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Nutritional Iridology CENIC

Instructor: Diane Blackburn PhD, DNM, Cert. IIPA Iridologist & Instructor

The science and art of Iridology is based on the careful observation of one of the most complicated tissue structure of the body – the eye. It is estimated that some 200 differentiating signs may be charted in the individual iris. The goal of the science and art of Iridology is to understand the essence of a client, to get to the root causes of dis-ease or disease and to help him/her return to or maintain health. This course is design to help the student understand Iridology in its many facets, and how to effectively use this art and science in clinical setting.

LOCATION: Vancouver Campus
SESSIONS: Weekend Intensive  June 7 – 9, 2019
Fri, Sat, Sun 9am-5pm (24 hours)

REQUIRED TEXT: Techniques in Iris Analysis, Textbook for Iridology, by Ellen Tart-Jensen

FEE: $475 + GST