William is a 2017 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. William is the founder of Holistic Junky, his clinical practice that utilizes a combination of nutrition and Iridology to help his clients reach optimal health. In 2009 William was in a terrible accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down and deeply anxious and depressed. He struggled with alcohol addiction and smoking (smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day) as well as a food addiction, and ultimately ended up obese and wheelchair bound. Being willing to try anything to turn his life around, William took a friends advice and started incorporating holistic nutrition and practices in his life. Today, William has lost over 140 lbs, has not used a wheelchair since 2015, no longer suffers from anxiety or depression, and has been clean for over 10 years! This experience has made him so incredibly passionate about helping others that need to rehabilitate themselves. Additional to his own practice, William is also a retailer of Organo Gold and NuWTR, two brands that offer quality wellness products William often uses in practice. William is pleased to offer an exclusive discount for IHN students for his Iridology services – 30% off per session! He understands that student’s budgets are tight and is happy to connect with you if there are any questions.

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Lauren is a 2016 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Oakville, ON. Lauren is the founder of The Eco Love Collective, her online eco-friendly and sustainable living store. Upon graduation, she practiced privately with a variety of clients until she found her passion in helping people live life more intentionally. Lauren has always had a passion for slower, more intentional living, focusing on a lifestyle that is sustainable for both the planet and for the creatures that inhabit it. By empowering individuals to live life with intention, Lauren really emphasizes the holistic aspect the health and wellness. Further to the online retail store, Lauren also provides workshops and seminars on eco-friendly and intentional living. Lauren has a particular focus in helping people live a more intentional, healthful, and sustainable lifestyle.

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Alexandra is a 2018 North York campus graduate with First Class Honours, currently living and working in Windsor, ON. Prior to studying at IHN, Alexandra graduated from Ryerson University, where she earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Food and Nutrition in 2017. Alex has also studied extensively to receive her designation as a Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner from The Edison Institute of Nutrition. Combining her passion for natural nutrition and Women’s Health, she is the founder and owner of Nutrition Moderation. Nutrition Moderation is a social media platform and website for all things healthy eating, holistic lifestyle, Women’s Health and Hormones. Shortly after starting Nutrition Moderation, she began her private practice, coaching clients at Valero Wellness, a new and innovative wellness clinic in Windsor, Ontario. Since beginning her practice, she has seen a wide variety of clients with a main focus in Women’s Health and Oncology. Most recently, Alex has added Live Blood Cell Analysis to her clinical practice in order to provide a more individualized approach for her clients.

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Anita is a 2011 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Burlington, ON. Anita is the founder of her practice Anita Sauve Nutritional Coaching, where she specializes in Food Sensitivity Testing. She works with clients on an individual basis, using a whole food approach to develop personal programs. She has much experience with sensitivity testing with her own clients, as well as working with many Naturopaths to provide this testing for their patients. Additional to her clinical work, Anita is a passionate teacher. She is a current faculty member at IHN, teaching courses like Fundamentals of Nutrition and Preventive Health Care. Anita is also a teacher of the Lifewatcher’s classes for Goodness Me! She has taught at locations from Mississauga to Cambridge, and loves helping others make empowering changes through education. Right now Anita would like to extend an exclusive offer to IHN students who are interested in sensitivity testing or Electro Dermal Screening. Normally $200 a session, for IHN students it is now $150! Interested in referring clients for this service? Anita is happy to offer you this discount as well! Please contact Anita for details and more information.

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Sarah is a 2017 North York campus graduate, currently working in Toronto, ON.  Sarah is the co-founder of Culture Athletics and the Culture Athletics Studio, which she opened with her partner in July 2018.  Culture Athletics is an Athletic Apparel + Footwear boutique located in the heart of Leslieville, Toronto. The Culture Athletics Studio is located within the retail space and hosts a range of weekly yoga + meditation classes and monthly events. Taking a uniquely traditional approach and bringing it to the East end of Toronto, they have also incorporated sound meditation, kundalini yoga and esoteric acupuncture workshops into their space. Sarah’s passion for holistic nutrition stems from her own experiences of improving diet and lifestyle back in 2014 while living in the outback of Australia.  This initial change inspired her to study at IHN and to take Susan Elliotson’s Advanced Herbal Medicine course at the Mississauga campus. (Susan’s herbal workshops are currently running!) Since then, Sarah has become a Personal Training Specialist, Registered Yoga Teacher (500 hr), and now store + studio owner. Staying true to her vision, Sarah wants to continue growing the Culture Athletics Studio and expose more people to the power of alternative healing practices.  Her plan for 2020 is to incorporate nutritional protocols into the programs that she offers, integrating dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. She is also due to have a baby girl in Feb 2020 (name recommendations are appreciated).

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Anja is a 2017 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON.  Anja is the founder of Anamaya Wellness, an urban yoga studio that offers intimate yoga classes. Upon her IHN graduation, she received her 200 HR RYT, 85 HR pre-yoga certifications. She is also a certified Reiki Master now. In Sanskrit, ANAMAYA means troubleless and diseaseless. She has created an intimate yoga studio that focuses on small class sizes and cultivating a safe space for sacred healing work to be done. The discipline rooted in the practice of yoga, has taught Anja how to master the art of her breath and therefore the art of her emotions. Her intention is to guide clients to live more intuition-driven, heart-centred, purposeful and fulfilling lives by incorporating different modalities of healing into their lives, such as yoga & movement, meditation and energy therapy/healing. Anja hopes to show every one of her clients that they have been given and are blessed with all of the raw materials to HEAL themselves through sacred acts of self-Love, self-exploration and self-awareness.

