Krissy Smith is an April 2010 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. For the past six years Krissy has been working with Dr Joey Shulman at the Shumlan Clinics specializing in an individual and holistic approach to weight loss and wellness.  Krissy also has her own practice, Eat Play Live Nutrition, and is the co-owner of Delicious Nutrition. At Eat, Play, Live, she offers a variety of nutrition counseling services, from Personalized Wellness Plans to group Nutrition Nights, Food Demos, Healthy Kitchen Makeovers and Grocery Store Tours. She also offers a supervised cleanse two times a year. At Delicious Nutrition, Krissy, along with her co-owner, Chef Carolyn Cohen, show clients practical and delicious solutions for choosing and preparing healthy meals during busy days and works with them to create meal plans, healthy kitchens etc. to achieve their wellness goals.  Krissy has also passed along her passion for health to her daughter, Jessie Smith who is now an IHN student. | | | Instagram | LinkedIn

Samantha Lotus is an April 2016 Ottawa campus graduate practicing in Ottawa, ON. Samantha is a Lifestyle Mentor, Mind-Body Educator and Motivational Speaker through her private practice, Real Life But Better. She has also just taken on the role of Whole Body Team Member and Buyer for Whole Foods Market. She believes in radical health, purposeful living, authentic self-actualization and the philosophy that happiness is the best medicine of all. She has traveled the world acquiring holistic self-care techniques, gaining wisdom from European philosophers to Buddhist Monks, Caribbean Sages and Traditional Korean Health Practitioners. Throughout her own adventures with chronic illness, Samantha has experienced firsthand the shortcomings of the medical/pharmaceutical system, yet discovered the revolutionary power of alternative medicine. She has made it her mission to educate others on the social-psychology of dis-ease and provide self-care tools for total mind-body health. | Facebook | Twitter

Nicole Di Nardo is an October 2016 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Nicole is a self-described “food obsessed Italian girl” who has started her own practice, Nicole Di Nardo Nutrition. She is a former chef, who ran a successful catering company, who experiments with the best tasting foods that will improve energy, digestion and inner glow. She offers educational health seminars on optimizing meals for nutrient density, increased energy and immune boosting benefits. She includes food demos, plus take-away pamphlets for easy to follow recipes and nutritional advice. Nicole also provides nutritional consultations to address specific concerns, including weight loss, digestive issues, pre-natal nutrition or even to reduce allergies or asthma, which she treats through the therapeutic healing of nutrition. Nicole says, “Whatever you eat, eat it with gusto and be proud of what you put in your body! I’ll show you how to indulge and anticipate every meal while loving the effects it has both mentally and physically.” | Instagram

Amanda Burke is an October 2011 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Amanda is a Wellness Sales Professional, Speaker and Writer working for Naka Herbs & Vitamins. Her recent article Brain Food, is featured in Vitality Magazine’s Fall Issue. On October 22 of this year, Amanda was a speaker at Toronto’s Whole Life Expo. Her talk, My Top 5 Nutrients for Mental and Emotional Well-Being, discussed breakthroughs in orthomolecular nutrition, herbal medicine, and supplementation that may hold the key to mental and emotional wellness. She presented that the answer to emotional instability, or struggles with depression, anxiety, memory challenges or cognitive decline of any kind, may be as simple as adding breakthrough nutrients into the lifestyle. If you have writing projects you would like to give to Amanda, connect with her directly through | Instagram

Ashley Freeman is a December 2015 Vancouver campus graduate practicing in Vancouver, BC. Ashley has opened her own practice, Ashley Freeman Nutrition. Here, she supports women with wedding weight loss by establishing personalized nutrition and lifestyle strategies for fat loss, balancing hormones, and improving skin health, mood and libido. She also recently partnered with a MD on a program for optimizing fertility. In early adulthood, Ashley struggled with disordered eating and body image. Intense exercise and various diets failed to reduce body fat for athletic performance and she turned to an alternative approach to her overall health. Ashley is versed in the underlying barriers, complex motivations, and internal conflicts experienced when seeking fat loss – and knows how to address them. She is a dynamic coach committed to combining targeted evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle modifications with analytical lab testing for her clients’ success. | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

Syed Alam is an April 2016 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Syed is a Registerd BioEnergetics Intolerance Elimination Practitioner with BIE Health & Wellness. Prior to his Nutritional studies, Syed graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours degree in Bachelors of Science. He furthered his education with a Medical degree from Xavier University School of Medicine in Aruba. He had first hand clinical training experience in Atlanta, Georgia at various teaching hospitals. Syed is a compassionate professional, who is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to current natural health research. His unique educational background in Medicine combined with a holistic approach to healing, allows him to provide clients exceptional care. Clients are given the proper tools and information to allow their bodies to heal naturally. Through discovery of the root cause of symptoms clients are successfully able to reach optimum health.

