Krisztina is a 2016 Vancouver campus graduate, currently practicing in Vancouver, BC. Krisztina is the founder of Heemang Emotional Wellness, her practice where she focuses in psychotherapy and counselling to those struggling with eating disorders. Having suffered for more than a decade with anorexia herself, Krisztina understands the complexity of emotional eating. Prior to her studies at IHN, Krisztina became a Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders and Obesity in London, UK in 2011. Krisztina is Hungarian-British by origin with a lot of diverse experience, which she gained whilst living in many countries throughout her life. Perhaps the biggest impact on her life was when she lived in Seoul, South Korea for five years. Her practice name “Heemang” means “Hope” in Korean. Additional to her private practice, Krisztina is also part of the team at Evoke Integrative Medicine, a multidisciplinary clinic in Vancouver. When not in clinic, Krisztina spends her time running, horse back riding, and with her five beautiful children.

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Donny is a 2012 Mississauga campus graduate, currently working in Burlington, ON. Donny is the founder of the cacao nib brand Snap & Giggle, and also currently works with Loblaw as a Natural Value Category Merchant. Upon his IHN graduation, Donny was hired by Fortino’s to manage the Natural Value department. In this role, Donny had the opportunity to work with natural and organic products as well as consult with customers and advise on health and supplements. After spending 3 years in this role, Donny pursued growth opportunities at the Loblaw head office where he now manages promotional programs and product scouting for the Natural Value departments in various banners across Canada including Superstore, No Frills, and Maxi. Because of his passion for the industry and love of natural products, Donny launched his brand Snap & Giggle in 2018, and currently retails his line of organic cacao nibs on the Amazon USA marketplace. He plans to expand his product line to offer more healthy snack options.  When Donny is not in front of his laptop, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and 3 small children.

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Patsy is a 1999 North York campus graduate, currently located in Oakville, ON. Patsy is the founder of the Metabolic Care Clinics, and has been practicing there for the last 15 years of her career. Patsy has coupled her learnings from IHN with her nutrition education she received from Ryerson University and ample in-clinic work experience to create Metabolic Care Clinics. This multi-disciplinary clinic offers fitness and nutrition solutions for all conditions with a specialty in weight care.  Patsy’s clinic transforms the health of individuals and provides extensive support with a team of nutritionists, dieticians, personal trainers, naturopath, physiotherapists and athletic therapists. Patsy’s nutrition program offers safe, simple and successful nutrition solutions – with the support of online meal plans, recipes and week to week motivation tools. The MCC program is available at her clinic as well as online, medical clinics, hospitals, nutrition and fitness facilities across Ontario.

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Brittany is a 2016 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Burlington, ON. Brittany is the founder of Brittany Lynn Wellness, where she provides private nutritional counseling, as well as workshops for groups and focused health programs. Prior to her studies at IHN, Brittany started working in the film and television industry as an actor, working mostly in Toronto and New York City. It was at the young age of 21 where she ended up struggling with many different health diagnoses, which started her on a new path in alternative medicine. Struggling with eating disorders and hormonal issues like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Brittany started working with some of the top practitioners in the country to heal and overcome these ailments. She soon discovered this was a passion, and enrolled at IHN to earn her CNP. Currently, Brittany helps her clients with many issues, but has a focus in the areas of natural fertility, emotional eating, hormonal balance and weight loss. Recently, Brittany excitedly launched her newest coaching program, The Hormonal Reset, which is a 30 day program to help rebalance your hormones, diminish your PMS, and skyrocket your energy! Find out more details and join Brittany in bringing balance back into your body today!

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Jennifer is a 2017 North York campus, first class honours graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. Her path is to help women, through her practice Jennifer Polansky, connect to their womb, uncovering the infinite wisdom within them. Jennifer gives 1-on-1 shamanic womb clearing sessions, holds women’s retreats both locally and internationally, and runs the online mastermind program Lunar Goddess: A 4-Moon Journey Through Sisterhood, Sensuality, and Self-Love. She believes that as women recognize the magnitude of power they hold, learning to honor themselves fully and without guilt, the world will shift toward a deeper respect for the feminine as a whole. “As above so below”. Jennifer is about to launch the next Lunar Goddess Journey October 13th on the full moon. This unique and revolutionary program helps women to see and accept themselves without judgment, gently bring to the surface and heal limiting patterns and belief systems, and reignite a sense of grounded sensuality, creating a joy and excitement for life. The journey is over 4 complete moon cycles (about 4 months), to align the womb with the natural cycles of the moon.

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Sherlyn is a 2018 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. Sherlyn is the founder of her clinical practice, Sherlyn Hu Consulting, where she holds a particular interest in holistic mental wellness and women’s health. Prior to her studies at IHN, Sherlyn earned her Registered Social Worker designation and her Masters of Social Work from the University of Toronto, and has more than 10 years of experience in health promotion, mental health, counselling, and community development. Sherlyn is also an author to books and multiple academic research papers and has provided extensive training in the areas of mental health, communication, wellness and self help. Sherlyn is also a skilled artist and when she is not in clinic, loves to draw and has worked as a freelance Illustrator. Recent notable work includes the book “The Break Up Book”, which was illustrated entirely by her! On October 19, Sherlyn is excited to be hosting her newest workshop, Jumpstart Your Mood and Energy for a Healthy Pregnancy in Markham. For more information, and to take advantage of the IHN Student Discount for this workshop, please contact Sherlyn ASAP!

