Anita Ho is the founder of The Healthy Asian, specializing in healthy digestion, skin conditions, and the use of cannabis in natural health. She offers personalized nutrition and lifestyle consulting packages, taking into account one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Anita is a strong advocate of preventative health, trying not just to heal her clients from their ills, but to better them for life.

Maria Cancio-Bello is the founder of Brain Awakening Nutrition, the result of her belief that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to health. She uses Nutrigenomics genetic testing to enable her to provide personalized genetic-based nutrition consultations. Maria helps her clients with weight loss, physical and mental performance, fertility, anti-aging, and obtaining a plant based diet that achieves optimal health.

Melissa Ramos is the founder of Sexy Food Therapy where she empowers women to take control of their health, lives, and happiness. She uses holistic nutrition and traditional Chinese medicine to regulate their hormones, resulting in clearer skin, happier periods, ageless beauty, healthier ovaries, and lovely poops. She is also a health expert for CTV’s The Social, TEDx Speaker, and official writer for the Huffington Post.

Ashvinee Kumar practices nutrition and personal training at Catalyst Health, a wellness centre that specializes in personal training, chiropractic, physiotherapy, active care rehab, registered massage therapy, acupuncture, and nutrition in Toronto, Ontario. She blends her knowledge in functional medicine, holistic nutrition, sports nutrition, and Ayurveda to help her clients reach their health goals.

Andrea Louden is the founder of Andrea Wellness Coaching, where she offers a variety of health services including BioScan Stress Reduction therapy, Transcend the Tummy program, medical intuition, and healthy life detox. She is currently obtaining a Master’s degree in Oriental medicine with a focus on acupuncture. Andrea is passionate about her clients’ health and supporting them on their health journey.

Amberley Sharer is the founder of WildFlower Skincare, where she makes small-batch, paraben- synthetic dye- and fragrance-free skin and beauty products. She also runs an online nutrition practice, Herbal Hand Holistic Wellness, where she provides guidance through nutritional consultation and customized healing protocols for any client and any complaint that the client may have.

Barb Handy is the founder of Barb Handy, where she specializes in IBS/SIBO from her virtual nutrition clinic in Toronto, Ontario. She has an interest in autoimmune disease and helping infants and children with chronic digestive difficulties. Barb is passionate about helping people restore their optimal physical and mental health by addressing the root cause–the gut.

Anita Nosworthy is the founder of L-I-V-E: Live In Vitality Every Day, a unique lifestyle coaching and training company, helping people achieve their health goals through nutrition and physical exercise. She focuses on functionality, health, and wellbeing first, knowing that the aesthetics will come once the mind and body are healthy and operating in good health.

Bryan Hardy is the founder of The Revitalized Man, where he offers online transformational nutrition and health programs for men. In 2016 he launched Redefining Reality, a podcast that examines the intersection between wellness, business, and the birth of a global tribe. Bryan is a member of the BioHacking and wild food community and helps men connect to their inner vitality.