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Presenter: Dr. Aron Gonshor

Part of IHN’s Post Grad Online Lectures SeriesPractitioner Level Content

Biomarkers That Change The Way Practitioners View Cellular Health, Intestinal and Liver Function

Transformation, energy, change. These are the hallmarks of metabolism. The name given to the vital chemical processes that are critical for life itself. For each and every one of us, nutrition ignites the process that allows our body to derive the vital nutrients we need for our metabolic pathways to function optimally, and thrive.

Foundationally, systemic function is dependent on optimal cellular health. Oxidative stress, that leads to cell damage, plays out in a myriad of metabolic disturbances. Recent studies have highlighted how chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases are a manifestation of this metabolic breakdown which, in turn, is intimately connected with intestinal barrier integrity and dysbiosis. It has been quite difficult to determine the dynamic interplay of these various functions…

Until now!

Join Dr. Aron Gonshor, President and CEO of FLUIDS iQ, Canada’s Wellness Laboratory, as he discusses the use of biomarkers in elucidating the fundamental nature of oxidative stress in overall health and ‘Metabolic Wellness’, with particular emphasis on digestive function and liver detoxification, and the role played by immune regulation.

There will be an in-depth discussion of the newest evidence of the factors affecting intestinal mucosal barrier integrity, the role of acute and chronic inflammation, and the newest screening biomarkers that highlight their importance.

Holistic nutritionists are in a valuable position to advise their clients on how important the control of oxidative stress and inflammation is to their wellbeing and how one can now reliably determine general digestive function, liver detoxification, and mucosal intestinal barrier integrity, via the use of screening tests offered by FLUIDS iQ.

What Will You Learn?

• The clinical importance and biological foundations of the new FLUIDS iQ ‘Metabolic Wellness Profile’ – a dried urine test with objective biomarkers for cell oxidative stress, digestive dysfunction and liver detoxification.

This test results in quantifiable indicators for:

Indican (Digestive Imbalance)

Urinary Indican results from dysbiosis in the small intestine. It is an effective screening tool for assessment of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), intestinal mucosal permeability, malabsorption and poor protein digestion. Inability to digest protein may lead to adverse effects on blood sugar control, as well as hormone imbalance.

Bile Acids (Liver Detoxification)

Bile acids play key roles in many physiological functions in the body, such as the elimination of cholesterol, absorption of fat, regulation of energy expenditure, as well as glucose and lipid metabolism. Elevated urinary bile acids are a screening marker of possible liver dysfunction.

8-Hydroxy-2-Deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) (Cell Oxidative Stress)

8-OHdG is one of the major products of DNA oxidation. Oxidative DNA damage is considered to play an important role in many of the body’s physiological processes, including aging. When not sufficiently balanced by local antioxidant systems, oxidative damage—also known as oxidative stress—may occur.

• The dynamic interplay of metabolics, mucosal barrier integrity, enzyme imbalance and food sensitivities.

• The biology underlying gut inflammation, dysbiosis and the enhanced mucosal barrier assessment.

• The cumulative research that helps to answer the question: Why use blood versus stool testing for Zonulin, Diamine Oxidase/Histamine, as well as lipopolysaccharide endotoxins?

Key Topics

1. Cellular oxidative stress
2. Digestive dysfunction
3. Liver detoxification
4. Inflammation: Acute and chronic
5. Mucosal barrier integrity and dysbiosis
6. Stress hormones and their effect on intestinal function
7. Blood vs stool testing

Attendees’ Gifts & Engagement

A draw for 25% off a single Permeability test.*
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A draw for 50% off FLUIDS iQ’s all new Metabolic Wellness Profile dried urine test, featuring a quantitative analysis of Indican, Total Bile Acids and 8-OHdG… key metabolic biomarkers of digestion, liver detoxification and oxidative stress.*
* Offer available to health care professionals with active FLUIDS iQ accounts.

About the Presenter

Dr. Aron Gonshor PhD, DDS, FRCD(C), FAO – President & CEO, FLUIDS iQ Inc.

Dr. Aron Gonshor is a PhD Physiologist and Maxillofacial Surgeon. He has published and lectured extensively on implant therapy and the use of stem cell technology in tissue grafting. For over 14 years he headed the clinical advisory and educational boards of both Ace Surgical and Surgical Science Systems, providers of surgical equipment and regenerative biomaterials. His interest and expertise in the fast- growing area of salivary diagnostics led him to create FLUIDS iQ®, a company specializing in the use of saliva and other body fluids as testing mediums. He now lectures extensively on the biological foundations of intestinal permeability, metabolic function and salivary hormone analyses.