Arian is a 2018 North York campus graduate from Courtice ON, currently living in Bali, Indonesia. Arian is a volunteer and a devotee at the Rama Sita Sanctuary, a non-for profit organization helping Balinese families in need, seekers of Truth, and sensitive beings in need of healing. In 2014, Arian experienced two near death experiences on her travels to Thailand, which accelerated her spiritual path into a dark night of the soul. Arian struggled for 3 years to comprehend her awakenings, physical and mental symptoms, permanent void, and suicidal thoughts. Arian had no hope with conventional and other modalities and in January 2018, she hit a “rock bottom” in her spiritual emergency. At this time, she met OmRama, who gracefully saved her life. OmRama is fully embodying God consciousness. He is now serving his life mission of selfless service in Bali, Indonesia, as a spiritual teacher and soul healer rooted in ancient Advaita Vendanta (Non-Duality) tradition and building The Rama Sita Sanctuary. The sanctuary is sacred to Arian, as it is the place where she continues to learn to embody her natural state as a holistic human being. She has witnessed OmRama’s selflessness and beautiful presence and is working to gain awareness and support within IHN’s community. She welcomes you in discovering Satsang retreats available year round (Bali + India). To make a donation to the organization, and view upcoming retreats, please visit the website and sign up for our newsletter. | | Instagram


Bryan is a 2015 North York campus graduate and currently lives in Etobicoke, ON. Bryan works as an integrative health coach with specialties in digestive health and holistic recovery optimization. Bryan is also an avid member of the BioHacking community and as such is constantly learning, experimenting, and sharing his knowledge and experiences when it comes to personal health optimization and sustainable wellness. He offers in person/online coaching, transformational bodywork using Rapid Release Technology ™, BioFeedback/BioEnergetic healing, and is a facilitator and curator of unique wellness events. Since 2016, his podcast Redefining Reality has been gaining attention, now widely available on platforms like iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher etc. Being recognized for this work, he was invited to be a guest speaker at the upcoming and first annual Spark BioHacking Summit in downtown Toronto. Bryan will be speaking about his experience and frameworks for combining therapies together in order to speed healing and improve outcomes, be that from injury, surgery, athletics, or life. Tune into the cutting edge of health, self-quantification, plant medicine research, and integrative wellness practices and join him for the summit happening October 15th – 16th at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. IHN Students get a discounted rate and everyone can save 15% off of their admission by using the code “HARDY” at checkout. | Instagram | Facebook | Redefining Reality Podcast


Ruth Elnekave is a Toronto-based 2015 IHN graduate who has recently launched Joya, an artisanal, plant-forward superfood and functional food company, and sister brand The Joya Life, an online wellness and lifestyle magazine. Ruth strongly believes that one shouldn’t have to sacrifice health in order to indulge in mouth-watering flavours, and that one of the greatest joys in life is sharing and savouring delicious food — the tenets that inspired Joya. Joya’s nutrient-dense, gluten-free and refined sugar-free line-up includes superfood granolas, nut & seed butters, chocolates, functional elixir blends and functional loose leaf teas. You can pick up some treats at Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works Farmers’ Market before Joya’s Summer 2018 launch wraps up at the end of September and stay tuned for Joya’s official retail launch in the coming months! The Joya Life magazine, which spans topics from nutrition, food and fitness to travel and spirituality, was created to inspire and empower our local and global communities to thrive. Ruth and The Joya Life team are always looking for experts to contribute content and collaborate on exciting projects. | | Joya Instagram | Ruth’s Instagram | Facebook


Jeffery is a 2015 Mississauga Campus graduate and currently lives in Brampton, ON. Jeffery Singh is the founder of Atom Tree Wellness a multi-faceted company, encompassing a variety of bridges for those seeking a plant-based holistic lifestyle. Jeffery’s passion for food began at the age of 10, assisting his father in making traditional Jamaican dishes for his younger siblings. Later in his young adult life Jeffery pursued his love for food by embarking on a career in the culinary industry working for several large franchises across the GTA. In 2007 Jeffery embarked on a plant based diet inspired by the Rastafarian culture, which promoted a holistic sustainable way of life for humanity and the planet. As the years passed Jeffery’s interest in holistic remedies increased, and were solidified when he healed his 3 year old son’s foot infection with a concoction of household herbs. Jeffery later enrolled in IHN’s holistic nutrition program and went on to graduate with honors in 2015. Since graduating Jeffery has continued to assist those around him by sharing his knowledge through consultations and inspiring those around him with the tools and the food to facilitate and maintain long-term lifestyle changes. Today Jeffery can be found providing current IHN students with delicious plant based lunch specials every Monday and Thursday at IHN’s Mississauga Campus as well as various other catering events. | 647.527.6060 | Atom Tree Instagram


Alpa Momaya is a 2006 North York campus graduate currently living in Gurgaon, India. Soon after her graduation, Alpa began her career working at a local holistic pharmacy in Toronto, Ontario. After giving birth to her daughter, she and her family made the decision to move back to her home country of India and pursue new endeavours. She currently works as the Head Nutritionist of Healthifyme, a health and fitness app designed to provide unique individuals with optimal fitness and nutrition information. She focuses in weight loss and loves to make videos to educate clients and viewers of the Healthifyme Youtube channel. As of recently, she is excited to be involved in a brand new project – creating manuals that will be used as part of a nutrition certification through Healthifyme! Living in a country where food is of utmost importance, this app has brought quantum change in helping people choose and eat healthy. Alpa is also a Life Member of the Indian Dietetic Association and continues to learn in various areas in the field of nutrition. Her love for cooking and the passion to learn about foods, our choices, and impact on the body has helped her connect and transform many lives. She believes being healthy is not a task, but a lifestyle.

Healthifyme Youtube | Instagram | Alpa’s Biography Video


Paula Porter is a 2015 Mississauga Campus graduate, living in Milton, ON. Before embracing a career in the holistic health field, Paula spent many years working in the industry of corporate recruitment. After finally leaving this job, she enjoyed travelling the world and started her family. She was able to spend several years at home raising her children, and also reflecting on her aspirations and the next chapter of her career, which led her to IHN’s program. After obtaining her CNP designation, Paula additionally gained her certification in Live Blood Cell Microscopy. She is currently in private clinical practice, offering services of nutrition and blood cell analysis as a Certified Live Cell Microscopist. She also works at the Root of Health clinic in Oakville, offering nutrition consultations and blood cell analysis. Paula is a member of CANNP (The Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners) and is a NNCP (Natural Nutrition – Clinical Practitioner). Paula is also fermentation fanatic and at any given time her counters are full of bottles and jars of goodness, bubbling away. Check for her kombucha workshops on her Facebook page! | Facebook |


Toni Pigeon is a 2011 Mississauga Campus graduate currently living in Beaconsfield, QC. Prior to attending IHN, Toni became interested in finding a natural solution for allergy-type symptoms after personally suffering for years. She understands first-hand how debilitating environmental and food intolerances can be. After earning her Certified Nutritional Practitioner designation from IHN, Toni decided to pursue additional education in the field of bioenergetics and enrolled at The Institute of Natural Health Technologies, where she earned the designation of Registered Bioenergetics Practitioner. After this, she moved to Quebec and began working in her private clinical practice, River of Health, and has been successfully helping children and adults since. In her practice, she helps individuals achieve optimal health through consultations with a specific focus in symptomatology, iridology and biofeedback analysis testing. | Facebook |


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