Michelle Book is an April 2014 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Michelle is the in-house Holistic Nutritionist for the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA). She has also created a website, Michelle W. Book, to share her experiences in motherhood as a fulltime, working mom and holistic nutritionist. Here, Michelle discusses how she tries her best to juggle it all. She says some days work well and all the balls are in the air and some days no matter how hard she tries, she can’t keep the balls off the floor. She invites moms to post ideas they would like to share or tip that works well and encourages responses in the comments section of the blog posts, which lead to great discussions and insights. Look for Michelle as a special guest speaker at the National Women’s Show, November 4 – 6, 2016 in Toronto and on media outlets across the country in the coming weeks as she speaks about NHP Week and ways for Canadians to stay healthy and happy this winter. | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn

Deanne Dietz is an April 2012 Toronto campus graduate practicing in St. John’s, NL. As a Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner, Naturotherapist and Lifestyle Coach, Deanne creates easy to follow holistic health and wellness programs through her practice, The Healthy Root. She specializes in clinical nutrition, performance nutrition and weight loss. She aims to enhance clients’ lives by helping them feel great from the inside out to aid in losing weight, gaining energy and feeling great! Deanne offers a ten week program, Vitality for Lifewhich focuses on nutrition education and ensuring that real food easily found at any grocery store is eaten. Clients are lead through quick, easy solutions to overcome challenges that block them from achieving their goals and loving their bodies. Excuses like “no time” or “I can’t cook” become a thing of the past! She also offers an online option. | Facebook | Blog | Linkedin

Nahid Ameen is an October 2010 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Mississauga, ON. Nahid is the founder of Conscious Health Inc., a company that empowers people to take responsibility of their own health by balancing food and lifestyle changes, using the science of Ayurveda. Through her cooking classes, consultations, workshops, online programs and her own line of herbal products, she shares the wisdom of Ayurveda and Herbal medicine with clients. Helping them to awaken their inner healing potential and discovering how their Dosha will empower them to keep their health in balance. Nahid has been a columnist for Naturally Savvy online magazine, Lifestyle – Daily Star Bangladesh (print and online) and assisted with research for the book Unjunk Your Junk Food. Living with a vision challenge herself, Nahid supports the Green Disabled Foundation in Bangladesh with educational materials and funds for the visually impaired children. | Facebook | Twitter

Samantha Ushedo is an October 2013 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Samantha is a sales professional and a life fulfillment coach, self-love advocate and inspirational speaker, who empowers mission driven, powerhouse women to recognize the vital importance of choosing themselves first through her practice, Samantha Ushedo. Guiding women back to a deep connection with themselves, Samantha teaches them to silence their critical inner voices and shift the beliefs of “not good enough” to ones of inner abundance, freedom and a rich self-worth. By embracing Samantha’s signature philosophy and strategies of Learning to FLY, her clients transform their lives by redefining who they are, discovering what real success means and creating the lives they crave from a place of true passion and inner fulfillment. | Facebook Twitter | Instagram

Alyssa Coleman is an October 2014 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Alyssa sets herself as nutritionist, yoga retreat leader and self-care coach who can inspire and support clients through her private practice, Alyssa Coleman Wellness. She offers a six week program, The Healthy Entrepreneur, an online nutrition protocol for creative entrepreneurs, the “anti-diet protocol.” Alyssa works with the client to explore their unique symptoms and lifestyle in order to create a specific program ideal for the client. Through her own personal development, she has learned that that making self-care a priority provides more personal energy, productiveness, and inspiration! She realized that SHE was her business’ number one asset and it is an entrepreneur’s responsibility to make self-care a part of the business plan. You can also find Alyssa conducting weekly nutrition seminars, leading wellness themed yoga classes and promoting events for lululemon athletica. | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Amy Hogan is an October 2014 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. She is an affiliate coach of Accomplishment Coaching and is a Transformational Life Coach through her own practice, Amy Hogan Life Coaching. After breaking free of twelve years in a “cubicle,” Amy to create a life based on what she wants and needs, not what she thinks she “should” do. Amy desires to make a difference in the world by supporting other people to do the same. Her Facebook Group, Permission and Possibility, is for those ready to break away from everything that has been holding them down. This a safe and fun space to share your passions and ideas on how to accomplish all the possibilities that are waiting you and step fully into your power. Amy is offering a FREE 1-hour coaching session to IHN graduates in November. | Facebook | LinkedIn

Nathalie Niddam is an October 2013 Toronto campus first class honours graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. She has also become a graduate of the first class of Bulletproof Executive Coaches (Level 2) and runs a busy practice, Nathalie Niddam CNP, BPC, with dietary philosophy roots in the Paleo and Low Carb world as well as Ketogenic Diet principles. She works with her clients to help them reach their goals through optimizing their nutrition and performance be they executives, athletes, or simply anyone committed to being an active participant in their health and well-being. She also works with clients at Executive Health Centre as part of a team including an MD and ND. She is the Nutrition Coach at the Academy of Lions a CrossFit gym in Toronto and the VP of the Midtown Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, helping holistic practitioners and businesses expand their networks across the city. Nathalie offers corporate presentations on a variety of nutrition, health and optimal performance topics. | Instagram | Twitter


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