Institute of Holistic Nutrition
North York Campus
18 Wynford Drive, Suite 514

Date and Time


6:00 – 9:30 pm (or later)


$23 + HST (payment due upon registration)

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Call 416.386.0940 or email


Presenter: Hawks Shadow, Tracker & Philosopher

This on campus evening event was postponed.

Check back for a new date soon!

The New Hawks Shadow Evening Event is scheduled to run once this year at the North York campus only.

Fire spreads light out into the dark forest surrounding you. Shadows begin to dance, given life by its flickering glow. Your eyes scan the tree line just beyond the reach of your flashlight.  A thought grows within your mind and suggests that somewhere, within that darkness, something is watching you, daring you to leave the security of the fire. You glance at the faces of those in your company and notice that they too seem apprehensive when glancing at the places where the fires light can not reach. Not one person admits to the fear which begins to encapsulate them.

Imagine if I should ask you to leave the warmth of the fire, and walk into the darkness of the forest surrounding you. A place of shadows and questions. What would you do?

Society has placed handcuffs on your soul and it is your job to break free and feel what it is to live, moment by moment. Expectations destroy your experience, fear keeps you chained and your logical mind controls you as a puppet on a string. The elders have stories which they wish to share. Let’s see what they have to say.  I invite you to take a walk with me into the shadows beyond the fires embrace.

About the Evening:

During the evening, Hawks will teach you how to enter the natural spaces without expectation and without prejudice.

You will learn basic animal behaviours and habits which will allow you to blend and flow through their world with as little disruption to them as possible. Like animals, humans exhibit similar behaviours and habits. These lessons will become relevant when they are brought into the context of a contemporary lifestyle at home and in your practice.  Hawks will also discuss the best way to prepare yourself with essentials, in any season, when adopting an active “small or big” nature exploration. However, the primary focus for the evening will be an open discussion on fear and how to eradicate it from your heart and mind when you enter the forest. Applied in the urban realm, these principles will help you to walk placidly amidst the noise and haste so you can truly hear what your instincts, and ancestral knowledge, are saying.

There are times, while wandering within the darkness of the woods when I have felt that I am being followed and or pushed. These are times when the ancient ones come out to see who is willing to learn. Perhaps, on this evening, they may show up to lend a voice to ours as we discuss the world of the wild ones. – Hawks Shadow

About the Presenter

As a young boy, I spent the majority of my time wandering around in the forest which was literally at my back door.  Every step I took through that world was one of discovery and enlightenment. I learned to interact with that world without bias and fear. The forest became my real home and the world created by man became something I had to tolerate until my moccasins once again left their print on a forest trail. Many years have passed since I first roamed the forests of my youth. Nothing in my heart has changed. I have learned the ways of the wild ones for the soul purpose of being at home where they roam. I have never been comfortable surrounded by the cement encased world which is expanding at an alarming rate. I have taught the quiet wisdom of the wild ones for well over thirty years, trying to mitigate the rampant fear which separates people from truly understanding the natural world which sustains them. The hawk is my teacher, I am its shadow.