Catrin Hughes is the founder of Rising Mother, where she provides full spectrum nutrition, birth, and postpartum services for mindful families. Her goal is to educate, celebrate, and hold space for all women and their bodies to embody their feminine power and align with their inner rhythm. Catrin’s practice focuses on food as medicine, hormone balancing, simple supplementation, and listening to your body.

Aria Palcich is the founder of The Haven Low-Carb Cafe, located in the Beaches in Toronto. They serve high quality local coffee roasters and lattes, as well as low-carb and gluten-free treats, sweets, and meals, and sell a variety of products in their low-carb market. Aria is also a keto coach specializing in low-carb high-fat diets, and coaches people who want to transform their life.

Jenny June began her company, I Am Good Wellness, to teach her clients how to look at food differently. She believes the best way for her clients to achieve their goals is to do so gradually, and intuitively, with health being so much more than your reflection in the mirror. Jenny provides childhood and adolescent nutrition, menstrual coaching, and corporate wellness services.

Lauren Breuer is the founder of Shockingly Healthy, where she creates healthy, delicious, plant-based versions of blondies and brownies that can satisfy a sweet tooth without sacrificing health. As a dedicated dessert lover, Lauren’s mission is to create treats that can be eaten in a way that’s healthy and empowering, rather than energy zapping, guilt-inducing and waistline-expanding.

Olga Grass provides nutritional consultations, functional nutritional testing, and weight loss services through her company, Happy Nutrition. She uses the metabolic balance method, live cell analysis, hair mineral analysis, IgG food intolerance testing, and genetic testing to gain a very personalized look into the complete health history of her clients, in order to provide them with the most effective natural solutions.

Joanna Biafore is the co-founder of Just Shut Up And Try It Ferments, a line of ferments for the whole family sold online across Canada. Having begun with an old school fermentation crock, they now sell a full line of jun, sauerkraut, kimchi, and probiotic gun tonics. All of their products are raw, organic, and handcrafted in small batches in North Bay, Ontario. Joanna also specializes in gut a pediatric nutrition.

Ricky Mehta is the founder of Ergogenics Nutrition, which was developed to meet the needs of athletes and conscious shoppers. They develop plant-based athletic nutrition products derived from organically grown, nutrient-dense foods, that are freeze-dried raw to prevent nutrient loss. Their goal is to help you improve your performance and health, increase your energy, and support you on your fitness journey.

Jessica Khalil runs her own online nutrition practice, Wholistika, where she offers mindful meal planning and personalized holistic protocols. Jessica focuses on emotional eating and self-development to improve the relationship that her clients have with food, as well as the relationships they have with themselves. In addition, she also incorporates non-toxic beauty into her practice.

Lorraine Schmid is the founder of Thyme Again Gardens, a 115 acre working organic fruit, vegetable, grain, and animal farm, and bed and breakfast located in rural Prince Edward County. While enjoying their stay, guests can also enjoy holistic nutrition programs including customized dietary counselling, personal/family meal planning, interactive cooking classes, and rejuvenating reflexology treatments.

Jacqueline Steinert is the founder of Jacqueline Steinert – Holistic Health, where she focuses on working with those experiencing disordered eating, more specifically families dealing with picky little eaters. She strives to educate her clients on how to navigate their circumstances and deal with the modern stressful environment, while providing them with on-on-one nutrition counselling and meal planning.

Laurence Annez is uses nutrition consulting, health coaching, life coaching, subconscious reprogramming, energetic clearing, and human design to support women dealing with PCOS. Through her company, Laurence Annez, she leads her clients out of survival mode and hormonal chaos, into the expansive version of themselves were they can thrive, and create a life they are in love with.

Timothy Marshall is the founder of The Holistic Guy, specializing in clients whose conditions have had conventional practitioners unable to find solutions. Tim offers one-on-one nutritional consulting, public speaking engagements for corporations, in-home and public cooking demonstrations, grocery store tours, catering, and personal chef experiences, all to guide and empower taking charge your own health