Holistic Dentistry – A Natural, Preventative and Comprehensive Approach to Oral Health


Institute of Holistic Nutrition
North York Campus
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6:00 – 9:30 pm


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OCTOBER 30, 2018

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Holistic Dentistry – A Natural, Preventative and Comprehensive Approach to Oral Health

Presenter: Dr. Michael Schecter DDS, FCAH

This evening lecture runs once a year at North York campus.

Biological dentistry is a research based discipline, based on of the best elements of conventional dentistry with a focus on the implications oral health can have on the entire body. With an emphasis on prevention and wellness, and a focus on reducing toxicity and improving the quality of materials used in practice and treatment, Biological Dentistry appreciates that the diseases and matter used in your mouth can have lasting negative effects on other systems in the body.

Join Dr. Schecter for an evening on holistic dentistry, with discussions on various elements of oral health including toxicity, natural remedies, dental controversies, nutrition, and plaque analysis.

Key Topics that will be discussed include:

Modalities used in holistic dentistry that can reduce toxicity, including:

• The Canary System: an early decay detecting device that reduces the need for radiation/x-rays and provides an improved focus on prevention
• Ozone therapy: found to reduce infection, prevent root canal therapy, and reduce temperature sensitivities

Natural remedies and nutritional guidelines directly impact the health of teeth, such as:

• Homeopathic remedies to support healing of abscessed teeth, root canal therapy, and various dental surgeries
• The potential for demineralization using Theobromine and Hydroxyapatite
• Essential oil blends for improved gingival health
• A Cavity Guard using iodine, and its antimicrobial benefits
• Recipe for homemade toothpaste using coconut oil, salt, baking soda, essential oils
• Paleo, Ketogenic, Vegan diets and how they affect oral health
• The importance of removing/reducing phytic acid (phytates)
• What impact dairy really has on the health of our teeth
• How the pH balance of our foods affects oral health
• If hot water and lemon really affects tooth enamel
• Natural whitening tips (i.e. turmeric paste, charcoal)
• How holistic nutritionists can make a difference recommending foods to support optimal oral health and how to recommend holistic dentistry for themselves, their families and clients

Some of the major dental controversies, including:

• Fluoride: does it truly work to prevent decay and what are the risks
• Fillings: comparing the risks and benefits of amalgam and composite resins
• A new tooth coating material called Ormocer
• Root canal therapy: the concern regarding low lying chronic infection and how it may impact the whole system, if there is a safe root canal, and what can we advise our patients
• Cavitation’s and osteonecrosis: the concern of infection/necrosis found in the bone which may typically occur around a root canal or previously extracted tooth

As a part of the biological approach to dental treatment, a dental plaque analysis can be done with patients to examine oral health, and subsequently, overall health. A plaque analysis is done by taking a small sample of saliva and dental plaque sample and placing it under a microscope.  The plaque that forms around teeth can be analysed in order to see whether there is an infection and, if so, what is causing it. Other factors in the analysis include unhealthy microbes, hygiene issues or perhaps systemic complications, inflammatory, medications or existing materials exasperating oral condition, identifying risk factors for other chronic conditions and more.

Dr Schecter will bring patient videos to show attendees exactly what a plaque analysis looks like.

About the Presenter

Dr. Michael Schecter is a biological dentist who focuses on prevention and whole body dentistry. He practices together with his father, Ira Schecter, in Toronto. He has also trained with Andre Saine in Montreal at the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy, which allows him to use homeopathic remedies in an attempt to reduce pharmaceuticals and support healing.  Michael has developed a niche in tooth replacement and dental surgery from a holistic perspective and has a special interest in treating all patients on their own terms. He has accumulated expertise, understanding and incorporating dental health into the overall life balance of his patience including assessing their needs and providing a comprehensive treatment plan. He offers patients alternative remedies to pharmaceuticals, reduced toxicity, and organic products to promote gentle healing. Michael understands patients’ unique requests and will thoroughly evaluate their dental health and help determine the best course of treatment for you. Michael’s passion is to provide the extraordinary benefits of Biological Dentistry to his patients. Moreover, he is conscious of the health controversies prevalent in dentistry today. He is well aware of the overall health benefits of treating the whole body and considers the well-being of his patients his number one priority. He keeps current by attending Biological Dental lectures and workshops and through his membership in The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT).

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