Institute of Holistic Nutrition
North York Campus
18 Wynford Drive, Suite 514

Date and Time


1:00 – 4:30 pm


$30 + HST

Registration Deadline

OCTOBER 25, 2019

to register

Call 416.386.0940 or email

Withdrawal/refund policy in effect

Doors open at 12:30 pm for attendees
to get settled so the teaching and
workshop may begin uninterrupted.
Space limited to 25 participants.


Presenter: Michael Moon

Always a pleasure to host Michael!

Please join us, in an encore presentation, as Michael Moon shares with us a special evening in three parts: intention, teaching and awakening through sound.

Connecting with Your Body the Earth and Your Spirit Through Sound:

This will be an introduction to sound healing. Exploring the traditional knowledge and contemporary science behind it. We will cover, among other things, the principles of entrainment and resonance to feel how sounds and invisible energies in our environment can affect us. We will learn simple tools to counteract this and understand more about the 7.83 hrtz of the Earth and what it means for our health.

Healing Sound Treatment:

Discover why sound is so powerful and the uses of the various sound healing tools such as crystal bowls, tuning forks and gongs. We will learn how the voice is arguably the most powerful sound healing tool and why. Then we will explore the basics of how to use the voice as a healing tool to move energy blocks in the body through fun exercises.  We will learn, practice, explore, share and play with sound healing techniques in an intimate and safe circle. Participants will be given a Sound Chart that illustrates the sound and tone associated with healing different areas of the body to take home and explore further.

Healing Sound Concert:

Lay back and enjoy a transporting musical meditation with healing sounds spirit songs, chants, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls etc… to integrate and deepen the experience. Michael will be showcasing the healing sounds from his latest recordings, ‘The Earth Trilogy’. A collection of original music dedicated to healing our relationship with the Earth and ourselves. Michael will cater the evenings teachings and music healing to the specific “vibe” of the group assembled that evening!

Closing Q&A:

Informal chatting with Michael to discuss the ideas and teachings from the evening and tea!

Come early to find a seat, settle in and connect with your community of friends and peers at IHN before the session. You may bring a yoga mat and cover if you feel you want to recline during Michael’s healing session, others may prefer to sit, while others may want to move!

About the Presenter

Michael Moon is an award winning composer and musician specializing in healing music. His pioneering music is cherished by many alternative healers and body workers and found worldwide in yoga studios and healing centers. Michael’s music is created with a wide variety of instruments including vibraphone, hammered dulcimer, gongs, bells, guitars and vocals. His concerts are an interactive and engaging experience taking the audience on a magic carpet ride of mystical sounds and songs. Michael knows intimately music’s power to heal. As a child, Michael was considered autistic and has dealt with difficult chronic health issues. In his darkest moments he experienced a soothing rich inner landscape of music and the translation of this music became a passion and gateway to his own healing. Michael has since studied with Shamans, healers and musicians from around the world passionately imbibing the mystical and healing dimensions of sound. Michael specializes in composing healing soundscapes which create a ‘Temple of Sound’, a sacred space in which the body’s natural healing abilities are enhanced. Michael also creates an entrancing blend of world, folk and pop sounds with mystical lyrics filled with deep poetry resulting in a fresh new sound that inspires, moves, and uplifts the soul.