Karolina Zaremba is an April 2016 Ottawa campus first class honours graduate practicing in Ottawa, ON. Karolina has recently opened her private practice, Karolina Zaremba CNP, at Centrum Chiropractic Clinic. Her focuses include digestion, supporting mental health, the gut-brain connection, and preventing chronic disease. This fall, she is presenting a three-part seminar series called The Aging Brain. Part two, Alzheimer’s as Type 3 Diabetes takes place on October 12, 2017 from 10 – 11am. Part three, The Gut-Brain Connection takes place on November 9, 2017. The series will teach the foods and lifestyle habits to use to reduce inflammation, support gut health, and provide optimal nutrients for healthy mental aging. For more information or to register for the sessions, email her at karolina@centrumchiropractic.ca. Karolina also works at NutriChem pharmacy as a health counsellor. She is passionate about healing through food and helping people find health with natural means before turning to medication.

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ARLENE RESNICK CNP, FIS (Group Fitness & Indoor Cycle Instructor)

Arlene Resnick is an October 2016 Toronto campus honours graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Arlene founded Fun Food Fitness in School, a company that works closely with schools across the GTA, providing children with interactive educational workshops related to Nutrition and Fitness. After graduating from IHN, she worked as a Holistic Nutritionist at Pozit Medical Centre, where she gained substantial experience in conducting nutrition, health and physical assessments for clients, while developing detailed dietary, lifestyle and supplement protocol strategies. Her dedication and commitment to helping others achieve the highest levels of health, continues to be evident in her present-day profession as a Group Fitness and Indoor Cycle Instructor. Her passion for physical and healthful wellness inspired her to create a company where she could utilize her skills both in nutrition and fitness. Fun Food Fitness in Schools strives to provide a unique, innovative and effective approach to teaching children about the importance of a healthy, nutritious and active lifestyle. Arlene’s goal is to create and develop in children, a healthy and positive relationship with food and fitness that will last a lifetime.

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Melanie Manfre is an October 2010 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Vaughan and the GTA, ON. Melanie is now part of The Doula Collective, a warm group of friends and sisters committed to providing families with informational, emotional, and physical support during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. After having worked in the Health Industry as a Nutritionist and Yoga teacher for multiple years, her growing curiosity for everything birth lead her to Victoria, B.C where she studied at Pacific Rim College and became certified as a Holistic Birth & Postpartum Doula. She gained knowledge in a variety of disciplines such as herbal medicine, yoga therapy, acupressure, massage, aromatherapy, placenta encapsulation and nutrition for pregnancy and childbirth. As part of a Collective, she recognizes and honours the importance of empowering childbearing people to be as involved as possible in the decisions surrounding their pregnancy, labour and postpartum experiences. Melanie is committed to providing a depth of care that is individualized and focuses on the unique needs of the families she serves, whether they decide to have a home or hospital birth, with or without medications. As a Holistic Doula Melanie blends her diverse set of skills to help families navigate this special time in their lives while offering a calm, grounding and nurturing presence.

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Uloma Aliche is an October 2013 Toronto graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Uloma has carved a niche for herself in the food industry as a holistic culinary nutritionist /chef through her meal delivery business, Lomalina Cook house. After graduating from IHN, she validated her passion for Food and cooking by training as a chef at the George brown Chef School. Lomalina Cook House is a meal delivery service focused on providing therapeutic and delicious meals. Uloma provides custom made meals on a weekly basis that cater to the specific needs of her clients; these meals are healthy, easy and definitely a treat for the taste buds! Uloma is currently planning an event that will showcase her African Fusion menu, highlighting various meals and recipes using palm oil and an array of exotic spices. She is also an administrator at IHN Toronto.

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Michelle Garland is an October 2016 Vancouver campus graduate practicing in Vancouver, BC. Upon graduation, Michelle started Plentyfullme Nutrition and Lifestyle Consulting where she sees clients for one-on-one consultations. She also holds a Raw Food Chef Certification from Vancouver’s Raw Foundation, Culinary Arts and Nutrition Institute. She has partnered with Choices Market to teach raw food cooking classes to the hearing community in spoken English and to the Deaf community where classes are strictly in American Sign Language. Michelle is providing workshops on various health topics in the Deaf community to bring awareness to healthy living and eating. She is also a wellness contributor for various online supplement companies, providing articles for their blogs on many health topics. In the meantime, Michelle’s main focus is to restore balance back into her clients’ lives and coordinate the re-building of healthy relationships between food, nutrition and emotional well-being. She has dedicated her practice to creating optimal lifestyles through a whole food, plant-based approach that educates and empowers her clients’ to make lasting change.

