Erika Weissenborn is the founder of Fresh In Your Fridge, a Vancouver-based private chef experience that makes nutritious food simple and accessible. The service allows her clients to focus on what is most important to them, removing challenges of meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal prep. All the meals Erika’s team prepares are personalized to support one’s health, and reduce environmental waste.

Cecilia Huon is the founder of Holistice Wellness, the culmination of her belief that the body, mind, and spirit, are connected, and that an issue in one area can manifest in another. In order to restore balance in her clients’ health, she employs Holistic Nutrition, Bio-Energization Synchronization, Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Aroma-Massage, and Indian Head Massage, through her 1-on-1 consultations.

Lisa Balsdon is the founder of Live In Motion, where she helps individuals face the challenges of becoming lean, healthy, and strong, both physically and mentally. Her health packages include personal training, private yoga sessions, nutritional cooking, and nutritional and lifestyle coaching. She hosts various boot camps, events, and classes, in the GTA, online, and in Costa Rica, both for individuals and corporations.

Adrienne Rommel is a passionate STI advocate, Sex Educator, and the founder of The Yoni Nutritionist, where she aims to break down the stigma and shame that comes around common sexual health issues. She helps women holistically heal the root cause of their vaginal infections through diet and lifestyle practices utilizing her various health programs and blog, and has been featured on numerous podcasts.

Liza Martinenko is the founder of Mood Milk, a brand dedicated to elevate the experience of your “me time”. Mood Milk’s superfood latte blend is nutritionist-designed to invigorate your senses and can calm your mind and body alike. Enjoy Mood Milk while reading a book, doing yoga, taking a bath or on a nature walk! Liza also shares an abundance of unique recipes on her website.

Chelsea Lye is the founder of The Autoimmune Nutritionist, based on the belief that reducing toxic exposure is key to reclaiming one’s health. Through her natural health consulting services, Chelsea focuses on hormone imbalance, and autoimmunity reversal. The Autoimmune Nutritionist also functions as an online supplement store supporting mental health, digestive health, hormonal health, and more.