Josie Malandrino is an October 2013 Toronto campus honours graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Josie assists people in choosing a beneficial supplementation and dietary protocol at The Natural Food Depot in Scarborough, ON. She has a special interest in digestive wellness with a focus on helping people overcome candida, mold and leaky gut issues. In 2009 she became quite ill after having minor surgery to remove a small cyst on the arch of her foot.  She spent a year being tossed around by the medical community with no answers. She decided to take control of her own health, turning to natural medicine. She then made the appropriate changes. Her success in healing herself from systemic candida, leaky gut and a host of auto-immune diseases led her to want to pass on her knowledge to others. She then found The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and like-minded peers to continue on her healthy journey with. She’s currently working on adding live cell microscopy to her practice. On behalf of the Natural Food Depot, Josie would like to extend the current practitioners discount to 15% for 2017 to all graduates in appreciation of what you do to improve lives. Please have your IHN student card and photo I.D. | Facebook | Twitter


Akiko Layla is an October 2015 Mississauga campus graduate practicing worldwide online, based in the GTA, ON. Akiko is the founder of Akiko Layla Wellness. Her main focus is to inspire, educate and guide people on their journey towards a healthy lifestyle with a practical approach, so they have the health and vitality to live life to the fullest. She achieves this through one on one meal planning services, group programs, workshops, blog posts, recipe curation and openly sharing her own health journey experiences. Akiko is also the creator of the Feed Yourself 10 Day Reset Program – the first step for many of her clients into the world of clean eating. She runs regular nutrition and wellness workshops at the Ciao Bella Studio in Woodbridge, and is currently developing her own line of all natural soaps and skincare. Her goal is to help as many people as possible contribute to a more connected, positive society through their own diet and lifestyle transformation, one bite at a time. | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn


Eman Nasr is an October 2016 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Mississauga, ON. Eman is the founder of Emmy Wellness, where she offers nutritional and lifestyle counselling to help clients discover lifelong health and happiness. After graduating from IHN, she had moved to Ottawa and was a faculty member at Ottawa’s IHN campus. Not to leave her love of teaching behind, she continues to be a faculty member of both the Mississauga and Toronto IHN campuses, where she teaches Biological Chemistry and Advanced Nutrition Research. Before coming to Canada, she was a professor in the faculty of medicine at Cairo University and an Endocrinologist Consultant. She is a member of the Royal Colleges of Physicians in UK. Eman devotes her medical knowledge and experience of over twenty years to improving health, lifestyle and wellbeing of all of her clients. | Facebook


Jessie Smith is an October 2017 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Vancouver, BC. Jessie is the co-founder of Wild Heart Yoga Retreats, which is dedicated to creating a safe and sacred space for women to connect deeply with themselves, each other and nature. The company recently journeyed to Bowen Island for a weekend of yoga, nutrition talks, nature meditation and nourishing food with 10 women. Jessie is also a member of the Administrative Team at IHN Vancouver, where she is proud to be able to give to the community that provided so much backing during her journey. As Academic Advisor and Work Experience Coordinator, Jessie provides support to the students and helps them obtain a placement within their niche and passion. In addition to maintaining a strong commitment to IHN, Jessie’s goals are to expand her teaching across Vancouver and journey to new exciting lands to host retreats. She will continue to bring healing modalities, self-care, nourishing food and connection to the community! | | | Facebook | Instagram


Olga Grass is an October 2015 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Olga has recently opened a healthy family place in the Bloor West Village called HAPPY NUTRITION. Inspired by her children, Olga’s project is not just another supplement store, but rather an informative one-stop-shop that will educate, inspire and encourage parents to make their families healthier and happier! In addition to her selection of natural supplements for the entire family (from infant to seniors, from mothers and fathers to the family pets!), she offers interactive classes, nutritional testing and customized meal plans and supplementation protocols. Olga’s special focus is on naturally designed pregnancy, pediatric nutrition, ADHD/Autism support, detoxification, digestive health, and weight loss. She is a Live Cell Analysis practitioner and a Metabolic Balance practitioner. | Facebook


Maria Pawlicka is an October 2009 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Maria is the founder of All About YOU! Nutrition & Lifestyle, where she designs customized weight loss programs, hormonal balance and nutritional coaching to individual adults and group clients. She offers her services in person and online. Maria promotes good health through whole food, easy to make meals, hormonal balance, healthy digestion and effective exercise. She has always been interested in healthy eating habits and fitness. Working in hospitals throughout the GTA for over twenty years, has given Maria insight into a variety of illnesses often associated with poor nutrition and lifestyle choices, making her sensitive to people’s health issues. Maria shares her many recipes and health related articles through her website. Maria would like to share her successes and invites colleagues to view her work with clients. | Facebook


