Sara Ouellette Subero is an October 2010 Mississauga campus graduate who, until late last year, practiced in the Caribbean. Sara is the founder of holistic health website Beyond Vitality, where she has dedicated her life to discovering the keys of true human potential and sharing her insights through teaching rewilding, movement and sustainable, holistic living methods to clients worldwide. Until September 2017, Sara and her family resided at their beautiful family run, off grid eco lodge and homestead in the rainforest of Dominica, but Hurricane Maria (a category 5+ storm) devastated their home, business and livelihood. The long term impact of the natural disaster separated the family and forced them back to their native countries, temporarily. It was during their time back home that fate stepped in to help the family create a brand new path for themselves. Sara recently announced that she and her husband, Stephen, are embarking on a new adventure as Lead Teachers/Holistic Directors for a school at the world renowned transformational Synergida Community in Costa Rica. It’s a popular hotspot for world renowned speakers, authors, spiritual leaders and celebrities to gather, collaborate and co-create for a better world. Sara and Stephen will be completing The Life Project Method holistic education teacher training with Life Project’s Founder, Alys Robinson and Holistic Transformation Coach and CNP, Ariane Labelle. Sara is very eager and blessed to be joining forces with incredible group of paradigm shifters! | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


Ariane Labelle is a November 2015 Mississauga Campus graduate currently working from beautiful Costa Rica! On a quest to rediscover her own personal truths, passions and flow in holistic embodiment, Ariane quit her 10-year corporate career following her IHN graduation and set off on a 2-year pilgrimage around the world. Surrendering to the randomness of life, Ariane bartered her way across the globe through energy exchange programs +  in-home pet sitting opportunities in order to focus on conducting further industry research and healing herself. She sustained her newfound lifestyle by teaching yoga, assisting with wellness retreats and doing online coaching with clients worldwide. Her travels also gave her the opportunity to train as a protegée to Holistic Lifestyle Coach Amber Zuckswert from and as a dog-nanny for Mr. Ultra Spiritual himself, JP Sears! Today, Ariane works with Life Project Education, a grassroots holistic education center nestled in the intimate nature-rich community of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Life Project’s unique programs offer opportunities for children, families, and teachers worldwide to explore the interconnected layers of their humanity that are traditionally undermined in modern systems. They challenge the mechanical worldview that predominates current constructs of learning, teaching, and healing by offering a new approach to life, health, and education. Ariane’s work is primarily dedicated to teaching metaphysical perspective and practical holistic frameworks to assist in health recovery, disease prevention and sustainable holistic embodiment for adults and children. Behind the scenes, she is also spearheading the development of the school’s holistic curriculum and serving as Project Manager for the global expansion of Life Project Education satellite schools. | Facebook | Instagram


Jennifer is an October 2017 Toronto campus graduate, practicing in Toronto, ON. She holds space for women to gather in sisterhood, tune-in and connect to the voice of their heart, amplifying the messages received and empowering their lives. She runs workshops and retreats called Tapping Into the Heart, with the next event being a 3-day Full Moon Retreat at the end of July. The super early bird offering starts at $377 and goes up after the new moon on June 13th (will extend for IHN students/grads – get in touch to discuss). Jennifer is also a Reiki master and teaches restorative yoga at Chi Junky in Leslieville. Mention that you’re an IHN student/grad and receive $20 off your first 1-on-1 Reiki session! | Instagram | Facebook |


Isabela is an April 2018, Mississauga Campus graduate, practicing in Vancouver, BC. She runs her own private practice, Artisan Nutrition, where she focuses on family health. Her mission is to educate individuals and families to heal and thrive through the power of food. As a lover of natural gourmet, Isabela believes in using local and seasonal ingredients, as well as the power of traditional diets to heal. Isabela believes that you can live your most vibrant and healthy life by taking charge as the Artisan of Your Health! Isabella has recently launched her first eBook, Artisan Nutrition: Nutrient-Rich Recipes Loved by Children and Adults, where she features over 30 delicious, gluten free recipes. Isabella is offering a discounted price off her e-book for IHN Alumni and students. | Instagram


Ferne Hudson is an April 2016, Vancouver BC, grad. Since graduation Ferne has worked as a Holistic Chef, Supplement Specialist, Essential oils Educator and a Nutritional consultant. Ferne’s nutrition consulting business complements her essential oils business. Originally from London England, Ferne has always had an affinity for nutrition and holistic living, since a young age. This interest peaked in 2013 when she was introduced to the powerful and healing properties of essential oils. Shortly after she became a representative for doterra essential oils. Since then she has traveled the globe teaching others about the power of essentials. Her sense of adventure and love for nature and the outdoors drew her to Vancouver BC, where studied at IHN. Ferne feels passionately about using clean and natural body care products and encourages others to consider what goes in your body as well as what goes on your body. Ferne hopes to continue, to empower and inspire others to live a well-rounded life through a whole food diet and natural holistic living.

