you’re visiting with friends, because that is who your therapist should be…and that is what she has created. If you are a like-minded practitioner/healer who is aligned with Kristine’s vision, please contact Kristine to find out about opportunities within her wellness clinic.

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Jill Taylor is an April 2016 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Kitchener, ON. Jill is the founder of Blissful Vitality, where she offers her expertise on adrenal and thyroid health as well as digestive issues. She also works with the naturopathic doctors at Belmont Natural Health Centre and she can be found as an independent on-site nutritionist with Pratt & Whitney Canada in Mississauga twice a month. Jill is also working with the Natural Health Products Protection Association where she helps develop and coordinate campaigns to promote and protect freedom of choice in health and protect Canadians’ rights to access to safe and effective natural health products. Prior to IHN, Jill found herself “burning out” in the corporate world where she worked as a litigation law clerk for 20 years. She began to experience severe adrenal and thyroid issues, motivating her to research food and lifestyle as way to heal. It did not take long before this became a passion and she enrolled at IHN. Jill is now devoted to helping her clients understand the powerful connection between the state of our health and the food we eat, our environment and our lifestyle choices.

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Corrine Chin-Fook is an October 2016 Vancouver campus graduate practicing in Vancouver, BC. Corrine has had a dynamic resume since graduating, balancing three different aspects of a holistic lifestyle. Food being at the core of all nutritionists, Corrine is currently working at Fresh in Your Fridge as a holistic chef where she provides in-home meal preparation service. She is creative working with her clients’ dietary goals and always gives love into each meal she prepares. With her love of essential oils and turning to all things natural, she co-founded Temple Essentials Co., which offers a natural deodorant spray that is currently available at local markets. Through her own struggles with Graves’ disease, Corrine came to holistic nutrition looking for answers. As a Practitioner, she has started Life Elements Counselling and Coaching where she focuses on hormonal imbalances. Corrine is a certified Yoga Instructor, conducts lunch and learns and promotes a holistic lifestyle in everything she does.

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Melysa Gorlicky is an October 2013 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Melysa is the founder of Creative Spirits, GreenRecipes and LivePaint.TV. Creative Spirits offers guided paint lessons held in a fun and social environment for people of all ages. She hosts everything from corporate events to bachelorette parties to kids birthdays. She is also a live painter. Live painting is another form of improvisational performance art, in which the artist completes a visual art piece in a variety of public performances, accompanied by a DJ or live music. Melysa began live painting at the age of 18 at Toronto events alongside some other influential live painters. Since then Melysa combines her classical training with her live painting experience to create works of art in front of live audiences within a few hours using intense focus, skill and inspiration. LivePaint.TV offers a series of tribute video’s where you can actually see the work in progress as it’s being created. Original paintings and numbered lithograph prints can be purchased online with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. When Melysa’s not painting she is in the kitchen whipping up some of her most favourite healthy recipes. Melysa shares her love of holistic living through her Instagram page:

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Joanna Biafore is an October 2016 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Joanna is the co-founder of Just Shut Up and Try It Ferments – an organic fermented foods business as well as the in-house Pediatric Nutritionist at Homeopathy Life. When Joanna’s son was 3 years old he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. After exploring all types of therapy for her son, she happened upon the book “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” and it changed her life. By the time her son was 6 years old he was undiagnosed and is no longer on the spectrum. It was simply because she changed his diet and introduced probiotics into his daily regime. Eventually this lead Joanna to make fermented foods for her kids with her now business partner Marketa Mervart and the rest is history. Just Shut Up and Try It Ferments has been featured in: The Huffington Post, City Parent, Forever Young, Goodfoodrevolution.ca, Snap’d Beaches/Danforth and welltodo.ca. The goal at Just Shut Up and Try It Ferments is to help families understand the many benefits of fermented food and that they can be enjoyed by the whole family. Their ferments are organic, raw and handcrafted in Toronto. You will find all her products in stores around the GTA, cottage country, seasonal farmers markets and online.

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Jennifer Papaconstantinou is an October 2008 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Pickering, ON. Jennifer is the founder Heal Naturally Holistic Health, offering complementary and alternative health services which harmonize with the beliefs and practices of a “whole” approach to lifelong health. She is a Program Advisor, Trade Show Events & Public Relations Manager, oversees the Student Clinic as Coordinator, and teaches Nutritional Symptomatology Part I at IHN. Jennifer continues to offer Educational workshops, Corporate Events & writing submissions and has been published in Girls Can Do Anything magazine – Canada’s official teen empowerment digital magazine. She is also an Educational Assistant and Student Liaison at The Edison Institute of Nutrition. After graduating IHN with First-Class Honors and as Valedictorian, Jennifer continued training with world renowned Premier Research Labs, Seroyal, Edison Institute of Nutrition, Physica Energetics and Centennial College. She also had the honor to participate in a Mentorship program, studying the philosophies and teachings of Dr. Bernard Jensen and Dr. Robert Marshall PhD. Completing certification courses in Clinical Iridology, B.A.S.E. Allergy Therapy, Live Blood Microscopy, Metabolic Balance, QRA, Holistic Cancer Practitioner Certification and is working toward her Certification in Biotherapeutic Drainage adds to Jennifer’s many clinical modalities. Jennifer offers half price consultations to IHN grads and students! Contact her at healnaturallynutrition@gmail.com for more information. 

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KimberLee Schaumburg is an October 2008 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Ajax, Ontario. KimberLee is the founder of Healing Spirit Nutrition, offering a line of organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, living, sprouted and fermented healing foods.  After her struggle with IBS and then adrenal fatigue, she started out making her healing foods for herself but knew there were others who would benefit and would enjoy them as much as she did. She had always loved “playing” with her food and loved working in the kitchen modifying recipes and creating new flavours and textures. As a fermenter, sprouter, dehydrator, baker, and holistic health food creator, KimberLee utilizes food as medicine to assist with “Healing From the Inside Out.” As a Holistic Nutritionist, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Holistic Chef and Speaker, she began educating her clients by offering holistic “cooking classes” to help people find better food choices through consultation, presentations, and healing food offerings.  Her healing foods line are now available at many health food store locations in Durham and the GTA.  She also has additional healing foods available directly from her at the Pickering Farmers’ Market and from her home.  Call or email her for retail and wholesale inquiries.

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