Julia Reiss is a 2012 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Julia works with the pharmacy team at Well+Good Pharmacy, an integrative health care environment. Julia also offers nutritional and lifestyle counselling on a limited basis through her own private practice, Authentic Wellness. Well+Good Pharmacy provides a large retail space full of supplement lines, natural body care, non-toxic home care, an organic cold-pressed juice bar, and free nutritional consultations! The store also offers a full-service pharmacy and works with doctors and hospitals in the neighbourhood to provide the best informed care. Julia is the buyer and front store manager at Well+Good Pharmacy and also provides complimentary one-on-one consultations. Julia’s goal has always been – and continues to be – the over-all health of those she provides care to, and she strongly believes that in order to do so, the conventional medicine world and the natural medicine world must learn to work together. Julia invites you to come and celebrate this merging of worlds at Well+Good Pharmacy’s Grand Opening Event! | Instagram | Facebook |


Rida Rehman is a November 2017 Ottawa campus graduate practicing in Ottawa, ON. Rida started her healthy meal delivery service NutriDirect in August of 2016. The service provides healthy meals prepared with whole foods delivered directly to clients within the Ottawa -Gatineau area. Clients have the option to choose their combinations or simply select the menu options they desire and have their combinations chosen for them. Rida uses the knowledge she gained at IHN to help clients customize their meal plans based on their nutritional needs and goals. In addition to her meal delivery service, Rida also plans on becoming an influencer in the health and wellness industry by promoting the importance healthy eating, positivity, fitness and the importance of a balanced lifestyle on social media as well as launching a blog in the coming months after graduation. | Facebook | Instagram


Karen Smith is an October 2014 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, ON. Karen is the owner of the first health food store, Life Sustainers, in her home community. The word for food, in Mohawk is Tionhkehekwen which really translates to “what sustains us” or, “Life Sustainers.” The store opened on Earth Day 2015 with a small selection of products in the hopes of growth. She also continued to take courses, (Supplementation in Clinical Practice. Metabolic Balance coaching, Live Blood Cell Microscopy, and Certified Nutrition Recovery Coach) while maintaining a fulltime job in Palliative Social Work – and running the store!  Even after her continued effort, the store has not yet attained a large enough customer base to keep it open. Life Sustainers was a passion project and remarkable experience. To support Karen’s own health and her new initiatives, she will be closing the store. A close out sale offering 25% off storewide is now happening. Products are being offered to Students, Alumni and Faculty of IHN. Karen invites you to connect with her by email to get a current inventory list and make your purchases. If she gets enough orders she will deliver all products to Mississauga campus. From there, IHN will transport any orders to North York campus students/alumni for pick up. After Karen has sold all inventories, she plans to offer more consultations, presentations within the community and offer a select range of supplements. | Facebook


Sarah Midghall is an October 2013 Mississauga campus graduate practicing on an online platform from Hamilton, ON. Sarah is the founder of Ambition Nutrition, where she is passionate about teaching clients how to eat, move and live in a way that supports fitness but prioritizes their best health. Sarah has also recently introduced fertility and pregnancy coaching to her practice, having experience with hormone balancing from working with clients to achieve body composition goals. She is truly enjoying this empowering and rewarding new avenue and is grateful to have connected with a career that constantly grows her as her practice evolves. Finally, Ambition Nutrition has expanded to add essential oils to its toolbox for clients to bridge the gap between diet and lifestyle. Sarah looks forward to increasing her online presence in the upcoming months with online recipe videos and in person via lifestyle workshops in the Hamilton/Burlington and Kitchener/Waterloo regions. | Facebook | Instagram


Shawnda Chambers is an October 2016 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Walkerton, ON. Shawnda has recently purchased a health food store, For the Health of It, where clients can find everything for their holistic health needs, including supplements, organic and non-GMO products, crystals, essential oils, self-help book and tools for divination. She is author of Think Nothing of Me – her first book and memoir that tells the story of how deep childhood pain continues to resurface until it is it healed. Think Nothing of Me weaves a tale of self-discovery and ultimately, forgiveness.  Shawnda’s second book, Catch My Self, is expected later this fall. Through the use of raw, emotional prose she chronicles an intense relationship that ends in unrequited love. This sudden ending forces the protagonist to take a look at how her own behaviour shaped the course of its ultimate demise. | Facebook


Alaina Yvon-Moreau is an October 2014 Toronto Campus first-class honours graduate practicing in Winnipeg, MB. Alaina created her blog and website, Deliciously Nourished where she posts recipes and tips to inspire and motivate others to heal using the power of food. Alaina is also the Senior Holistic Nutritionist at The Herbal Market, an integrative medicine clinic that focuses on herbal and nutritional wellness. Here she works with a Doctor of Natural Medicine and other holistic health practitioners using Nutritional Blood Microscopy to educate their clients on their specific nutritional and body system imbalances. She works with clients using various therapeutic diets to address their specific health goals. Alaina is also working with clients for The Herbal Market’s newest programs: Women’s Wellness: Metabolic Body Typing and IN.FORM: Gut Healing Program. The Women’s Wellness Program focuses on identifying clients’ specific Metabolic Body Type and the foods and dietary habits that will help them balance their hormones, lose weight and gain balanced health overall. Alaina is very passionate about food and she loves inspiring all of her clients to live healthier lives through their food choices. | | Facebook | Instagram


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