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JANUARY 22, 2021

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Presenter: Lisa Pitel-Killah FDNP, HTMAP

Part of IHN’s Post Grad Online Lectures SeriesPractitioner Level Content

As practitioners we know that chronic fatigue, brain fog, lack of focus, insomnia, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, weight gain, inability to lose weight, hormone imbalance, GI dysbiosis, anxiety and depression can all be symptoms of mineral imbalances.

We learned decades ago that the basic concepts related to HTMA show us how mineral imbalance induced by stress could lead to thyroid, adrenal, cardiac, glucose and other health problems, months or years before a blood serum test will. HTMA is advanced testing for cellular mineral levels & stored heavy metals, it serves as a blueprint for intelligent nutritional programming and detoxification protocols to erase debilitating symptoms, regain energy and live better.

What Will You Learn?

You will gain a deeper understanding of the key first level macro-minerals and their interrelationships, as well as toxic metals and what those might mean to the body. You will be provided insights on the significant ratios, what their levels mean and how they identify overall cellular functioning. Then you will acquire knowledge about the current epidemic of Copper Toxicity and Calcium Shell, not only looking at the implications of chronic stress contributing to these patterns, but also how these patterns may present as psychological issues for the individual.

“Minerals are the spark plugs of life” ~~ Dr. Henry Schroeder.

Key Topics

• The history and relevance of HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis)
• The nature of HTMA and what factors affect dynamic mineral patterns
• The “Big 4” minerals; calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium
• Secondary minerals; copper, zinc, selenium and iron
• Oxidation rates and the alarm stages of stress, as identified on HTMA
• Conditions associated with specific oxidation rates
• Nutrition based evaluations once oxidation rates have been identified
• Toxic metals and how they appear on HTMA
• Significant ratios; how they identify the underlying cellular functioning in the body
• Copper Toxicity, the epidemic, how to identify it and what it means to the individual
• Calcium Shell, what causes it and what to do about it

Key Reasons to Attend this Lecture

• Gain valuable insight into the basics of HTMA and what this test may bring to light for clients
• Attendees will have a deeper understanding of the dynamic mineral patterns and how they may be responsible for the root cause of many health issues today
• Based on the history and studies from the pioneers of HTMA Dr. Eck and Dr. Watts, you will learn the relevance of HTMA and what it could mean for clients

Attendees’ Gifts & Engagement

Pop Quiz Prizes: 500mL bottle of Vykon’s signature liquid 10+probiotic*, 60 caps of Vykon’s 100% pure Magnesium Glycinate* and Vykon gear* Retail value $79 each.

Deluxe Prizes: 900g Vykon New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate* or 900g Vykon Organic Brown Rice Protein Concentrate*, 1L bottle of Vykon’s signature liquid 10+probiotic*, 336g bottle of Vykon’s Vegan sourced Branched Chain Amino Acid + Hydrator* and Vykon gear* Retail value $199 each.

GRAND PRIZE DRAW: Initial HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) test with Lisa PItel-Killah + 75-minute consultation review session AND a 90 day Vykon Custom supplement*. Retail package value $700 (winner drawn during the LIVE lecture)

*All gifts and prizes will be directly dropped shipped to your door! Shipping address must be in Canada.

About the Presenter

Lisa Pitel-Killah, FDN-P, hTMAP is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, HTMA Practitioner, and multi-time Kettlebell Sport World Champion.  Lisa is the Founder of LPK Health & Performance, the President and Founder of Vykon Supplements, and the creator of Vykon Custom Powders.  These are the first ever, all-encompassing custom powders, based on HTMA science that streamline supplementation protocols.  She is also the Founder and host of the Annual HTMA Virtual Summit, the fastest growing hub for information from some of the World’s Leading Experts on everything HTMA.