Allie Sommerville is the founder of Allie Sommerville, where she practices as a culinary nutritionist and plant-based chef. She is passionate about the healing and restorative power of food. Allie shares her cooking enthusiasm by educating her clients, through workshops and private consulting, on how to choose healthy ingredients and prepare nutrient-dense meals for themselves and their families.

Kyle Buchanan is the founder of Kyle Buchanan, where he educates audiences on nutrition and health. His speaking style is approachable, humorous, direct, and filled with infectious energy. Kyle lectures for both small and large corporations that are looking to improve the health of their employees. He is a regular nutrition expert on The Morning Show on Global News. 

Madison Makepeace practices as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner with Lemon Water Wellness, a health clinic, vitamin IV lounge, and general store. She is devoted to creating a mind-body balance and loves to focus on the specific needs of her clients. Madison believes that it is important to acknowledge personal strengths and challenges in creating sustainable health and well-being.

Maya Eid is the founder of Maya Eid, where she offers online personalized nutrition consulting. She specializes in helping those seeking improvements in health, body composition, and relationship with food; digestive healing; female hormone rebalance; and grocery store tours and meal preparation strategies. Maya is passionate about nutrition education, sharing recipes and health articles on her blog.

Ryan Bell is the co-founder of One Small Shift, an online nutrition consulting clinic that he operates with his partner, Janette Mason CNP. Together they help their clients find scientifically proven and sustainable ways to live a healthy, long, life filled with the things they love most. They offer single coaching sessions or packages, tailored to fit their clients’ unique health goals.

Janette Mason is the other half of the duo that runs One Small Shift, which she co-founded with her partner Ryan Bell CNP. In addition to nutrition consulting, they offer Wellness Lunch + Learn programs for businesses looking to improve the health of their employees. Topics include culinary nutrition, healthy cognitive function, and nutrition in the workplace, sustainable weight loss and more. 

Aria Palcich is the co-founder of The Haven Low-Carb Cafein Toronto, ON. She opened this business with her partner Camilo. They offer low-carb, gluten-free, health-focused treats, meals, and pantry items, as well as specialty coffee. Their product collection is ever-growing, and they always bring in new products and treats for customers to try. Local is the focus, with 90% of vendors being Ontario-based or Canadian.

Joshua Fujimagari is the co-founder of Young Elite Athletes, a sports nutrition company focused on helping young elite hockey athletes and their families sort through confusing nutrition hype, develop high-performance eating habits for more energy and better focus in the classroom. He runs this business alongside his sister, Mariah, who is a top goaltender in the National Women’s Hockey League. 

Suelen Sukhram is the founder of Suesa Holistic Health, where she offers nutrition consulting services. She specializes in inflammation, weight loss, and cognitive function. She is passionate about nourishing the body and mind with nutrient-dense recipes. Suelens shares her favourites in specialty e-cookbooks available in her online shop. 

Nahid Ameen is the founder of Conscious Health, where she offers services rooted in Ayurveda–workshops, seminars, cooking classes, and e-courses such as Ayurvedic Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic Culinary Program. She developed an e-course, 14-Days Ayurvedic Aromatherapy, that focuses on how to use essential oils safely, which oils can protect the immune system, improve mood and reduce stress. 

Caroline Sabbah is the founder of The Wholefood Apothecary, where she helps women improve their energy, digestion, mood, and cognitive health. She offers personalized nutrition coaching and workshops. Her practice focuses on the field of ‘psychoneuroendoimmunology‘, which is the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the body.

Fabiola Donadao practices nutrition at Oakville Osteopathyin Oakville, ON. She supports her clients through nutrition and considers environmental pollution, metal toxicity, micro-organism imbalances, and other factors that can contribute to the body’s total toxic load and perpetuates chronic disease. Fabiola is passionate about identifying the root cause of her clients’ health imbalances and leading them to optimal wellbeing.