* Open to all current students and graduating students
* Watch for requirements and prerequisites, if any—dependent on where you are in the program

to Apply:

• Read the Co-op/Practicum (C/P) and explore the website.
• Students are asked to send a short note of interest, your resume (if applicable) and your general availability or follow the instructions for applications when given.
• Let the contact know that you heard about the opportunity through IHN’s (C/P) emails.

Keep In Mind When Applying:

• Each location can be applied to at different times
• Almost all of them are year round with work detail dependent on the season!
• All have different application processes
• All have different start times, lengths of (C/P) hours, work schedules, experience details
• Most distant farms have accommodations and meals included for length of work/stay—review each one
• Contact the (C/P) partner listed directly for details
• You would be welcome at each
• IHN keeps (C/P)n this list that have received exceptional feedback from students

Have a C/P Not Listed?

• You are more than welcome, and encouraged, to seek an experience not listed here. IHN’s Online Diploma program, has had students look for Herbal, Farm & Retreat experiences closer to where they live.

Please reach out to your C/P facilitator for support when you find a location that you would like a placement at:

Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa + Online Eastern: theodore@instituteofholisticnutrition.com
Vancouver + Online Pacific: vancouver@instituteofholisticnutrition.com


Blue Grass Farm / Farms
*last update Feb 2022

Location: Jasper, ON (1 hour SW of Ottawa)
Contact: Leela Ramachandran at leela@bluegrassfarm.ca 343.542.1978
Accommodations and meals will depend on length of work. Details to be discussed in the interview.

Bluegrass Farm is a certified organic vegetable farm growing an innovative system of heated greenhouses. They help supply the region with fresh local produce nearly year-round. Most of their produce currently goes to supply Farmhouse Food, a local farmer cooperative offering multi-farm local food boxes to Ottawa-Gatineau. Bluegrass Farm is committed to protecting ecosystem health and growing a diversity of produce, with a focus on salad greens and garlic. They hold an organic certification with Ecocert Canada, meaning they grow everything in accordance with the Canadian Organic Standards.

Co-op student duties will depend on the time of year of their placement. Tasks will likely include planting and caring for plants in the greenhouses and/or fields; harvesting, cleaning and packing produce; pruning perennials; prepping soil for new plantings; and greenhouse maintenance.


Christel Lake Lavender / Herbal Medicine
*last update July 2023

Location: Greenbank, ON
Contact: Christel von Engelbrechten christel.lake.lavender@gmail.com 905.985.9060
Accommodations and meals can be included for length of work

Lavender, lavender and more lavender! This is IHN’s Toronto/Mississauga faculty member, Jennifer Papaconstantinou’s father’s farm! There is nothing you will not know about lavender when you leave this farm. A number of graduating students have participated in variety of work programs and reported that their experiences were wonderful! Like all of the other locations listed in this email, we receive positive and valuable experience feedback from students.


Crickhollow Gardens /Farms
*last update July 2023

Location: Neustadt, ON
Rosemary Crick rosemary@crickhollow.ca 519.369.0058
Accommodations and meals are not included however students are welcome to pitch a tent.

We love welcoming students from IHN to Crickhollow! Crickhollow is a farm and healing centre that operates on the principals of biodynamics and love consciousness.

Students will work with Rosemary, tasks include:

• Maintaining the perennial herb bed
• Planting, weeding, and harvesting the vegetable garden
• Creating a meditation walk through pine trees
• Maintaining the flower beds


Everdale Organic Farm & Environmental Learning Centre / Farms
*last update March 2022

Location: Hillsburgh, ON 
Contact: David Alexander 519.855.4859
Accommodations: Tenting in summer (May to October) is available. Students are responsible for their own meals.
Timing: One week stay is ideal for optimal learning (Monday to Friday) but day-long volunteer work is available.

See “Get Involved” page on their website for all information!

Everdale’s mission is to be a farm-based organization that provides hands-on, solution-based food and farming education to build and engage healthy local communities. To accomplish this we deliver a wide range of hands-on learning programs on food and farming to people of all ages and backgrounds.  The three main pillars of our work are:

Production Farm details, Farmer Training and School Programs—see website for details!


