Amanda Bowers practices as a Registered Clinical Counsellor at Aster Wellness Centre in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. She specializes in eating disorders, addiction, trauma, anxiety, and depression. Amanda’s interests in food psychology grew, upon becoming a CNP, leading her attain her Masters of Counselling Psychology. She applies multiple integrative therapies to get to the root of what’s troubling her clients.

McKenna Garrison is the founder of Back to Basics, where she specializes in digestive health, hormonal imbalances creating healthy personal relationships with food and movement—she is a kinesiologist and certified strength + conditioning specialist. When not working as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at My New Roots, she’s likely in the kitchen creating her next famed sourdough or sweet goodie!

Sherlyn Hu is a social worker, educator, nutritionist and grant-winning artist. Her passion is enabling others to discover their strengths, embrace their flaws, and connect in nurturing ways. Her book, Everyone Needs Care, is a loving ode to appreciating caregiving, finding hope and meaning in life’s struggles, demystifying dementia, nurturing compassionate community, and celebrating cultural diversity in children’s literature.

Arlene Resnick is the founder of Amity Blendz, partnering with freelance writers specializing in crafting nutrition-focused content for holistic practitioners. Arlene takes pride in offering exceptional resume and biography writing services to meet each client’s unique needs, based on her decade of recruitment experience. She creates customized social media strategies and content aligned with their brand and voice.

Martha Trahan launched SHE Nutrition in 2020, and has been helping women ages 40+ lose weight and gain muscle while providing deliciously appetizing and nutritious meals to their families. Martha is opposed to fad diets and drastic approaches. Instead she promotes incremental and steady changes that her clients can maintain, and achieve success with. Her goal is to not only help them look their best, but to feel their best.

Pinalben (Pinal) Rajodiya has combined her expertise in nutrition, homeopathy and massage therapy to open her clinic, Be Your Best Physio & Rehab. She uses a comprehensive evaluation process to assess the root cause of conditions and creates individualized plans to achieve a state of both health and fitness. She provides her clients with the freedom to use their bodies, without limitations, to pursue what they love.