Preet Bains CNP

Preet is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and graduate from IHN Vancouver, as well as a Certified Personal Trainer. She is passionate about empowering her clients to achieve their full potential and build a healthy and positive relationship with their body and food. In her private practice, Aura Holistic Health, Preet helps women heal from burnout and find balance in their daily lives. She realized through her own journey that the body has an innate desire to be well if you feed it the right nutrients and provide it some love. Preet is a firm believer that “The greatest wealth is health” and is actively involved in the community educating through seminars and group info sessions across the Lower Mainland. In her downtime Preet loves reading, learning, trying out new healthy recipes, gardening, playing sports, and enjoying the abundance of nature in and around Vancouver. Preet teaches Fitness and Sports Nutrition at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Vancouver campus.

  • FSN 013 Fitness and Sports Nutrition

    The main focus of this course is the role of nutrition in fitness and sports. Methods are focused on where nutrition can help maximize muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility; through building muscle and reducing fat. Techniques for guiding athletes in proper nutrition in training, and effective methods to prevent dehydration and sports related injuries due to insufficient nutrient levels. Real case studies are examined, exploring leading methods & techniques in optimizing sports performance with proper nutrition.