About The Opportunity

This is a call for talented writersthat you won’t find anywhere else! Our relationship with CanPrev had them reach out to us first with this exclusive ask. As Co-op partners, CanPrev lets us know that “they are always impressed with the quality of the graduating students” and through industry conferences and events, they have not yet met an IHN graduate who wasn’t exceptional.

CanPrev writes:

Our goal is to provide readers with top-tier education about various natural health topics. We are looking for strong writers with an in-depth nutrition background and solid understanding of how the body works.

  • Individuals must be able to effectively communicate big, complex concepts by breaking it down into easy-to-understand explanations for the everyday reader.
  • All pieces are ghostwritten on behalf of the CanPrev Team.
  • Most pieces will be content for CanPrev’s (and their other acquired company’s) popular blogs. There is likelihood that the work could evolve and expand to encompass other writing projects.  
  • Writers will be compensated on a flat fee.

About CanPrev 

CanPrev is a proudly Canadian company that grew out of a desire to make all natural medicines safe, effective and accessible to everyone. And for over fifteen years, we have focused on making the best possible products that informed patients and natural practitioners can use.

To Apply: email lotus@canprev.ca with your resume, writing samples and specialty topics. We are excited to connect, and love working, with IHN graduates!

Apply by: April 30th, 2021

Additional notes:

  • SEO experience is an asset.