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Ashleigh is a 2017 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in King City, ON. Ashleigh is the owner of The Soulful Sprout Holistic Nutrition, and recently opened her own full time studio practice and community focused wellness hub.  Her clinical work with clients is focused on hormone health and autoimmunity. She is a retreat host, workshop facilitator, reiki healer, and plant medicine advocate. She openly shares her own health journey back from thyroid cancer and Hashimoto’s disease on her social channels. Her workshops and retreats bring people closer to the healing powers of food and plants, inspiring them to take their health into their own hands. Ashleigh is passionate about empowering others to connect with their inner healer and gain confidence in their ability to maintain optimal health and happiness throughout their lives.

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Marva is a 2007 North York campus graduate, currently located in Toronto, ON. Marva has recently began an exciting career change to start her clinical practice, which is in it’s infancy stage. Over the past fifteen years, Marva has had the good fortune to work for several international supplement companies, in both sales and education.  The pinnacle of her career was working as the National Product Educator for ten years for a global supplement company. Building on the research skills initially learned at IHN, she developed a keen understanding of the role of supplementation in illness, recovery and ultimately in the maintenance of optimal health specific to the practice of orthomolecular principles. After working fifteen years for corporations, Marva has left to focus on building a private practice as well as other business opportunities within the industry. Marva looks back on her career with profound gratitude, as she knows her experience is invaluable to help her clients gain optimal health. In her words “We are all blessed to be a part of this industry but even more so in the ability to work and practice with confidence and accuracy. IHN and their brilliantly designed curriculum is the foundation of my success and no doubt every graduate from IHN’s inception.”

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Jennifer is a 2018 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. Immediately after graduating, Jennifer founded Holistic Skin Artisan, her private practice that focuses on skin health. The focus of Jennifer’s practice was inspired by her journey reversing her own severe eczema using nutrition, coupled with a health modality called BIE (no drugs, needles or creams were used!). She often works with clients who are experiencing chronic skin issues, including acne, eczema and/or hives, and is very dedicated to helping them find safe, effective, long-term solutions. In addition to her own practice, Jennifer is the Program Director at a nutrition consulting company called Get Heal to Heal. The company’s mission is to change the global state of sick-care to healthcare by 1) coaching clients through a multi-phased Beyond Food Program and 2) coaching nutritional practitioners through The One Year Practitioners Program (this program gets Holistic Nutritionists to start practicing right away post graduation). Some of the things in life that Jennifer cannot live without include relaxing spa music, inspiring conversations and herbal teas!

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Ellie is a 2019 Mississauga campus, first class honours graduate, currently working in Vaughan and Toronto, ON. Ellie is the founder of Ellie Nutrition & Performance, a company focusing on one on one Movement analysis, Massage Therapy, Energy Medicine and Nutrition coaching. Ellie’s passion for helping people improve their health and mobility came from experiencing a serious car accident at a young age. Her injuries caused serious mental and physical harm, but through finding the right therapist her world was changed and she was inspired to help others heal and overcome their physical and emotional restrictions. Ellie’s love for health and fitness grew and she learned the importance of proper education and coaching. In 2016 she developed severe adrenal fatigue while training for a fitness competition. This only inspired her to come to IHN and learn, not only how to heal herself, but to make sure that what happened to her would not happen to anyone else. Ellie has since healed tremendously and taken her passion for movement and nutrition to the skies! Ellie is now an Aerial Acrobat and Circus Coach in Toronto. Ellie’s unique education and experience has helped her clients understand proper movement and muscle activation for better posture, zero pain, and improved strength and mobility. This, combined with her experience as a plant based athlete and Nutritionist gives her clients the extra edge to safely and efficiently feel and look their best! Ellie plans on hosting a series of workshops at Circus Studios focusing on athlete nutrition, injury and burnout prevention and everything you need for optimal performance!

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Jolene is a 2016 Mississauga campus graduate, currently working in Cambridge, ON. Jolene has most recently become a Healthy living Educator with Goodness Me, teaching the Lifewatcher’s series of classes in Waterloo, Cambridge and surrounding areas. Previous to IHN, Jolene had a long standing career in the customer service industry. She had worked in this field for 18 years before she started thinking more about health in wellness, both in her personal life and the world around us. After IHN, Jolene started her practice and gained a few years of clinical experience before deciding to focus more in teaching. She has taught numerous workshops in the past few years including holistic food preparation, brewing your own kombucha and making your own nut milks. Her fun and informative style of teaching is perfect for easily mastering these practical skills. When not in the classroom she enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews and checking out local markets and restaurants.

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Rachelle is a 2014 North York, first class honours graduate currently working in Toronto, ON. Rachelle is the founder of the Chi Junky Yoga Studio, where she offers a bespoke yoga experience unlike any in the city. Her yoga studio is known for awesome sweat flows, hip hop sweat flow and the most luxurious restorative experience in the city. Complete with essential oil massages and music to move you physically and emotionally, she has created a unique yoga haven that has turned even the most skeptic into avid yogis. Rachelle has been operating Chi Junky, located in Leslieville, for the past 6 years and has  recently opened her second location within Sweat and Tonic earlier this month! Additional to these endeavours, Rachelle was also an IHN faculty member, teaching Professional Skills and Professional Practice from 2014-2018. She is also a featured media expert and has appeared on outlets like The Globe and Mail, BlogTO and Chatelaine. She is the yoga expert on CTV’s The Social  and the on set yoga instructor for CBC’s Kim’s Convenience. She was also a 2016 Notable award nominee for best yoga instructor in Ontario.

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