As part of our Continuing Education curriculum, we have two courses that examine supplementation from varied perspectives: Supplementation in Clinical Practice, with Baljinder Chhoker, and Therapeutic Nutrition and Supplementation in Practice, with Vanessa Peacock.

Both courses provide invaluable resources for health and wellness consultants/practitioners. Baljinder’s course instructs students on specific formulas, dosages, and online accessibility of these products. His course provides exact brands to look for and will increase your knowledge of current professional line products that are rigorously tested and widely recommended. Both courses teach from the framework of a condition and how utilizing nutraceuticals to support client needs, in accordance with biochemical individuality, creates better outcomes.

Vanessa’s course complements both clinical nutrition and orthomolecular principles. Her extensive training in Nutritional Medicine pivots the course slightly more towards a focus on therapeutic food with targeted supplement protocols. Vanessa’s material is not brand based but increases your skills set of choosing types of micro and macro nutrients with which to treat root causes. From a practitioner standpoint, both courses will distinguish you, by building on the knowledge you have acquired in your educational background.

Vanessa and Baljinder are experts in guiding practitioners through complex case and encourage in-depth discussions among registrants on client cases.

Certificate of Completion graduates enjoyed taking both courses to interact with faculty members 1:1 over an extended period of time, and earn dual clinical, nutrition and supplement architectures for building results-based protocols.