Kylie McGregor is the editor-in-chief at Well Daily, an online health publication that provides accessible, thoughtful, and inspiring content, based on the philosophy that eating well and feeling good should be simple. She hopes to share the knowledge she’s gained on her own journey, and encourage others to take control of their own health, wellness, and happiness.

Jason Yee practices nutrition with the Beyond Food Program, specializing in hair tissue mineral analysis, food intolerance testing, hormone testing, and more. He launched his career as a professional chef and transitioned to holistic nutrition after he resolved his personal health imbalances using nutrition. He is passionate about educating clients on culinary nutrition and how to create healthy meals for themselves.

Jill Jackson practices nutrition at TouchStone Health Clinic in Waterloo, Ontario. Her work with clients focuses not just on the importance of a healthy diet but also on the synergistic effect of considering lifestyle, environmental factors, and stress when creating a protocol. She specializes in digestive health, weight loss, sleep disturbances, energy, and stress.

Dallas Skopeleanos is the founder of Naked Nutrition, where she offers online nutrition consulting services. She is passionate about women’s health, specifically digestive and hormonal issues as well as the relationship women have with their bodies. Dallas created three programs to support her clients: Personalized Holistic Transformation, Digestive Wellness, and Back To Basics. These are designed for motivated women looking for a realistic, sustainable approach to improving their health.

Tahlia Sage is the founder of Tahlia Sage Wellness and partner at Healing House Natural Wellness. Her coaching practice helps clients achieve their wellness goals by embracing functional foods and healthy lifestyle changes. Tahlia teaches Nutrition & Health: The Fundamentals, Nutrition through the Lifespan, and Nutritional Symptomatology Part 1 at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Vancouver Campus.

Derek Simnett is the founder of Simnett Nutrition, an online nutrition consulting practice. He creates YouTube videos inspiring his 603k subscribers to reach their fitness and lifestyle goals through wholesome plant-based food and a natural approach to fitness and movement. Some videos have over 1 million views! Derek is passionate about fueling his mind and body through a vegan diet, and shares his knowledge through his eBook ‘Easy Vegan Muscle Meals.’

Ximena Cardenas is the founder of Glowlistica, where she practices as a neuro-abundance, manifestation, and success coach. She also incorporates holistic nutrition, public speaking, and hypnotherapy into her work with clients. Ximena is passionate about helping women build a successful life through private coaching, group programs, and special events.

Shelby Lewis is the founder of Shelby Lewis, where she practices as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and yoga instructor. She is a healthy chef for immersive yoga retreats and private clients, and as a community nutrition consultant. She has a particular interest in gastrointestinal, auto-immune, prenatal, postpartum, and family nutrition. Shelby also practices at LivWell Integrated Health in Squamish, British Columbia.

Ritu Sharma is the founder of Health Through Eyes, where she practices as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Iridologist, and Metabolic Coach. She is enthusiastic about making a difference in her clients’ lives by creating personalized, integrative health plans. Rita creates nutritious, vibrant recipes that she loves to share with her health community.

Tanya Kotsopoulos is the founder of Flower of Life Health, where she practices homeopathy and holistic nutrition. She is a front-line consultant at Riverdale Homeopathic Clinic and The Big Carrot Dispensary providing supplement and homeopathic counsel to Toronto’s east-end community. Tanya believes in the body’s ability to heal itself through food, homeopathic remedies, supplementation, and lifestyle choices.

Aaron Ander is the founder of Natural Path Healing, where he works with clients one-on-one to help them achieve their health goals through nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle protocols. Aaron also works as a health writer, and Board member, working to create equity in the community through good governance, supporting social non-profits, and health promotion.

Muneerah Shiraz is the founder of Wellness Redone, where she offers individual and corporate nutrition consulting services, educational articles on health topics, and nutrient-dense recipes. She is a passionate and engaging speaker, inspiring audiences to adopt healthy living practices through her wellness presentations.

Lisa Walker is the founder of Lisa Walker Nourished Life, where she practices as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. She offers private and group nutrition consulting along with a variety of health diagnostic tests, including hair tissue mineral analysis and food intolerance testing. Lisa uncovers all factors that may contribute to her clients’ health imbalances, and works with them to achieve their goals.

Dilshad Alvi is the founder of Regener8 Clinic, where he specializes in pain relief, allergies, nutrition and lifestyle consulting. He also offers services for sports acupuncture, massage therapy, and holistic dermatology. Dilshad works with his clients to improve the lives of those suffering from pain, allergies, digestive disorders as well as helping them achieve glowing, vibrant skin, all of which are often linked.

Crina Cretu is the founder of Health Flow Wellness, where she offers a variety of services rooted in holistic nutrition. Clients can schedule appointments for nutrition counseling, meal planning, hormonal health, digestive health, live blood cell analysis, mental and emotional health, and meditation. Crina also offers corporate wellness packages and online group programs.