Empowered by Food: Heal your hormones, balance stress and become unstoppable

By Ciara Foy / Class of 2006


You’ve never settled for the status quo. You know you need to make your health a priority so you can chase your dreams in a body you’re wild about. You also get that what you put in your body can make or break your day. But if all it took was another green smoothie, you would’ve reached your goal by now. The truth is, you don’t need another WHY. You just need a HOW. Empowered by Food: Heal Your Hormones, Balance Stress, and Become Unstoppable gives you that hearty dose of real, practical advice to unleash your energy and remind you what it means to take care of yourself…inside and out.

Whether you’re a high-level executive, a hustling entrepreneur, or a mom ready to get back into the workforce, Empowered By Food gives you no-nonsense, action steps to ditch perfectionism, love yourself healthy, and feel confident and energized in the boardroom—and the bedroom.