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Paula is a 2004 North York campus graduate, currently located in Toronto, ON. Paula is a consultant under her own name, who specializes in wellness focused beauty. She is an expert with global recognition in nutrition, product development, and branding. She has worked for years in educating the wellness, cosmetics and medical aesthetic industries on the importance of nutrition for natural beauty and healthy aging. Merging her scientific and natural health background along with experience in clinical research/design, marketing and regulations, Paula has created some of the most successful wellness + beauty brands available in the market. As a founder, innovator and key formulator behind award winning brands, Paula is a sought after speaker and media expert with appearances on: E! News, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and Good Morning America among many others. Paula’s latest project, her book entitled Good Bacteria For Healthy Skin is a friendly, comprehensive, science-backed exploration of what this complex system is, what it does, and how to nourish it. It was released internationally last month, and is available in print and for e-readers as well.

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Andrea is a 2018 Mississauga campus graduate, currently working in Inglewood, ON. Since graduation, she has focused most of her energy on starting her fermented food business, Wild Culture Ferments. Andrea is a passionate environmentalist and knows that the most fundamental way we interact with our environment is through what we eat.  She believes in using wild, local and seasonal foods, as well as the power of ancestral based diets to heal. Andrea has been experimenting with fermentation for years and has seen first hand the TRANSFORMATIONAL power of fermented foods. She quickly realized that the one thing she could put in a jar that combined her love of local and wild food, nutrition and fermentation and offer to the public to enhance the nutritional value of whatever they were eating were these simple fermented vegetables.  And so with a head of cabbage, a kitchen knife and dream Wild Culture Ferments was born. Andrea currently sells her products at the Orangeville Farmers Market and local stores in the Caledon area with plans to expand throughout the GTA in 2020.  For more details about where to find her products, please contact her or check out her social media pages.

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Floriana is a 2018 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Mississauga, ON. After graduation, Floriana furthered her studies completing certifications as a Herbalist, Iridologist and Reflexologist. Floriana found her true passion after overcoming her own health issues and experiencing a personal life transformation by losing almost 70 pounds and regaining her mental health after dealing with depression. This lead Floriana to develop her previous career as a successful Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, and has allowed her to implement it into her private growing practice today. Floriana is on a mission to build a strong healthy community through mobile, one-on-one health consultations, private or small group training classes, fitness classes, informative lectures on nutrition and wellness, and food demo workshops. Floriana also loves to volunteer and dedicates her time by offering monthly group outdoor walks for all ages in her community! The next group walk is Sunday October 6th.  If you are interested in joining, please check out her Instagram page for details! Floriana is very excited to pursue and accomplish her next goals in 2020, which include incorporating dance fitness classes and publishing her first book on Holistic Health!

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Julie is a 2018 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Mississauga, ON. Julie is the Office Manager and a Holistic Nutritionist at the Reverse Aging Wellness Clinic. This clinic specializes in full body detoxification and Quantum Energy Medicine. Prior to her life as a Nutritionist, Julie spent many years in the hospitality industry, cooking in the kitchen and then later managing the front of house, where she slowly began to burn out. Years of high stress and fast paced life left her exhausted and in search of something more. She heard her calling loud and clear, although she’d ignored it for years, there was no longer time to waste and she enrolled in the full-time program at IHN Mississauga Campus. After graduating she set off to Costa Rica where she completed her Yoga teacher training followed by working on a biodynamic organic farm to finish her co-op hours. Julie joined Reverse Aging Wellness Clinic in July 2019 and knew she had found the perfect spot to develop and grow as a holistic practitioner. Currently enrolled in Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner course, Julie will soon be able to offer another diagnostic and healing modality along with her nutritional consulting and assisting in full-body detoxification. With the additional offerings of workshops and yoga classes, Julie is able to offer a complete holistic approach to her clients.

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Laura is a 2015 North York campus honours graduate, currently working in Dundas, ON. Laura is the founder of Fresh & Frank and in current practice with Health Upgraded. Laura coaches, advises and supports clients across North America as a core team member of Health Upgraded, a Functional Medicine practice geared towards helping high performing individuals thrive. Upon graduation, Laura started Fresh & Frank, a healthy lifestyle blog as well as her own private nutrition practice and meal delivery service, Fresh & Frank Wellness. After her own struggles with digestive and skin issues and years of searching for answers lead her to Functional Medicine as a patient, Laura decided she needed to become involved in the field and attained accreditation as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Laura now combines her dual training as CNP and FMCHC and works alongside the same Functional Medicine practitioner that helped heal her. Using the latest diagnostic lab testing, personalized supplementation, lifestyle and nutrition coaching combined with a collaborative client care model, Laura helps clients get to the root cause of health issues and achieve the health and lifestyle goals that take them to the next level. She currently co-leads the lifestyle and nutrition component of Health Upgraded’s personalized client programs and helps to provide valuable education through workshops, talks and monthly group challenges.

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Stella is a 2017 North York campus valedictorian graduate, currently working in Toronto, ON. Stella is the founder of Stellar Health, her practice where she provides one on one counselling to help heal health imbalances and promote self-love. Prior to her studies with IHN, Stella graduated from McGill University with a degree in Cultural Studies and Anthropology, which facilitated her passion for understanding people and developed her love of writing. Additional to her clinical practice, she is the health and wellness editor of Mimibee Magazine, and a life-coach for Dr. Meghan Walker’s Legacy Program which is all about empowering amazing women to live not leave their legacy. This month, Stella was thrilled to launch her grain-free baking mix company called Stellar Eats. The line consists of products, like a cookie mix and pizza mix, that are all grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined-sugar-free! The entire Stellar Eats line can be found in Fiesta Farms. Stella is also the host of the Rock Your Bod Pod podcast, where she discusses having a healthy mindset when it comes to health and wellness, specifically relating to eating disorders and mental health.

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