Megan Gaic is the founder of the Get Glow Method, where she provides an all-encompassing healing process that includes nutrition, lifestyle, skincare, and emotional support to get to the root of her clients’ acne problems and clear it for good. Megan offers multiple methods ranging from covering the basics of acne healing, group coaching, personalized plans, to 1-on-1 in-depth consultations for extra support.

Maggie Millwood brings her clients into a state of vibrant health where they feel energized, empowered, and equipped to take charge of their health. Through her business, Perfect Health Solutions, Maggie supports primarily women in need of recovering from extreme fatigue, chronic pain, and a sense of imbalance and overwhelm. She uses a soothing approach to renew their energy and reset their intention.

Janette Mason is the creator of the Gut Well Method which she delivers through her company, Gut Well Nutrition. IBS, IBD, SIBO, GERD, and food sensitivities are some of the issues Janette specializes in, and aims to educate her clients so they can continue living with in a positive state of health long-term. The Gut Well Method is conducted through personalized, targeted, integrative coaching, and online program.

Tania Mercuri specializes in gut health, hormone balancing, and athlete nutrition. Through her business, Tania Mercuri, she supports her clients in reaching their goals through 1-on-1 nutrition consultations, various activities as part of nature therapy, her 21 day Happy Hormones program, and her 28 day reset challenge. Tania believes in inspiring her clients to build healthy habits, and not just following a diet.

Erin Abraham is a culinary nutritionist and the founder of Nourished Root. It is here that she invites individuals and groups to join her in the kitchen, where she shares her knowledge in an applied, practical way to inspire them to be an active participant in their health. As part of her culinary experience for individuals, Erin also develops customized nutritional programs to tackle specific challenges and goals.

Marilia Pereira uses nutritional consultations, iridology analysis, reflexology sessions, meal planning, and teaching how to cook, all to empower her clients to improve their health at a cellular level to increase overall immunity, energy and vitality. In her business, Fleurish With Marilia, she not only works with individuals, but also hosts workshops and seminars for corporations, school, and other organizations.

Julia Seidel is the founder of Gut Feeling By Julia, where she works with women to improve their bloating, cramping, gas, diarrhea, and constipation issues, all while losing weight. In addition to her one-on-one consultations, for individual clients Julia offers virtual personal training sessions, and sells a candida cleanse guide to reset the gut. She also conducts workplace wellness education workshops.

Nicole Benson has combined her passions of culinary nutrition, yoga, and meditation to create her business, Nourished Body Inspired Soul. She runs 1-on-1, group, and dinner party style cooking classes for plant-based meals where attendees learn about the nutritional benefits of the meals, enjoy delicious food, and leave with recipes to cook at home. Nicole offers catering for up to 40 people, and yoga classes.

Sara Abtahi specializes in weight gain and loss, detoxification, digestion, women’s health and hormones, adrenal fatigue, arthritis, acne, and hypertension. Through her business, Sara Nutritional Consulting, she designs and implements client-specific catered meal plans, herbal remedies, plus healthy and effective nutrition weight-loss programs, bringing together one’s emotional, physical, and spiritual health.