Glencolton Dairy Farm / Farms
*last update July 2023

Location: Durham, ON
Elisa Vander Hout glencoltonfarm@gmail.com 519.372.6570
Accommodations and meals included for length of work
Timing: minimum of 50 hours, each work day is 8-10 hours in duration. Placement can be tailored to any schedules.

Michael and Elisa have Master’s degrees in agriculture. They have collectively been biodynamic farming for over 40 years. Michael is an activist, international speaker, scholar, symphony conductor, musician, educator and arguably Canada’s most experienced and most famous biodynamic farmer. Michael has received national and international recognition and media coverage for his on-going (and very public) legal and political efforts to legalize raw milk and raw milk products. Learn the fundamental principles of spiritual, creative and quantum forces in bio-dynamic farming that incorporates these ‘dynamic forces of nature’ into organic farming. Participate in all organic farming processes and understand the interrelationship of the soil, plants and animals as a self-sustainable; self-nourishing system, with its participants having an impulse for deep social change rooted in the practice. There are always teaching, large social and musical events happening at Glencolton!


Ignatius Farm / Farms
*last update March 2022

Location: Guelph, ON 
Contact: Lisa Conroy farmeducation@ignatiusguelph.ca 519.824.1250 ext 244
Accommodations and meals not included for length of work
Timing: Commitments and work days are flexible, throughout the year.

Each year, Ignatius Farm takes on interns for the growing season. Volunteers are an integral part of our farm team. They are primarily focused on our Community Shared Agriculture project, a 19-acre organic vegetable operation that supplies produce to approximately 275 participating members. Interns may have further specializations throughout the farm. The hands–on opportunity is complemented by a structured learning program, participation in the CRAFT Ontario program, and involvement with the CSA community. We seek individuals who have a keen desire to learn about growing food organically, who are interested in building friendships and community, who are enthusiastic, curious, and open to new ideas. Successful applicants should anticipate working hard within a cooperative team environment.

Read more about our Guiding Principles to consider if our farm would be a good fit for you.


Lakehouse Lavender / Herbal Medicine
*have not heard back from reaching out in February 2022

Location: Conway, ON (near Napanee, across the water from Prince Edward County)
Contact: Alexa Colenbrander lakehouse.lavender@gmail.com 647.271.5266
Accommodations and meals for length of work/stay will vary
Timing: Co-op placement will be for a minimum of 50 hours, up to 100 preferred

We are a hobby farm with a passion for lavender! Our farm has 2000 lavender plants which we tend using organic practices, though we are not certified organic. We grow both English (culinary) and French lavender which we distill for essential oil to make our small (but growing!) product line available in our online store. Eventually we hope to offer weekend wellness retreats and special events in our heritage barn.

Responsibilities Include:

• Students will be involved in all aspects of growing, tending, harvesting, and propagating lavender
• Harvesting of lavender for distillation
• Product development in areas of interest using lavender essential oil, dried bud, and stems
• Responsibilities may include selling products at Kingston market on occasion in July and August
• The work will be collaborative in nature
• The work day will generally be 6-8 hours in duration, with some flexibility
• Our busy time is July and August – schedule to be negotiated.
• Students shall be responsible for supplying the following: rain gear, sunscreen and hat, gardening gloves, etc.
• Own car is an asset
• Creativity is an asset


Lifespring Organic Farm / Farms
*last updated July 2023

Location: Janetville, ON
Contact: Anastasia Parkes by phone at 705.878.3363 or email lifespringorganics@gmail.com (preferred first contact by email)
Accommodations and meals for length of work/stay 

We are caregivers of this gorgeous 100 acre Beyond-Organic farm in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes region, where we live with many companion animals. We grow, raise, and sell our own beef, vegetables, eggs and our Scottish Highland cows, as well as some truly wonderful health products.

