Summer is a 2012 North York campus first class honours graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. She is a life coach specializing in body image and helping women break free of chronic dieting. After overcoming her own experiences with disordered eating and poor self-image, she made it her mission to inspire women all over the world to ditch their diet demons, amp up their confidence, and break free of deprivation and guiltShe does this through her private and group coaching. Summer is the best-selling author of “Body Image Remix: Embrace your body and unleash the fierce confident woman within” and creator of the 21 Step Body Image Remix, a life-changing 21 day program that helps women to build unabashed body confidence. She is also the creator of the flagship Rock Your Body online program dedicated to helping women eat food effortlessly. Host of the Fearless Rebelle Radio a podcast dedicated to empowering women to live life on their own terms. Summer has interviewed leading body image and anti-diet experts and activists. You can get her free 10-Day Body Confidence Makeover and connect with her across all social media platforms: FacebookTwitterInstagramPeriscope, and Pinterest | | You On Fire


Dee is a 2015 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. She is the Holistic Nutritionist at the Kyla Fox Centre for Eating Disorders and the founder of Growing Goddesses – an 8-week wellness program that empowers young females through the teachings of yoga, nutrition, and goal setting. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario and ending a career in modelling due to health concerns, Dee went on to pursue training in yoga and nutrition. She has spent the past five years leading self-esteem workshops to young females using the acquired tools as a CNP, RYT yoga instructor from The Yoga Garden in San Francisco, and from her own path of self-discovery as a shy teen with little confidence. Aside from the program, Dee uses social media and her website DeeBuryk to promote a holistic approach to wellness through more than just food. Her most valuable lesson learned this far is that the positive changes received from nourishing the whole-self is beyond profound and it’s even more remarkable to be a part of that transformation in others.


Sarah is a 2009 North York campus graduate, currently working in Toronto, ON. She has joined the team at The Big Carrot Natural Food Market as the Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator. Sarah collaborates with nutritionists, farmers, innovators and healers. In 2013, Sarah joined the Board of the Canadian Organic Growers which is another outlet to help build the organic sector and educate the public about the importance of organic agriculture for our personal health and the health of the planet. This February the COG Toronto Chapter will be hosting the 10th annual organic conference: Organic, A Solution That Works. Sarah believes the conference perfectly complements the curriculum at IHN. It promotes organics, health, prevention and innovation. The all-day conference is not only inspiring, it is a great opportunity to network with like-minded people. The organic lunch is delicious and the conference is a welcome break from the February winter cold. The day is filled with information about the current state of food and agriculture including the role of healthy soil to gut health, children and toxins, the media and our confusion about organic information. You will hear from like-minded, high profile speakers from all corners of the organic food sector who share our concern for health and the environment. IHN is an annual sponsor and participant in the show’s mini-market.  | |


Sarah is a 2007 North York campus first class honours graduate and valedictorian, currently working in Toronto, ON. She is a food writer, stylist, photographer and the creator of the popular food blog, My New Roots, winner of a 2014 Saveur “Best Food Blog” award. Although Sarah did work in professional practice after graduation, she discovered that her love and passion for whole foods and cooking was the ultimate path to follow. She started off in small cafes and restaurants in Copenhagen, learning as she went and discovering new techniques alongside a diverse, talented group of professionals. Eventually, Sarah ended up at restaurant NOMA, working on special assignments and collaborating with the world’s most acclaimed chefs. With this knowledge, Sarah now conducts cooking classes and workshops across the globe, promoting healthy, plant-based whole food cuisine. She also lectures on essential nutrition topics, and gave a TED talk on how making small changes in the kitchen can transform your life. Her first cookbook, My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season has now been published in eight countries, and six languages. Sarah’s cookbook is inspired by the seasons and eating in connection with nature. Each recipe features health and nutrition information on the key ingredients, so that readers will always know a little something special about the health benefits in their favourite dishes.


Melissa is a 2014 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Burlington, ON. She is the owner of Pür You Heath Studio, a multi-disciplinary clinic. Pür You offers clients appointments in Registered Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and BioEnergenics (BIE). Melissa’s focus is using the BIE modality to help bring her client’s bodies back to homeostasis. Melissa’s journey began with her son Finn, who had severe receptive and expressive language delays with some behavioural and sensory issues. After a mom in a similar situation told her about DAN doctors and probiotics, Melissa dove into reading to try to help her son. One week on a probiotic, Finn at age 3, went from being able to point out one animal in a book, to all the animals in that same book. After being placed on a gluten and casein free diet Finn’s started talking and his behaviours decreased. Today Finn has completely closed the gap with his peers and is thriving with many talents and a great sense of humour. Finn is a brave little man, who has taught his mom a lot. Finn’s journey has pushed Melissa to want to help others, often approaching unsuspecting strangers. These strangers have now become clients! |


Nicole is a 2012 North York campus graduate, currently working in Toronto, ON. She teaches people how to create meals from real, whole foods on her blog, Nourished Body Inspired Soul. She had the amazing opportunity to live in Costa Rica for six months and work at Hacienda del Sol, Wellness Retreat Centre, where I continued to learn and expand my knowledge of raw, whole food cuisine. She works at a wonderful vegetarian restaurant/wellness center called Vidya’s Veggie Gourmet. Her dream is to one day open her own healthy plant-based restaurant. Until then, Nicole and her mom teamed up and developed a plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free catering company this past year so they could share delicious healthy meals with others. They offer cooking classes for both adults and children, provide customized meal plans, and offer information sessions on healthy living.


Nahid is an 2016 Mississauga campus honours graduate, currently working in Toronto, ON.  She is an Ayurvedic Wellness Counsellor and an Ayu-Yoga Practitioner. After graduating from IHN, she studied both eastern and western herbal medicine in Canada. She is currently an instructor at the Center for Ayurveda and Indian Healing System (CAISH). Nahid has also designed a CEU program called the Ayurvedic Culinary and Nutrition Program – an online self-paced certification program and Ayurvedic Aromatherapy program. Nahid is the proud owner of Conscious Health, company that promotes e-programs, exclusive handmade herbal products and live workshops, some of which include: Ayurvedic Cooking, Ayurvedic Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic Body Type Detox Program. | |



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