Tahlia Sage BSc., CNP

Tahlia Sage’s work focuses on the relationship between nutrition and the development and progression of metabolic and endocrine diseases. Tahlia Sage is the founder and the naturotherapist at Tahlia Sage Wellness, a health and wellness consulting practice that brings clients’ health back in balance naturally through natural health modalities, personalized assessments, and immersive therapeutic experiences. Tahlia has a Naturopathic Medicine Doctor’s degree from the Alternative Health College of Canada, Science Degree specializing in Food, Nutrition & Health at the University of British Columbia, and a Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Tahlia is currently pursuing a clinical herbalist diploma from Wild Rose Herbal College.

Tahlia is committed to providing her students with a deep understanding of the complex relationship between nutrition and chronic disease. She wants her students to understand symptoms are messages from the body’s innate intelligence that is directing you towards health. Tahlia teaches Nutrition through the Lifespan, Nutritional Symptomatology Part 1, and Nutritional Symptomatology Part 2 at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Vancouver Campus.

  • FN 001 Nutrition and Health: The Fundamentals

    An introduction to the principles of nutrition as they relate to health and to the prevention of disease. This course provides a framework for the study of the basics of nutrition including; micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), the energy-yielding nutrients (Carbohydrates, Lipids and Proteins), metabolism, digestion, absorption and energy balance. This course will also look at lipids in detail: their functions, classification, dietary requirements, digestion & absorption, metabolism and links to the major fatal diseases, heart disease and cancer.

  • NS 003 Nutritional Symptomatology Part I

    Understand the clinical assessment of nutritional status by interpreting physiological symptoms and their relationships to nutritional deficiencies and excesses. Learn the inter-relationships that exist between nutrients and how these play a critical role in determining optimal nutritional requirements. Students will develop foundational as well as specific protocols for balanced nutritional health. Students will understand how physiological symptoms reflect and determine one’s nutritional status. Students will learn the essential principles of biochemical individuality and how this plays a critical role in determining optimal nutritional requirements, specific nutritional deficiencies and toxicities.

  • NLS 010 Nutrition through the Life Span

    Nutrient needs and nutritional status are explored using a life span model. Areas of emphasis include growth and development, high risk pediatric groups, infant childhood allergies and diseases. Womens’ and Mens’ health concerns and the nutrition challenges faced by our aging society will also be examined.