Please read Anastasia’s bio. You will be incredibly impressed! Here is a bit of it, “I am a Certified Bowen Health Therapist, Certified in Applied Nutrition, Energy Psychology, Wellness Consultant and Health Coach who has worked in the Health Industry for the past 30 years across Canada, the U.S. & Europe.” Farmer Ken has worked with Radionics, Homeopathy machines, muscle testing, the latest health inventions, growing, etc. for over 40 years.

The Co-op includes (but is not limited to) caring for animals, feeding, training, brushing, cleaning up and ensuring safety, assisting with Highland Tours; Learning methods of free-range chicken/cow farming; learning methods of biodynamic and organic fruit and vegetable farming, soil building. (working towards permaculture!); starting your garden, planting, weeding, harvesting!; Greenhouses: seeding, weeding, watering, bed prep, picking. Prep for and help out at Farmers’ markets!; Assisting with or preparing organic dinners; Repairing fences, building projects, regular farm duties; working with farmers and other volunteers.

Year round farming. Students welcome anytime. Work varies on season. There’s a volunteer suite, trailer, or tenting to stay in.

Soft rolling fields and forest, an incredible view, large spring fed ponds for swimming, it’s a little bit of a Paradise here at LifeSpring Farm.


Meadowsweet Farm / Farms
*last updated January 2023

Location: Gormley, ON
Melanie at mel@meadowsweetfarm.ca 

Meadow Sweet Farm is a 65-acre, four-season, certified organic farm. We specialize primarily in salad mixes and heirloom vegetables. Our salad is available at a number of retail stores across the GTA. Our goal is to produce delicious, nutritious, organic produce and run our farm on sustainable rotations. We are willing to cater Co-ops to align with your interests, achieve your goals and develop your skill sets. We also have llamas, cows, pigs, chickens and peacocks, etc.

Co-op tasks include but not limited to:

• Greenhouses: seeding, weeding, watering, bed prep, picking, etc.
• Field Work: seeding, weeding, compost, bed prep, picking, etc.
• Livestock assist with daily care
• Farm Maintenance: Learn what it takes to really run a farm! (a portion to be included in all Co-ops)


Moondance Organic Gardens / Farms
*last updated March 2022

Location:  Angus, ON 
Contact: Kimberley Keckes mogfarm@gmail.com 
Off-site accommodations and meals preferred but open to a conversation about on-site accommodations and meals included for length of work/stay.
Timing: Placement can be tailored to any of the following schedules with varied commitment. The most ideal timing though, based on projects and overall experience, is 4 weeks.

Moondance Organic Gardens is a family market garden farm who started the dream of growing in 2001. The farm is fourth generation, run by Kim and her husband. Kim has a degree in psychology and Phys Ed and worked in a hospital as a horticultural therapist! From an empty farm field, Kim and her whole family have worked towards creating a biodiverse healthy environment which supports growing healthy food and people. The CSA and Market Stand would not be possible without the help of so many amazing volunteers and WWOOFers that have come to be part of the gardens.

Key Points About the Farm:

• The farm is highly community oriented with a vegetable basket program, offers a farm club membership, an on-site market stand, and a children’s program
• Students will be involved in all aspects of organic farming, applying organic and biodynamic principles to ensure a high quality local organic food source, such as working in the greenhouse and fields transplanting, weeding, seeding, harvesting, etc., as well as opportunities for teaching/sharing about nutrition, food preparation, herbs and living a healthy lifestyle


Sentimental Farm / Farms
*last updated March 2022

Location: Grimsby, ON
Rob or Chris Croley info@sentimentalfarm.com 905.309.7096
Accommodations and meals for length of work/stay will vary, no overnights

At Sentimental Farm our mission is quite simple: to provide people the opportunity to take control of their food, the chemicals they are exposed to and provide a means to reconnect with a lifestyle that is being lost. Food free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Food that has not been genetically modified or engineered.  Everyday products free from harmful chemicals. Basically, we want to provide you with the option of living the way you would like to.

