Student Spotlight June 6 2023

1. What brought you to study Holistic Nutrition at IHN?

It was during covid when I was out of a job, and bored in the house as so many of us were that I started to explore more of my hobbies and interests. I signed up for an online cooking class through Forks Over Knives learning about plant based cooking and loved diving deeper into knowledge. Doing assignments, I knew I wanted to learn more. Afterwards I started reading books such as The F*** it Diet, and Eating on the Wild Side and then realized a career in holistic nutrition might be the perfect fit.

2. What course has been your favourite so far, and why?

It’s actually the course I am currently taking, Psychology of Disease. It’s been fascinating to connect past trauma, habits, and negative thoughts and realizing how they can affect the body. Realizing the impact we can make on our bodies through not only nutrition, but self care benefits of journaling, meditation, yoga, sound baths, nature walks, and honest communication is amazing. Until we get down to root emotions, nutrition can only go so far when looking at full body healing.

3. Describe your best experience at IHN so far?

Honestly, meeting all the amazing people! So diverse and inspiring to find so many different people interested in similar aspects of holistic nutrition. We were all brought to IHN for vast reasons and yet we all want to help make an impact in this world.

4. What professions have you worked in prior to enrolling at IHN?

As a young teen I worked at an art gallery, and when I moved to BC I became a Makeup Artist for over 6 years and recently been at a family owned gift shop for the last 4 years.

5. What degrees or academic achievements did you have prior to IHN?

Forks Over Knives Ultimate Plant Based Cooking Course Certification Small Business Program at Vancouver Community College Diploma at Vancouver Film School for Makeup for Film and Television

6. What are your goals/aspirations as a CNP?

I hope that I can live it, be it, and share holistic nutrition with the world. If I can help make a difference in someone’s life-even if it’s small-then I will have done it. I have an Instagram page @ihartplantbased where my goal is to help inspire people to add a little more plant based into their life. I’m hoping to have a clinical practice, as well as bridge my love of food by having online Zoom cooking classes focusing on different issues while making nutritious meals together.

7. What has been your personal best achievement?

May sound weird, but my best achievement is creating the life I have always wanted. Wanted to find my soulmate, travel the world, have a dog, and have a job that I love. Last June I married my best friend, and we have been lucky to travel throughout Canada, USA, Spain, and Morocco together and hope for Japan next year. We have the cutest French bulldog named Milo. I truly believe I am on the right track of having a job that will fulfill me.

8. What is something you overcame in your life, that you didn’t think you could?

Recently, I have been working at a deeper level to help with my lack of confidence and seeing where the root of that issue lies. I was bullied as a child and was always trying to find ways to fit in. When you’re in your thirties, those feelings of insecurity don’t leave unless you address them. Doing daily yoga, going to sound baths, joining a Sacred Circle Women’s group, journaling, and eating nutritious and delicious vegan meals have helped me. Realizing I am awesome and that there is no one else like me. Stepping into the role I was meant to do and owning it.

9. What is something about you that would surprise people?

I do tend to be an open book so not sure there would be anything that would surprise people too much. I do hold my pen and write in a unique way. It was actually the main reason for my bullying at a young age! I am a huge NFL football fan (love Andy Reid – GO CHIEFS).