Danielle Binns is a mom who after learning how to be the best in supporting her own daughter, aids other mothers do the same, through her company Danielle Binns. Through nutrition, a background in pediatric research, and a sequential oral sensory approach to feeding, she provides evidence-based approaches to parents with children that are picky eaters, family nutrition and energy reboots for tired parents.

Allie Sommerville is a plant-based nutritionist and founder of Allie Sommerville. She believes that good health begins with the right food and provides her clients with the tools to make healthy meals, by sharing how the right ingredients prepared in the best way can optimize their health and well-being. Allie empowers her clients through workshops, group and private classes, consulting, and grocery store tours.

Enza Tartaglia is the director and founder of the Healthy 4 Life Centre, where she carries out her purpose of increasing nutritional awareness essential to attaining the highest quality of life. Her expertise as a Classical Homeopath, Holistic Nutritionist, and Holistic Iridologist, allows Enza to work with a breadth of ailments, has a passion for detoxification, and hosts cleansing events four times a year.

Debiiey Dunn is the founder of En’tyce Your Beauty – Naturally, a hair and skin care line utilizing essential oil blends to stimulate and nourish the body from the outside in. En’tyce was created after Debiiey’s own hair was positively transformed, a byproduct of her personally developed protocol to heal herself from Lupus. Each product penetrates every strand of hair, increasing volume for a fuller, healthier head of hair.

Nadya Pecherskaya is the founder of Icaria, a 100% natural and organic CBD product company providing the benefits of CBD, while fighting the stigma that occasionally comes along with it. Her passion for CBD ignited after her first time consuming CBD released her from her anxiety, stress, back pain, and troubled sleep. All of Icaria’s products go through multiple lab tests to provide the highest quality for their clients.

Along with her CNP designation from IHN Sue Skillins is a Live Blood Cell Analyst, and Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner at the Holistic Healthcare Centre. She offers nutritional support through diet, therapeutic supplementation, and education to promote health, healing, and recovery. Sue supports cancer clients going through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, through alternative therapies.

Lyndsey Griffith is the founder of Rooted In Ritual, helping her clients connect with their body, mind, spirit, and the earth itself. Her background in nutrition, psychology, yoga, and reiki all merge together in her 1 on 1 consultations. She also offers a virtual space where events are hosted to support attendees along their personal journeys. Lyndsey is currently training to add holistic birth services to her arsenal.

Nakisa Saxton is the founder of Moj Wellness, a personalized nutrition guidance coaching practice based off the principle that the healing process is full of waves, or Moj in Farsi. There is a strength found in the non-linear process of healing, and it is due to this process that everyone needs their own direction. She also believes in creating positive relationships with food, offering recipes and meal plans promoting this.

Stephanie Bonetta is a passionate Certified Nutritional Practitioner, chef, and yoga instructor, offering courses, workshops, culinary creations, and yoga retreats. From cooking class sessions to an online interactive course about Ayurveda, to a full yoga retreat in Italy, Stephanie provides experiences meant to open your heart, aid in becoming the best version of yourself, ultimately creating a more loving world.