Connie Pretula is the founder of Connie Pretula, where she offers nutritional consulting for women aged 40+. She specializes with those who struggle with fatigue, excess weight, anxiety, and digestive issues as they navigate perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause. Connie educates women to find strength and joy through nourishment while providing insight into the impact of food choices on health. 

Paul Demeda is the Program Facilitator at the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine, which works to further the advancement and raise awareness of orthomolecular medicine throughout the world. Paul has been an instructor with IHN for 16 years, teaching Preventative Healthcare and Nutrition & Health: The Fundamentals, as well as the Con Ed courses Nutrition & Mental Health and Clinical Detoxification. 

Jennifer Polansky is the founder of Tapping into the Heart and Consciousness Now Retreats, where she hosts intensive and fun retreat weekends where guests move through old patterns to cultivate a deeper sense of self-love and confidence in one’s true selves and authentic voice. She is a women’s transformation and empowerment coach, using tantric and shamanic philosophy. 

Caroline Tusiuk is the founder of Caroline Candance, where she offers online nutrition consulting services. Her clinical practice specializes in hormone balancing and sustainable weight loss. Caroline is a passionate health educator, teaching men and women to achieve optimal health and performance. She promotes a balanced approach to lifelong health through nutrition, natural supplementation, and lifestyle. 

Darko Prce is the founder of Biosis Healthcare, a clinical practice that offers a variety of services including natural medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, food allergy, and heavy metal testing, iridology, live blood cell analysis, and more. Darko also founded Freedom Health Canada, a grassroots organization comprised of passionate individuals dedicated to promoting the freedom of healthcare choices for all Canadians. 

Kyra Lidkie is the founder of Nutrition Dispensary, offering personalized nutritional assessment and consulting, healthy recipes, valuable nutritional information, and selected professional-grade supplements. The goal of the Nutrition Dispensary is to provide nutrition-related resources to learn, source and purchase professional-grade supplements hand-curated by a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. 

Heather Chapman is the founder of Own It Empire, where she works with clients as a high-performance coach for entrepreneurs with a focus on personal and business development. She offers a variety of online programs and personalized VIP coaching. Heather is a co-author of two Amazon best sellers, ‘Fitness to Freedom’ and ‘Dear Love, I am ready for you. 

Jiordana Saade is the founder of the Mindfull Clinic, a private nutrition consulting practice. She is inspired by the connection between brain—behavior activity, and how we can begin to overcome maladaptive habits, specifically surrounding food behaviors. Jiordana offers programs designed for her clients’ unique health concerns, centering on nutrition, functional medicine, neuroscience and movement. 

Karim Premji works as a nutritionist and store manager for Healthy Planetin Toronto, ON. They offer the highest quality vitamins, supplements, and remedies for all lifestyle needs, including beauty, personal care products, and groceries. Karim is an instructor at IHN, teaching the course Nutrition & Health: The Fundamentals. He is passionate about educating future CNPs by sharing his knowledge in health sciences. 

Hema Ramsingh is the founder of Nomadic Nutritionist, where she offers online nutrition consulting services, educational articles on health topics, and nutrient-dense recipes. Hema is passionate about sharing her knowledge with audiences around the globe, delivering wellness presentations at community events and schools. She is an engaging speaker, inspiring audiences to adopt healthy living practices.  

Gabby Ouimet is the retail manager for Village Juicery, a healthy café that sells fresh-pressed juices, kombucha, meals, snacks, and pastries. Her focus is on increasing access to nutritional knowledge and holistic health practices to empower others so they can get to the root of their health and heal from the inside out. She is committed to making an impact in the community through plant-based nutrition.  

Marcelina Maciejewski is the team lead for Village Juiceryworking alongside fellow CNP Gabby Ouimet. She is the founder of Super Vibrant Health, where she offers nutrition consultations, personalized meal plans, pantry organization, and additional culinary services. She empowers her clients to achieve a state of vibrant health via the best possible nutrition and healing modalities for the body and mind.