Renée Haché is a restriction-free nutritionist and intuitive eating coach. Through her business, Salt And Spoon Wellness, she swaps her client’s wellness overwhelm for a better relationship with food via healthy hacks, body awareness, and utilizing their intuition. Renée is also a hormone specialist and consults on overcoming disordered eating, two components integral to experiencing feelings of freedom with food.

Lucy Frankel is the founder of It’s Alimentary Nutritional Counselling, embodying her belief that food literacy, sustainability, and eating well are integral parts in building a healthy community. While Lucy works with individuals dealing with a wide variety of conditions, she has a particular interest in children’s health and digestive disorders. She also runs interactive corporate workshops and is a health researcher.

Margot Tache is a nutritional consultant, wellness speaker, and holistic chef. Health and wellness talk clients of her business, Margot Tache, include school, companies, events, and more. Her focus is on enabling her workshop and 1-on-1 clients to live a life without adrenal fatigue, full of youthful energy, allowing them to stay consistent, motivated, and on the right track in both the short and long term.

Catherine Devos is a Personal Holistic Chef, creating traditional and fusion dishes. Through her business, Catherine Devos, she is booked solid for personal and professional events! She regularly runs private classes and 8 week cooking and nutrition programs. Catherine hosts in her home, school boards, townships, markets, and festivals. She has a free eBook “30 Reasons to Drink Green Smoothies.”

Diana Quartarone is the founder of Fine Feather Nutrition, which she created to lead families towards nutritional transformation, after transforming her own. By understanding her clients’ past and current needs, Diana develops plans to help families, and the individuals within them, to achieve their household and personal health goals. She offers nutrition education, and specialized sports nutrition consults.

Heather Allen is on a mission to support people to live their most vibrant and authentic life using real foods, real talks, and real connections. In her business, Heather Allen, she brings her clients to a place where they can ditch the diet mentality and rock their life. Heather provides 1-on-1 consultations, workshops, webinars, meal plans and group programs, and her website is full of recipes and blog posts.