The Book On Confidence: The Complete Guide to Standing Tall on the Inside

By Jane Durst Pulkys / Class of

What would you do if you felt nothing was holding you back from living your dreams and being the best you can be? In this book, Jane Durst Pulkys provides an in-depth look at how our past has shaped our lives today. Jane grew up a child with zero confidence, surrounded by eight brothers and sisters and struggling to find her self. After setting out on a personal mission to accrue total confidence, Jane now proudly lives with a renewed sense of joy and love for life.

This book shares many of the tools and techniques Jane herself used and prescribed to countless clients to help them stand tall and to take control of their lives. β€œIt is my personal goal for this book to teach people how to regain their self-worth β€” to expect the best, be the best, and to live their life with total confidence from the inside out,” says Jane Durst Pulkys.