Holistic Dentistry – A Natural, Preventative and Comprehensive Approach to Oral Health


Institute of Holistic Nutrition
Mississauga Campus
55 City Centre Drive, Suite 701

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6:00 – 9:30 pm


$39 + HST (Payment due upon registration)

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OCTOBER 31, 2018

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Holistic Dentistry – A Natural, Preventative and Comprehensive Approach to Oral Health

Presenter: Dr. Gary Fortinsky DDS, FCAH, CCH, HOM

This evening lecture runs once a year at Mississauga campus.

A holistic approach to dentistry is based on the philosophy that the body has an innate ability to heal itself.  A disease process that occurs in the mouth is not a random act but rather a reflection of imbalances within that body. To protect the body from developing diseases one must work with the natural mechanisms that already exist within an individual. What does the body want or need and how can it be supported? One must first understand how the mouth functions to decide which therapies would benefit the mouth and therefore the body. Once a problem arises within the mouth such as cavities, gum disease or root canals, what treatment options are available? How does this compare to conventional approaches?

Join Dr. Fortinsky for an evening on holistic approaches to dentistry where varied oral health topics will be discussed including toxicity, gum disease, nutrition, and dental controversies. Even within biological dentistry there are varied views which can create confusion. Learn the basis between some of these varied opinions.

Key Topics that will be discussed include:

• The decay process, it’s not what you think
• Homeopathic remedies for everyday dental issues
• Nutrition and dental health-what did Weston Price find and how does this affect our dietary choices
• Periodontal (gum) disease-what is the cause and what can be done about it. Diagnostic tools and treatment approaches.

Some of the dental controversies, including:

• Fluoride-risk:benefit and how to avoid it
• Fillings-what materials are available-amalgam vs composite resins
• Safe removal of amalgam
• Root canals-why are they recommended and what are the concerns
-what if you need a root canal-what are the considerations?
-what if you already have root canals. Should you do anything about it?
• Cavitations-what are they? Are they a concern?

About the Presenter

Dr Gary Fortinsky has been practicing with a holistic approach to dentistry for over 20 years and is also a licensed homeopath in Ontario. His initial interest started with acupuncture and as one modality was studied he was exposed to others such as homeopathy and cranial sacral therapy and pursued studies in both those areas. He worked with the late Dr. Herb Adirim, a dentist and naturopath, and one of the first dentists actively involved in holistic dental care in Toronto. It was an amazing opportunity for Gary to be mentored by someone early on in his career. He then moved on to his own practice which has continued to evolve as he has learned and implemented new modalities and techniques. He teaches the advanced dental-homeopathy meeting each year outside Washington D.C. where he presents cases of pain and infection from his practice that have been successfully treated using homeopathy. In his clinical practice he spends the time explaining to his patients and answering their questions regarding their dental health from a holistic perspective to enable them to make informed decisions.