Marilia Pereira is the founder of Fleurish Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle. She also practices nutrition at Three Tides Wellness in Waterloo, ON. Using orthomolecular nutritional therapies, she specializes in hormone health, sleep, stress management, fertility, childhood nutrition, pregnancy, and digestion. Marilia believes in restoring health on a cellular level, using whole foods, herbs, supplements, and wellness therapies.

Sarah Vrabel is the founder of Crystal Nutrition, an online consulting practice that strives to be a safe space for like-minded and evolved souls to seek refuge and connect with one another. She promotes a conscious lifestyle that allows her clients to raise their vibration and live in alignment with their soul purpose. Services include intuitive eating consultations, meal plans, meditations, and oracle readings.

Stephanie Sibbio is the founder of Glowing Mama, courses and coaching programs that help women through each stage of motherhood – from fertility, pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and beyond. Stephanie has been working in the fitness industry since 2010, helping women work towards optimal health and fitness.

Jollia Fung is a part of the culinary team at Fresh in Your Fridge, where she prepares healthy, holistic meals for her clients. After struggling with adrenal fatigue, she transformed her health through holistic nutrition, natural supplementation and lifestyle changes. Jollia understands the importance of optimal health for aging and living well, which inspires her to create wholefood, nutrient-dense recipes that support the mind, body and soul.

Jozef Krop is the founder of Ecohealth & Wellness Inc., a centre for holistic healing centre in Mississauga, ON. He has been a leader in complementary and environmental medicine for over 30 years, working with individuals with complex health issues and restoring their wellbeing. Jozef is the author of ‘Healing the Planet: One Patient at a Time’, a program textbook used in IHN’s Diploma program course Nutrition & the Environment.

Danielle Turk is the founder of Clear Wellness Nutrition, offering private nutrition consulting services. Her counselling has helped many reach their desired weight and improved laboratory results in the areas of cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar and more. While applying the latest nutritional science, her counselling leads her clients towards a wholefood diet for optimal hormone balance, energy, ideal weight and better health.

Sarah Robinson is the founder of Kin Holistica nutritional consulting practice specializing in the areas of fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health. Her approach focuses on creating an intuitive relationship with food and wellness, through simple strategies for better health, and by teaching clients how to listen to their bodies. Sarah also practices nutrition with Toronto Yoga Mamas, where she works with clients one-on-one and virtually.

Joël Jones is the founder of Joël Jones, where she practices as a culinary nutritionist and yoga teacher. She offers personal chef services, creating wholesome meals made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Joël develops meal plans for her clients based on their unique health goals. She also offers private and corporate yoga classes.  She believes long-term sustainable changes are made through educating and empowering her clients.

Jumanah Sbeih practices as a nutritionist with Koru Nutrition. She specializes in a variety of conditions, including autoimmune conditions, mental and digestive health, and hormonal balance. Jumanah was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2010 and has managed her condition through diet, natural supplementation and lifestyle. Her personal health story inspires her to help her clients reach their health goals.

Corrine Chin-Fook is the founder of Seize Wellness, offering private nutrition consulting specializing in autoimmune disease and inflammation. She is a part of the culinary team at Fresh in Your Fridge, where she prepares healthy, holistic meals for her clients. Having been an athlete in the past, Corrine understands the importance of fuelling the body with nutrient-dense wholefoods.

Tara Miller is the founder of Tara Miller Nutrition, where she offers online nutrition consulting services specializing in intuitive eating. She is a regular contributor to Chatelaine and Toronto Life magazines, among other popular blogs. In addition to private consulting, Tara is the founder of Health Hut, a natural lifestyle shop, offering a range of natural beauty, lifestyle and self-care products.

Krisztina Marshall is the founder of Heemang Emotional Wellness and is a practitioner at Evoke Medicine. She received her Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders and Obesity from London, UK in 2011. She has great interest in helping others recognize their habits and the core reasons for their behaviour. Krisztina works at Paul Sugar Palliative Support Foundation, providing emotional support for those suffering with a terminal illness and their relatives.