Amanda Bowers practices as a Registered Clinical Counsellor at Aster Wellness Centre in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. She specializes in eating disorders, addiction, trauma, anxiety, and depression. Amanda’s interests in food psychology grew upon becoming a CNP. She now uses therapy as a tool to help her clients get to the root of what’s troubling them, and integrate healing from that place.

Rida Rehman is a Content Writer with the Integrative Medical Advisory Team at Fullscript, an online supplement dispensary, and a patient adherence tool. She writes evidence-based and patient-focused wellness content. While completing her studies at IHN, Rida launched a healthy meal delivery service providing whole food-based meals and customized meal plans to members in the Ottawa, Ontario region.

Alexandra James is the founder of Alex James Wellness, where she practices as a postpartum doula and nutritionist. She is passionate about ensuring her clients have a healthy postpartum experience, where they are honoured, celebrated, rested, and well-fed. Alexandra offers postpartum planning sessions, postpartum meal preparation, and Bengkung belly binding, hastening the recovery after childbirth.

Alexandra Hurtado practices naturopathic medicine and holistic nutrition at Hillcrest Centre for Health in Toronto, Ontario. She specializes in women’s health and pediatrics with a particular interest in fertility and reproductive care. Alexandra teaches the Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Continuing Education course, Naturally Designed Pregnancy and Early Childhood Education.

​Isra Al-Salem practices nutrition alongside Alexandra Hurtado at Hillcrest Centre for Health. She conducts nutrition consultations, develops recipes, and teaches yoga. Isra values creating meaningful connections by empowering individuals to live their healthiest and happiest life through yoga, food, and nutrition. She also develops nutrition-based recipes for RILY, an online database customized for health conditions.

Karolina Zaremba works as a Medical Content Specialist with Fullscript, an online supplement dispensary, and a patient adherence tool. She develops evidence-based wellness and marketing content and leads internal training for Fullscript employees. Karolina’s experience in the integrative health industry includes retail sales of supplements, as well as working in a compounding pharmacy and naturopathic clinic.

Abneet Sandhar is the founder of Abneet Sandhar Wellness, where she offers private and group coaching sessions. She practices traditions of tantra, kundalini, Arkaya yoga, and unique breathing techniques, visualization, and mantra to create new pathways of conditioning in the body. Abneet has led many women’s groups over the last decade. She is passionate about nutrition, cooking, and spiritual health.

Michelle Lauer works as a Graphic Designer with Fullscript, an online supplement dispensary, and a patient adherence tool. She collaborates with the marketing team, where she marries her passion for wellness education with purposeful design. Inspired by all things health, Michelle takes every opportunity she can to explore, talk, and write about new and exciting topics related to wellness.

Ally Franchi is the founder of Nurture Naturally Wellness Co., where she offers online nutrition consulting services and meditation classes. She creates holistic skincare and body products, ranging from serums, moisturizers, lip balm, deodorant, and essential oil blends. Ally is passionate about using whole foods, herbs, and stress management when working with her clients.

Sara Scherbakov-Coutts is the founder of Solace with Sara, where she offers online nutrition consultations, meal planning, and supplement support. She also practices nutrition at Inspirit Health Group, with a team of health practitioners specializing in alternative medicine. She combines the power of healing mind and body alongside nutrition education to help clients achieve optimal health.

Katherine Parent is the founder of Make Good Choices, where she offers personalized nutrition consultations, online courses, corporate nutrition services, and an online community. She educates her clients on the benefits of healthy nutrition and lifestyle. Katherine helps her clients discover the world of food and nutrition and how the right choices can eliminate pain, reduce stress, and increase vitality.

Fabian Low is the founder of Feast like a Sage, where he offers nutrition classes, cooking demos, and catering services all focused on nutrient-dense, delicious foods that appeal to various diets and unique lifestyles. He is a wellbeing facilitator, offering group coaching circles, events, and retreats on topics related to shadow work, tea appreciation, sacred ceremonies, tai chi, space creation, and more.