Responsibilities Include:

• Students can help with the courses taught and all of the work to produce vegetables, herbs, eggs and fruit!
• Any student doing a Co-op with Sentimental would be required to attend one of our “Backyard Farming” courses (free of charge).
• Year round farming. Students welcome anytime. Work varies on season. 
• All the basics of growing organically will be taught—a fair bit of knowledge is passed on in the course of normal conversation.
• The minimum hours Sentimental would like to have a student for is 30. Anything less than that tends to not lead to understanding the concepts of the farm.
• Work hours are generally 6 hours per day 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, but there is some flexibility.
• We keep bees, so students may, depending on the season, have the opportunity to learn about them first-hand. 
• We also keep Nigerian Dwarf goats, so students wishing to gain some experience with animal husbandry would have the opportunity to work with the goats.  Milking, hoof-trimming, mucking stalls and in rare cases birthing kids.


Susan Elliotson Medical Herbalist / Herbal Medicine
*last update July 2023

Location: 3 Millview Court, Caledon, ON
Susan Elliotson ElliotsonE@Sympatico.ca (prefers email, phone number not listed)
Accommodations and meals not included for length of work—45-55 minute drive from the Mississauga campus

Susan takes Co-op students all year long! She runs a busy practice and must fulfill orders/protocols 12 months of the year. The student will see the practical aspect (record keeping) of maintaining a herbal practice. Susan taught Herbal Medicine at IHN for over a decade and now teaches our Advanced Herbal Therapeutics Continuing Education course. The type of work a Co-op student would do with plants and herbals depends on the season.

Responsibilities Include:
• Production of tinctures and development of herbal remedies from seedlings, soil preparation, planting, managing the garden right to harvest, drying to the making of herbal medicines
• You’ll learn how to use herbals in practice and understanding the extent of herbal practices
• A day could consist of orientation, harvesting, weeding, digging and processing. Because of the nature of medicinal plants, harvesting and weeding are often combined so a morning could consist of weeding and harvesting, depending on the herb involved. All weeding, harvesting, digging or processing (or winter season work) will include discussion of the plants worked with, their properties and actions, both medicinal and horticultural.
• Susan will let you know what to wear and bring as well.


Thyme Again Gardens / Farms
*last update July 2023

Location: Carrying Place, ON (Prince Edward County area)
Contact: Lorraine Schmid is a CNP and has developed an absolutely exceptional Organic Farm and Bed & Breakfast
hello@thymeagain.com | 613.394.1139

Timing: Co-op placement will be for a minimum of 5 consecutive days. The work day will generally be 6 to 8 hours in duration.

Placements are available April through October. Students will be involved in all aspects of organic farming, applying organic and biodynamic principles to ensure a high quality local organic food source for customers and own consumption (including for on-farm B&B).

Overnight accommodations were available prior to 2020 but given the current Covid situation, and restrictions on short term accommodations in Prince Edward County, we are unable to provide any overnight accommodation (in a tent, in our trailer, or in our B&B) — meaning volunteers would need to stay off-site and report to the farm each work day. A delicious, holistic lunch is provided free of charge. Students are responsible for their own breakfast and dinner arrangements.

Responsibilities Include:

• Vegetable Gardening
Animal Husbandry
• Value Added Post Production; Collecting herbs; Making teas and salves; Making breads, salsas, jams and other preserves and baked goods, using on-farm ingredients and applying principles of holistic nutrition
• Project; Students will be expected to complete a nutrition project (for example: research, prepare and deliver a Kitchen Table Talk; or, develop seasonal recipe and nutritional fact sheet; or other – top be discussed prior to placement
• Students shall be responsible for supplying the following: Rain gear, Gardening gloves, Appropriate footwear, Cold Weather gear, Other – to be discussed prior to placement


Wheelbarrow Farm / Farms
*last updated July 2023

Location: Sunderland, ON
Contact: Tony Neale or Debbie Kinoshita wheelbarrowfarm@gmail.com 647.335.3190
Accommodations and meals for length of work/stay will vary. (Must pre-book room minimum a month in advance. The minimum stay is 1 week.)

