Paula Anstett is a seeker of understanding. She challenges the status quo on a daily basis by constantly asking “why?” Determined for her choices to not only make sense but to also feel right, Paula was in constant search of information to help her navigate her internal conflict. It took, what she refers to as a train crash in her life, for her to realize that she was searching in the wrong place. The answers weren’t out there—they were within her. And so, the journey from her head to her heart began. This was a journey that required awakening her intuition—the place deep within that held the answers to all her questions; answers that would finally feel right.

Paula has been on a lifelong adventure involving change, learning, growth and healing. A graduate of the University of Waterloo and the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, she says that while she has learned and acquired great information in the classroom, she gained immense knowledge in life’s own classroom. She lives in Kitchener, Ontario with her greatest teacher, her daughter Annika.