Chela Long RYT, CNP

Chela received her Certified Nutritional Practitioner designation in 2017 from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Along with her nutrition education, Chela is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor. She has spent many years working in the wellness industry which has helped her experience first hand how a holistic lifestyle can truly impact health in a positive way. After starting her own wellness practice, Chela decided to return to IHN to help guide and inspire other health professionals on their own journey.

Chela is the Student Clinic Coordinator for the Vancouver Campus. With her knowledge and experience in clinical practice, she facilitates client intakes while matching clients with the ideal students based on their needs and area experience/interest. This ensures the best possible outcome for the client and student. From the onset and throughout Chela ensures that the clinical process runs smoothly and is there to support all involved parties. Along with facilitating the Student Clinic, Chela is an Academic Advisor and the Communications Coordinator for the Vancouver Campus.