Volunteering at Wheelbarrow Farm typically involves committing to a minimum 2 week stay at the farm. During your stay, you will live and work alongside the farmers, managers and apprentices. We offer a private room or cabin and food is provided. You are expected to work 6 hours/day, 5 days a week.

Day volunteering is also an option during the summer months. While we encourage a longer commitment (as some training will be required in advance) we can arrange for you to come up for the day only, throughout the season. We also have public volunteer days during the growing season. Please contact us with your availability and interest, we appreciate all helping hands.

Join our lively crew of young farmers excited about creating a sustainable and restorative agriculture!

This is a great link to their Employment, Apprenticeship and Volunteer page!


Whole Village / Farms
*last update June 2023

Location: CSA 20725 Shaws Creek Road, Caledon, ON 
Primary Contacts: Vesna Nikolic vesna.nikolic5@gmail.com + Carrie Rubel carrierubel@gmail.com 519.942.4010
Overnight accommodations and meals are included for short or extended lengths of work/stay

There are many opportunities for IHN students at Whole Village (WV)! WV is an eco-village just one hour drive north of Toronto in beautiful hill of Caledon, on a 191 acre organic farm. We wish to extend the learning and working opportunities to IHN students who are interested in hands-on learning about all aspects of regenerative agriculture, organic food growing and what it’s like to live in an Eco-village! There are currently 25 full-time residents at this farming and housing co-operative.

Whole Village is preparing to launch the extended volunteer/education program for 2022 season. Potential IHN Co-op student placement is seen as aligned with Whole Village’s aim to increase food production towards self-sufficiency, to continue with its land regeneration and to provide tools and motivation to others who are interested in living healthy and sustainable lives, in harmony with nature.

Timing: Various programs are available, dependent on the seasonal needs of Whole Village and flexibility of IHN Students. There are half-day or full-day programs, where students will commit to specific time and days for a period during the growing season of May to October.

Lunch is provided for both full and half-day commitments. There is also a live-in and immersive program, where students will receive room and board (vegan/vegetarian options available). Wifi is available for usage during your stay in the common areas as well as the library. The immersive program allows students to be included in all aspects of community life and will be assigned specific duties to support Whole Village’s mission.

Responsibilities, depending on the placement, may include the following:

• Biodiverse agriculture including planting, composting, weeding, mulching, invasive species removal, harvesting, hay collection, and creating and maintaining paths and garden beds
• Caring for our vegetable gardens, fruit trees, berry bushes, perennial flower beds and tree plantations
• Animal husbandry including care of chickens and cows
• Farm handiwork including wood collection, tool repair, barn preparation
• Learning the principles of holistic food preparation including meal preparation canning, fermentation, freezing, drying
• Event development for community celebrations and social activities



Cherry Lane Farm Farms
*last updated July 2023

Location: 9571 Beckwith Rd, Richmond, BC
Contact: Miles Smart at theboss@cherrylanefarms.com
Accommodations and meals not included for length of work/stay, but volunteers are welcome to crops produced on the farm May through to November.
Timing: While you’ll learn the most from a full season, volunteers are welcome to join us down at the farm Monday to Saturday 9-5 from May through November. 

Cherry Lane Farm is the small family farm in North Richmond that seems to be close to everything. The farm was started by Miles’ grandparents in the mid 50s who operated a fruit stand for many years on Bridgeport Road. We’re famous for our organic heirloom peppers, edible flowers, herbs, and greens that we grow for over 25 of the best restaurants around Vancouver. New and exciting at our place is that we’re experimenting with traditional Chinese medicinal herbs and are currently undergoing the second year of our organic certification.

We strive to show our volunteers how to grow healthy prodigious crops hand in hand with nature. Things we’d love help with, include caring for transplants, planting and seeding a wide variety of herbs and vegetables, weeding, watering, harvesting and packing produce, as well as brainstorming and helping to implement marketing strategies. Feel free to get in touch so that you can drop by and see what we’re up to!


Farmers on 57thFarms
*last updated July 2023

Location: On the grounds of George Pearson Centre, 780 West 57th Avenue 
Contact 1: Karen Ageson CSA Farmer & Market Garden Manager
Accommodations and meals not included for length of work/stay.

