Karolina Fritz is the founder of Medium2, where she practices as a gifted medium, delivering messages of love and support from those who have transitioned into the spirit world. Karolina has a science degree in Chemistry and PhD in Nanotechnology but it’s through her medical intuitive skills, and training in energy medicine + holistic nutrition, that she offers her clients emotional, psychological, and physical support.

Stephanie Valentine is the founder of SV, where she practices as a nutrition and lifestyle consultant. She creates delicious healthy recipes and writes health articles on her blog. Stephanie practices as a clinical hypnotist, supporting clients on a variety of matters including weight loss, sleep, and anxiety disorders. Her motto is ‘love what’s on your plate’ and it is her mission to share a love of food with others.

Shane Griffin is the founder of Vitamin Patch Club, a company specializing in transdermal patches that deliver vitamins into the bloodstream through the pores in the skin. They offer six patches that include vitamin B12, vitamin D3 and C, Zinc, biotin and B7, iron, and B complex vitamins. All the nutrients are contained within the proprietary adhesive layer, ready for release once applied to the skin.

Carmen Dunn is the founder of Carmen Dunn, where she practices as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, speaker, and instructor. She supports success-driven women dealing with stress, fatigue, sleep, digestive, weight issues, anxiety, and depression. Carmen helps them feel more energetic, happy, and calm through nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset coaching. 

Fabian Low is the founder of Feast like a Sage, where he offers nutrition classes, cooking demos, and catering services all focused on nutrient-dense, delicious foods that appeal to various diets and unique lifestyles. He is a wellbeing facilitator, offering group coaching circles, events, and retreats on topics related to shadow work, tea appreciation, sacred ceremonies, tai chi, space creation, and more. 

Kali Pappas is the founder of Holistic Chick Nutrition, where she offers online nutrition consulting services. She specializes in digestion, sustainable eating, blood sugar regulation, weight management, inflammation, stress, and anxiety. Kali is also a freelance writer, developing creative and educational health and wellness-related articles for various companies and lifestyle blogs. 

Antonya Raymond is the founder of Antonya Raymond, where she practices as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, dance instructor, and fitness coach. She creates unique mind/body services for her clients to support them on their journey toward optimal health. Antonya practices in Vancouver and Burnaby, British Columbia holding classes for students of all ages. 

Nancy Radcliffe is the founder of Body of Health, a holistic health clinic and store. She educates her clients on holistic concepts as well as the use of natural therapies to restore and maintain good health. She specializes in digestive, cardiovascular, and autoimmune disorders, cancer, migraines, skin conditions, parasites, weight loss, stress, anxiety and depression, hormone health, and chronic pain. 

Michelle Lall is the founder of Lall Nutrition, where she offers online nutrition consulting services. She works with women who are experiencing emotional eating and body issues. Michelle founded Lall Nutrition as a way to support women to reclaim their relationship to themselves, their bodies, and health in a holistic way.

Allanah Canal is the founder of Tropho, a natural cosmetic, and wellness brand. The product lineup includes soaps, bath bombs, body butter, scrubs, and more. Allanah also works as a herbal technician in the clinical practice of a Registered Herbalist. She is passionate about herbalism advocacy and making nutrition accessible.

Ashley Nichols is a mixed martial artist and World Muay Thai Champion. When she is not fighting in the ring, she is coaching and providing nutrition counseling for her students. Ashley is passionate about nutrition education and believes it is one of the central pillars for good health. She inspires Indigenous youth to overcome adversities and improve their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Renée Hache is the founder of Salt & Spoon Wellness, where she offers nutrition consulting services, specializing in disordered eating habits and intuitive eating. She developed the ‘Food Freedom’ online course that allows clients to renew their relationship with food, integrate healthy eating and movement techniques, and create a holistic sustainable lifestyle.