Institute of Holistic Nutrition
North York Campus
18 Wynford Drive, Suite 514

Date and Time


6:00 – 9:00 pm | Appetizers 6:00, Dinner 7:45


$49 + HST (Payment due upon registration)

Course Notes

Handout of recipes as well as popular
Ayurvedic/holistic principles will be created.

Registration Deadline

MARCH 19, 2019

to register

Call 416.386.0940 or email


Presenter: Kamlesh Tukrel CNP

Cooking from the heart. Healthy recipes do not require a special skill set—just a love and respect for your body and the environment. This class will provide cooking guidelines to nurture and nourish your family. There will be guidelines which are meant to inspire and provide the freedom for unique individual adaptation, modification and substitution. The class will also teach judicious use of different herbs and spices

What Will You Learn?

At the cusp of winter and spring come join me in step by step holistic cooking class. Learn about incorporating time tested Ayurvedic principles to enrich cooking and eating superfoods on a daily basis. Learn about different cooking methods based in ancient traditions like pickling, fermentation etc. You will learn to be disciplined and resourceful while practicing root to stem cooking practices. You will gain an understanding of how to incorporate different edible parts of vegetables traditionally thrown out.

Key Topics and Take Home Lessons

• Learn more about MORINGA, the Tree of Life and incorporating its different edible parts in cooking.
• At the start of spring just the way the first sign of green life breaks free of the frozen ground, learn to correctly sprout different legumes, turning them into powerhouse of nutrition.
• Learn to optimize nutrition from different superfoods according to ancient practices—it’s not what you eat but what you absorb.
• Learn why different cooking methods are important to optimize absorption of nutrients from various foods.
• Learn that it’s OK and even desirable that some recipes you create will only see the light of day as your creative process in the kitchen emerges! Embrace the organic process of cooking without overstated barriers to originality!

A perfect expression of Kamlesh’s methods rests in her motto:

“To do things right, first you need love, then technique.” —Antonio Gaudi

More About the Evening’s Program:

• The evening will start with appetizers at 6.00 pm
• As you nosh, questions will be answered about the unique tastes you will be introduced to
• Guests will be split into groups and prepare different dishes as guided by Kamlesh
• We should be ready to enjoy our creations by 8:15 pm
• The entire evening will allow for full Q&A as Ayurvedic principles are applied to the development of the dishes

The menu is gluten free, nut free and vegetarian—home made yoghurt may be served.
Other elements of the menu will depend on the responses from students enrolled

The Working Menu:

• Sprouted Bean Salad
• Fresh Ginger Pickle
• Daikon Salad
• Sprouted Bean Soup with Hearty Vegetables and Luscious Greens
• Fresh Marinated Turmeric
• Aromatic Rice Pilaf with Moringa

Once Registered:

• You will be asked to share what food groups, cooking methods, processes (sourdough or fermentation) you are particularly interested in so that Kamlesh can consider additions to the menu or discussions around the topic.
• You will be asked about expectations of the class to enhance your experience.
• Students are expected to chop and prepare foods as required by guidelines specified in a recipe
• Dietary restrictions/allergies and dietary preferences must be submitted to Kamlesh
• Recipes can be adjusted to suit tastes and dietary requirements of participants
• Bring an apron, a chopping board, your favourite Chef and/or Utility knife and containers for any leftovers

About the Presenter

Kamlesh Tukrel is an IHN 2000 North York graduate. She is a passionate and spontaneous cook for whom cooking healthy foods is like worship. Combining of different ingredients (local, seasonal and what is available at hand) without any set guidelines allows new and exciting dishes to reveal themselves. Kamlesh begins with a considered understanding of what is possible, with the ingredients at hand, then intuits their natural evolution into an experience! The food, before anything, needs to be infused with love and passion. Growing up in India her mother instilled a love of fresh home cooked meals without being wasteful and with an openness to trying foods from different cultures. Meanwhile her father instilled a love and respect for the Ayurvedic principles to maintain a healthy body which was in harmony within itself and the environment. His favourite adage was RASOI (cooking) means RASA—YAN (increasing digestive juices). In short food needs to be a feast for the senses! For the last 20 years Kamlesh has been an active blogger (emphasizing inclusion of leafy greens as vital to our health) and assisted as a volunteer at The STOP community Centre teaching cooking classes. Learning from Eva Cabaca at IHN took eating fresh, seasonal, local and energetically to a whole new level! She ground fresh whole wheat flour to make Indian flat bread!!! Kamlesh likes to share that the intoxicating aroma of freshly ground flour still lingers! Over the years she has also produced vegetarian cooking workshops with fellow CNP Louise Racine of Thirteen Moons.