In exchange for a weekly commitment, volunteers learn small scale agriculture skills and are invited to share the “farmer’s take” of veggies.

Timing: Ideally students enroll in our Urban Farming Volunteer Learning Program for a full season’s exposure to food growing. Urban Farming Learning Program Volunteers commit to 4-6 hours per week March to October.

Placements are conditional on shift availability with intake throughout the growing season as shifts become available. Farmers on 57th also has a Grow Your Own Food Course, supports Community Garden Plots and Therapeutic Programming with George Pearson Centre Residents and newly-arrived families. Volunteers with the Market Garden in the Urban Volunteer Learning Program may have exposure to our other programs, but will primarily join our field crew (which has its own therapeutic elements to it).

With Farmers on 57th, you will learn about soil health: nutrient balancing, composting, soil erosion, and cover crops. You will expand your knowledge on crop rotation, irrigation system, beneficial organisms, and organic pest control. You will also learn skills in preparing your own garden and how to troubleshoot problems as they arise. There are opportunities to contribute writing, recipes and photos to our website, blog and social media channels.


Southlands Farm /Farms
*last update July 2023

Location: Vancouver, BC
Contact: info@southlandsfarm.ca 604.261.1295
Accommodations and meals not included for length of work/stay

Southlands Heritage Farm includes a working, educational farm, a non-profit therapeutic riding program, as well as a riding school. Their goal with the farm is to: Grow, Educate, and Protect. To grow quality food following agroecological principles; to provide sustainability, farm and food education through empowering people of all ages with traditional skills and knowledge; and to protect and preserve the Agriculture and Land Reserve (ALR) in BC by advocating and supporting other local farmers and food producers.

Responsibilities Include:
• Assisting with weekly farmers market (seasonal): collecting eggs, harvesting, preparing produce for sale, preparing weekly recipe ideas with farm ingredients, cooking samples of prepared produce to provide inspiration for customers, share knowledge of holistic nutrition and what you are learning. This can also extend into marketing through various channels to help spread the word and draw more people to the market days.
• Help create a Southlands Heritage Farm cookbook: assist the owner of the farm to create a cookbook showcasing recipes that highlight our farm produce – this would include researching nutritional facts etc.
• Research holistic remedies and treatments for our animals: We love our animals at the farm and they work hard for us! We would love to find holistic remedies, and treatments that are safe and beneficial so that we can spoil them with love.
• Help with our Market Gardens: weeding, preparing the soil, planting seeds, transplanting, watering, harvesting and everything else that is involved in growing delicious, locally grown produce. This is a seasonal opportunity, however, we are also interested in building ‘cold frames’ for winter growing which could be a great IHN project!
• Prepare products for sale at markets: making jam, baked goods, tomato sauce, apple sauce or cider, dried herbs, pickled goods, or even beauty products – the options are endless and we are always open to ideas!


Terra Nova Nature School / Farms
*last updated July 2023

Location: Richmond, BC
Contact: Emily and Kate at natureschool@richmond.ca 604.238.8437
Accommodations and meals not included for length of work/stay
Timing: Hours are flexible, but require a weekly commitment for 4-6 weeks

The mission of Terra Nova Nature School is to connect young children with their community and the outdoor landscape by offering direct experiences with nature and gardening on the Terra Nova Rural Parklands.

From Emily & Kate: “We believe that the whole community benefits when children learn to value and recognize our natural resources; participate in the cultivation of a local food system; and represent their knowledge, ideas and perspectives in a multitude of ways.”

Responsibilities include:

• Assist with planting, garden care and maintenance of raised beds
• Caring for the eco-systems of Terra Nova Rural Park alongside the children
• Collaborating with facilitators to plan and execute education programs around gardening, food and nutrition


UBC Farms / Farms
*last updated July 2023

Location: Vancouver, BC

One of our Vancouver students completed an internship with the Indigenous Gardens of the University of British Columbia (UBC) back in 2018, but since 2019 we have not had a direct contact to reach out to. Their website for volunteering is pretty thorough though!



