Alina is a 2014 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. She comes from a corporate background in advertising, where she worked on brands such as Special K, Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes (yes, the opposite side of the spectrum!) Troubled by what was being promoted as “healthy” to the general public, Alina came to the Institute of Holistic Nutrition to gain more knowledge on how to educate people the right way. She is now the in-house nutritionist at the health and wellness website, The Hearty Soul, where she provides content consultation services to ensure accurate information is being presented about alternative health. Alina conducts corporate talks, one-on-one coaching programs, and she loves to blog. She has published two ebooks, which can be found on her website and AmazonThe Beginner’s Guide to Meal Prep and Ramadan Health Guide | |


Jafrin is a 2015 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. She has always had a passion for living a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Jafrin is currently vigorously working on her goal to open another health food store. This second store, called Nutrition Junction, is set to open at the end of this year and will be located in North Toronto. Here, she hopes to continue empowering and impacting new individuals in a positive manner. This store will be similar in concept to Whole Health, offering the same variety of supplements. Eventually, she hopes to open up more locations across GTA and to include consulting practices within them. Jafrin would love to offer a 10% discount to all CNPs and students at Whole Health and opening soon Nutrition Junction. | 

Natalie is a 2015 North York first class honours graduate, currently working in Toronto, ON.  She is the creator of You@2 – a weekly wellness session she runs with her sister, Melanie Jones, for employees at Manulife, a leading Canada-based financial services group. You@2 grew out of Natalie’s desire to bring her love of food and thoughtfully-crafted experiences to the workplace. It all started last fall with a short and sweet offer of immune-boosting tea to her co-workers. Ever since, Natalie’s been making it easy and memorable for people in the corporate world to say ‘yes’ to a moment for themselves, leading employees through a customized midday wellness experience with the help of yoga instructor, Melanie.  atalie is looking forward to speaking more about her approach to wellbeing in the workplace at her first corporate conference in July.

Jillian is a 2013 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. She is a Holistic Nutritionist, Planetary Herbologist, and Clinical Iridologist within the Hamilton-Toronto communities. Her aim is to bring effortless menstruation, improved self-esteem, vibrant body flow, re-stored glow, and brilliant skin health to her clients with her herbal medicine/nutrition programs. One-on-one she helps show her clients the main nutritional principles that can be implemented to make an obvious change in their health, and she custom formulates herbal medicine blends to be able to cater to their individual needs. With her Empowered Eater Experience program, she works with the scattered, confused client, that want to make a change in their nutrition, but doesn’t know where to start. Within this 12 week series, individuals find their way through the cycles of dieting and flip-flopping a lot easier.

Jennifer is a 2016 Mississauga campus graduate, currently working in Toronto, ON. Three years ago she met her retreat team and the three of us have been running wellness weekend retreats ever since. IHN plays a huge role here because people who attend are fascinated and eager to get healthy, it’s been an amazing gift.  Finally, just this summer, she is proud to announce the opening of our very own retreat house! It’s an incredible feeling when a dream comes true. They have two of our own retreats on this summer, July 15-17 and August 19-21. We do seasonal events like kayaking, snowshoeing and hiking, along with phenomenal yoga and meditation classes. They offer 6 full vegan meals with appetizers, desserts and snacks, and accommodation. Prices vary depending on which room you choose. They also have events such as community healing circles, vegan dinner party and ecstatic dance, detox juice days, holistic craft and sculpture nights, sprouting workshops….thus far. Please check us out on our Facebook page or feel free anytime to contact me at or her partner in crime Deborah.  Lastly and most importantly their retreat house was made for community. 



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