Kristin Kowal is the founder of The Venti Blonde, her practice specializing in gut, cognitive and skin issues, as well as an online platform where she shares impactful and applicable health and wellness information. Kristin has a passion for natural and non-toxic living, and often educates on how to improve your surrounding environment. She also offers private grocery shopping trips, custom meal plans, and more.

Amanda Franko has created a bed & breakfast/retreat centre, within a stunning 1863 Victorian home she called, Lush Earth Oasis, in Creemore, Ontario. It’s a property filled with trees, gardens, trails, a salt water pool, hot tub, sauna and more! Amanda hosts and cooks whole, clean culinary adventures for guests of yoga retreats, dinner parties, weddings, anniversaries, or anyone hitting the hills in Collingwood!

Fran Allen works with clients one-on-one to lead them to a place where they can look and feel their best as they heal their relationship with food and reclaim their bodies. In her business, Hello Fran, she teaches her clients how to ditch their diet with an all-foods-fit approach to eat intuitively. She is also a Certified Skin Therapist who runs online workshops for internal and topical solutions to love your skin!

Deirdre Buryk is the author of “Peak Season”, a love letter to the province of Ontario, made up of 101 recipes guided by the month. In addition to being an author, she is a recipe developer and food photographer, working with farms, magazines, and other companies. Her business, Deirdre Buryk, is an extension of her passion for fresh seasonal foods, when they are the most flavorful and nutrient-dense.

Amber Baker works with those who are wishing to strengthen their relationship with their own health. Through her business, Amber Baker, she creates optimized nutrition plans for individuals and families. She also offers cooking classes, grocery store tours, meal plans, pantry refreshing, in-home cooking demonstrations, and health lectures in both corporate and community settings.

Emma Turner is the founder of Even Emma Can, where she offers nutritional consulting services to support her clients in their journey to feeling healthier, more confident, stronger, and happier. Emma breaks through the overwhelm of conflicting information online, implementing easy substitutes, habits, and lifestyle recommendations with her nutritional protocols to create realistic change in their lives.

Sara Tam is the founder of the Sarativity, where she brings online and in-person wellness initiatives to organizations to create healthy, motivated, and productive employees. She offers wellness, programs and workshops on stress management, nutrition and food, mindfulness, mental wellbeing, fitness, and sleep, as well as yoga and workout classes to reduce muscle stiffness and boost happy hormones.

Sondi Bruner has combined holistic nutrition with her passion for freelance writing and food blogging. Through her business, Sondi Bruner, Sondi works with natural health businesses and professionals to help them communicate effectively with their audience, and with individuals who need to follow special diets to empower them to rediscover the pleasure of food with simple, delicious, and safe recipes.

Bianca Mollica set up her company, Gut Well Nutrition, to provide expert holistic nutritional advice in a friendly and accessible way to help her clients achieve their health goals without putting more pressure on their already-busy schedules. She also assists them in shifting their habits to support a sustainable food supply, by promoting consumption of local, seasonal and fresh food and minimizing waste.