Verte Sante / Herbal Medicine / Farms
*last update March 2022you’ll have to read/speak French

Location: St-Eustache, Quebec.
Marie-José Minard jardins.verte.sante@gmail.com 514.527.5059
Accommodations and lunch meals for length of work/stay will vary
Immersion Experience fees run from $250 to $800 a week depending on the length of stay and the accommodations chosen, that range from camping to private room

Timing: Weekends and 1-2 week Immersions Experiences; internships range from 1 to 6 months

Take a look at their website for all details:



Anamaya Body Mind & Spirit Resort | Rancho Delicioso / Retreats
*have not heard back from reaching out in February 2022

Location: Southern Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
Contact: Email Geoff McCabe and ask if there are any opportunities available at either location *just* in case there may be volunteer@ranchodelicioso.com

How To Apply/Approach: Anamaya’s volunteer opportunities as well as another property owned by Geoff McCabe’s Rancho Delicioso’s former internship—interesting to understand when seeking out international Co-ops Rancho Delicioso’s volunteer opportunities

ANAMAYA Website | RANCHO Website

Gracious Living / Retreats
*preferred retreat training, Co-op partner
*last update June 2023

Location: Gracious Living Oasis, Northern Nicaragua
Contact: Grace Van Berkum at grace@gracevanberkum.com

IHN is proudly offering their collaboration with GLO in 2022, and beyond, with new extended work/learn terms that navigate 2022’s international travel restrictions.

IHN and GLO have been working together for almost 7 years, with terrific success, and have developed a new structure to support a most immersive work/learn experience.

• Co-op opportunities run monthly from April to September.
• Each Co-op month is open to two students, who will share a room.
• Students can decide which month is best for them provided there is room at GLO.
• Earn 30 – 40 hours of required Co-op time per week with 1 day a week off
• Work either 5 hours a day/6 days a week or 8-10 hours a day/4-5 days a week


Hawaiian Sanctuary / Retreats
*have not heard back from reaching out in February 2022

Location: Pāhoa, Hawaii
Contact: grow@hawaiiansanctuary.com 808.657.7771
Have a look at all of the Internships Tracks. All of these would apply to Co-op hours for IHN: Yoga Apprentice Track, Empowerment Track, Kitchen Ninja Track, Permaculture SuperHero Track.

Hawaiian Sanctuary expressed their ideal, that students stay for 30 days minimum at the Hawaiian Sanctuary (for any intern stream) with a preference being given to those who can do 60 days. They would be more than happy to hear from IHN graduating students! They are very welcoming and their space is extraordinary! Please note there are costs associated with this opportunity (meals/accommodation).


Jiwa Damai Organic Garden and Retreat Centre / Retreats
*last update March 2022

Location: Mekar Buana, Banjar Bindu, Badung – Bali
How To Apply/Approach: See internships page with all details.

Jiwa Damai is a hands-on, socially responsible organic garden, retreat and educational center. Jiwa Damai is situated on 4 hectares of land amidst lush tropical vegetation in the heart of Bali. We provide a sanctuary in an idyllic and powerful environment where people can experience tranquility and re-connect to the life-giving qualities of the earth. It is a meeting place for people from all over the world to find and initiate peace, to learn from each other and the land. Our agro-permaculture garden is organically certified and created with much heart. We do not keep livestock.

Jiwa Damai’s/Lagu Damai internship program is intended to be of mutual benefit to both the Foundation and the intern. We request participants to propose a project of interest that aligns with the values of Jiwa Damai/Lagu Damai, as well as with the learning goals of the intern. The cross-cultural interaction and tropical climate will give an extra dimension to any internship undertaken with us. Students will have access to local and/or international experts in their respective fields.


Navdanya / Farms
*last update March 2022

Location: India

Navdanya Biodiversity Conservation Farm and Earth University is located in Ramgarh Village, 23 km from the center of Dehradun city in Uttarakhand, Northern India. It is a one-hour bus ride from the city of Dehradun, which is a 5-hour express train ride from Delhi.