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Stephanie Morrison is an October 2015 Mississauga campus honours graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Stephanie’s practice, Stephanie Morrison Wellness, specializes in digestive and hormonal health. She is also a yoga and meditation instructor sharing the importance of spiritual health. She helps students reduce stress, and find presence on their mat while learning to tune into the power of their breath. Stephanie sees clients for private consultations where she addresses their symptoms and health concerns and educates them on how to heal the body nutritionally correcting imbalances and deficiencies in the body. She is one of the in-house nutritionists at PurEnergy Wellness Lofts in Etobicoke, and also facilitates group detox programs (both online and in person). She is a public speaker, speaking at corporations teaching employees about holistic nutrition and meditation and enjoys going into schools to help students cultivate healthy habits from a young age. Stephanie has an upcoming, November 17-19, Fall Retreat, Live Fully Alive Retreats. This will be a weekend away from the busy demands of life where participants can reconnect with the most important relationship-themselves! Taking place in Prince Edward County, the retreat includes; yoga, delicious organic vegan food, nature, Empowerment workshops (and of course, organic wine).

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Janette Mason is an October 2016 North York graduate practicing in North Vancouver, BC. While in school, Janette started Your Holistic Nut, an online forum where she shares easy ways people can live healthier lives. A lot of the recipes shown on her Instagram and Facebook page showcase the delicious meals she makes with Fresh in Your Fridge, a company that connects families with nutritionists to have healthy meals made in their homes.  Since moving to North Vancouver, Janette has partnered with various wellness businesses and community groups to share her passion for health and to teach people how to up their health game with easy fixes. Most recently she created and taught a 4 week seminar series, sponsored by Vitasave.ca, called Breaking Down Health where she led discussions about common health myths, hormones, weight loss and stress. Along with giving talks, Janette has been growing her online consulting business where she has been working with clients across Canada.

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Krisztina Marshall is an October 2016 graduate of the Vancouver campus practicing in Vancouver, BC. Krisztina is the Founder and CEO of Heemang Emotional Wellness (Heemang is Korean for Hope). Providing Psychotherapy and Counselling for adults and children (with their parents) who are struggling with emotional eating, eating disorders and obesity. As the mother of five children, Krisztina understands that children are our future and it is critical that they develop a healthy relationship with food. In addition to her CNP designation, Krisztina holds certification as a Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders, Psychotherapy and Counselling, Eating Disorder and Obesity Practitioner, Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and is an NLP Coach and writer. Krisztina has been filmed for an upcoming documentary, where she was one of the three professionals who are working in the eating disorder and emotional eating field in Vancouver. The goal of the documentary is to bring awareness, educate and provide hope and resources for those who are affected by these conditions. She has been published on various platforms, not just about nutrition and eating disorders, but also on relationships. She is currently offering a workshop, Beyond Nutrition, to organizations to educate on nutrition and emotions. Krisztina is also offering Power Over Cravings, Beyond The Mirror (Tackling body image issues), and Ditch the Scale and Gain Yourself twelve week programs.

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Rachel Molenda is an October 2016 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Rachel is the Community Manager at Joyous Health where she manages the day to day communications with the Joyous Health community and takes the lead on initiatives such as content creation, brand partnerships, nutritional consulting and marketing, more currently, for the upcoming Joyous Health Business program – a 6 week online program for wellness entrepreneurs to turn their passion into a thriving business. She also manages the online community and marketing efforts for Nud Fud, healthy crackers made by fellow Certified Nutrition Practitioner, Julia Kirouac. Rachel also specializes in Emotional and Disordered Eating where she consults with clients online to help heal their relationship with food, their body and themselves. She has also been facilitating Kombucha Making Workshops on a monthly basis at Left Field Brewery in Toronto where she educates people on the importance of kombucha and fermented foods for gut health and how to brew their own kombucha at home. Her goal is to help women discover how they can thrive in their bodies when they nourish themselves with real wholesome food and establish self-love.

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Nathalie Garcia is an October 2014 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Nathalie is the co-founder of Practice Better, an online client management tool for health and wellness practitioners. With the belief that health should be accessible to everyone, she feels the key to this is to support our practitioners. Practice Better launched in early 2017 and assists practitioners by automating much of their busywork, keeping secure records of client files and by also equipping clients with accountability tools. Practice Better is now being used by Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Functional Medicine Practitioners and other Health & Wellness Practitioners worldwide. Nathalie and her team are continually working hard to create the best tool for Health & Wellness Practitioners. Practice Better is free to use for up to three clients so that you can start running your practice efficiently right out of the gate!

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