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Melissa is a 2015 Mississauga campus graduate and currently lives in Vancouver, BC. Melissa is the founder of Melissa Jones Holistic Nutrition. Melissa graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (IHN) with honours. Upon graduation Melissa registered with the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC) and is a Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (ROHP). Prior to life as a nutritionist, Melissa worked in marketing but started to experience digestive issues and chronic fatigue. It wasn’t until Melissa made changes to her diet and lifestyle when she saw improvement in her health and well-being. Through her education, Melissa discovered a new passion for health and nutrition. In 2013, Melissa went back to school for Holistic Nutrition so that she could further her knowledge and help others improve their health. Melissa launched her website in 2017, where she offers online nutrition services including consultations and meal plans. Melissa also provides corporate workshops and recently launched her 7 Day Beginner Detox ebook. Melissa has a particular focus in helping people who are experiencing digestive issues and hormonal imbalances. | Instagram | Facebook


Catherine Sugrue is an April 2014 Toronto campus graduate living in Toronto, ON. Catherine is the COO for, a leading trilingual lifestyle blog with staff around the globe. Catherine joined the blog shortly after graduating IHN, as the exclusive Health and Nutrition Contributor. With the continual quarterly growth of the outlet at over 4.1 monthly blog views and strong social media presence, it was a natural fit to incorporate in 2017 and take on a full-time position. Although she still covers subjects within the health and nutrition industry, she has extended her reach to include topics such as travel and lifestyle. She is also the founder of Catherine’s Cabinet, created with the goal of offering fun, but accurate and meaningful, health and wellness information. She has appeared in a number of online and in-person events – including the Harbourfront Hot & Spicy Food Festival, The National Women’s Show, The National Post and Live Daytime TV segments in Toronto and Ottawa. | @DoTheDaniel (Insta and Twitter) |


Dr. Karolina Fritz is an October 2009 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. She is the owner of Medium Squared. She is gifted medium that communicates with loved ones that have crossed over. She delivers messages of love, support, and encouragement from family and friends that have transitioned into the spirit world. Karolina is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient. She completed both her BSc (Hons) in Chemical Physics and PhD in Physical Chemistry at the University of Toronto where she received awards and scholarships for her scientific research on nanotechnology. Karolina had been able to communicate with the spirit world since she was a small child back in Chile but tried to ignore this gift by hiding behind academia and science. Inspired by her global travels she left academia to pursue holistic/alternative medicine and develop her gifts. She enrolled at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition graduating with First Class Honours and taught there for a short time. She is also an Energy Medicine Practitioner and medical intuitive. Karolina has a standing medium event at El Arepazo in Kensington Market (181 Augusta Ave., Toronto), on the last Tuesday of every month 6-8 pm. Tickets are $60 (including tax) and it includes 1 drink, 1 arepa (an amazing Venezuelan dish), and access to the event. The Venezuelan arepa is a round, gluten-free cornbread sandwich that is stuffed with a variety of locally sourced meats, cheeses, veggies, and salsas. CNPs, please feel welcome to reserve a ticket and contact Karoline, any time! | | Facebook | Twitter


Maria is a November 2017, Mississauga campus graduate, practicing in Grimsby, Ontario. Maria is the founder of Vitalia Nutrition. It is a nutrition practice that focuses on women’s health, more specifically, Brides-to-Be! Maria’s program “The Healthy Bride Method”, helps stressed out brides overcome adrenal fatigue and digestive issues in order to reach their wellness goals. Maria is also the creator of the TEATOX by Vitalia Nutrition a 28-day program designed to help Brides detox naturally before their wedding. Maria runs a blog on how to get healthy, manage stress and GLOW from the inside out before the BIG DAY. Maria is also an active contributor to the Inside Fitness Magazine. Maria describes her approach as “nutrition, health & self-care with some ZEN vibes”. | Facebook | Instagram


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