Complete description and application for Navdanya’s Earth University

This is one of the most heroic and distinguished farms in the world, founded by Dr. Vandana Shiva. She has been called one of the 8 most influential women on our planet today—exposing the dangers of genetic modification. Navdanya means “nine seeds” (symbolizing protection of biological and cultural diversity) and also the “new gift” (for seed as commons, based on the right to save and share seeds In today’s context of biological and ecological destruction, seed savers are the true givers of seed. This gift or “dana” of Navadhanyas (nine seeds) is the ultimate gift – it is a gift of life, of heritage and continuity. Conserving seed is conserving biodiversity, conserving knowledge of the seed and its utilization, conserving culture, conserving sustainability.


The Healing Cuisine / Retreats
*last update March 2022

Location: Toronto, Costa Rica and Toronto
Contact: Joanne Gerrard Young thehealingcuisine@gmail.com

Joanne Gerrard Young is an incredible practitioner and educator. Her story is amazing as is her business. Joanne would run Co-op opportunities with us but has recently become so popular that she has a waitlist of students who want to get some experience with her. The best thing to do is take a look at her website and connect with her to see if there are any retreats or ANY other work or projects that she could use support in. IHN suggests that students offer her any number of hours that she requires, that you are comfortable with, since we understand that immersions with Joanne are ideal!

Email her, introduce yourself and let her know that you heard of her through IHN. Send your resume along with your note of interest to have her consider you!


Viva La Raw Project / Retreats
*last update March 2022 

Location: Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica
Important Preliminary Requirement: If interested, email Theo at theodore@instituteofholisticnutrition.com to set up a short call to determine if this placement will be a good fit due to its unique off-the-grid fully vegan nature

Contact: Eric Rivkin EMrivkin@gmail.com and ask if he is still accepting Co-op students, where you heard about him and if he can send you an application form
Contact: Also try to reach out to him through his personal Facebook page linked below

Join our forming permaculture farm for a unique eco-experience in an optimal healthy, high prana, tropical, sustainable environment. For the period of your participation, your personal goals are integrated with shared goals to foster a rewarding and co-creative experience for all. Minimum stay for Participants is 30 Days at $400 per month. Includes: Daily basic whole food, plant-based meals and fresh fruit snacks.

A sheltered and raised bamboo tent platform, camping style tent, mattress, sheets, blanket, towel.  (You may bring your own backpacking tent, bedding, mattress)

Learning experiences with making healthy, plant-based farm-to-table cuisine, permaculture farm lifestyle, gardening, eco-building, furniture or internet projects.

Website | Facebook

*last update March 2022

WWOOF is short for “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms” and provides opportunities for sustainability, permaculture, agriculture, horticulture and more! You can WWOOF locally in Canada, or travel for this experience. Just navigate the WWOOF website to learn more!

How it works:
To access the farms in a particular country you need to join as a member. For example if you want to see all of the farms in the United States (includes Hawaii and Puerto Rico of course) the fee is $30.00 US/$35 CDN. Another example is for Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Belize. To view all of the farms and choose the one you want to work in—the fee is $33 US/$38 CDN

Each country has their OWN website and their own membership fee. Choose a country you are interested in exploring and become a member to begin your search!

WWOOF is popular since it is internationally recognized, professional, safe and offers exceptional experiences.


Workaway / Farms & Cultural Exchanges
*last update April 2023

Workaway provides opportunities for sustainability, permaculture, agriculture, horticulture, education, animal welfare and more! You can Workaway locally in Canada, or travel to 1 of 170 countries for this experience. Just navigate the Workaway website to learn more!

How it works:
To access the farms and cultural exchanges worldwide, you need to join as a member. To sign up as an individual, the fee is $39.00 US/~$52 CDN. You can also sign up as a couple/two friends for a combined fee of $59.00 US/~$80 CDN.

Choose a country you are interested in exploring and become a member to connect with Workaway hosts!

Workaway is the largest cultural exchange community (50,000+ opportunities worldwide) and is internationally recognized, professional, safe and offers exceptional experiences.